Congratulations to Della!  Another TRUE Gluten Free Warrior who was able to conquer her health issues…

Going gluten free has changed my life!  That is not an exaggeration.  I suffered with IBS for years, with little help from the doctors. I saw one gastroenterologist who told me that all I needed to do was eat more fiber.  So on his advice, I started eating whole grains only to my detriment.

I developed ulcerative colitis and practically lived in the bathroom for over a year.  I was always exhausted and ached all over. I was a stay at home mom who felt overwhelmed by simple chores.  Then after going to work part-time, my immune system started shutting down and I started a cycle of infections and antibiotics.  I had several bouts of bronchitis, strep throat, intestinal infections and skin infections, one right after another.  I had to quit my job that I really enjoyed.

I had just finished a round of antibiotics and was still sick when I first saw Dr. Osborne.  I initially consulted Dr. Osborne just to see if he could recommend some vitamins for me, but I was in for a surprise. I will never forget what he said after a thorough exam and patiently listening to my story- “I would bet my car today that you are gluten intolerant.”

Sure enough, the test results came back positive. I have to admit I was overwhelmed at first. I went home and looked in my pantry – I couldn’t eat anything!  But I applied his counsel by changing my diet and taking the supplements I was lacking in.  I couldn’t believe how quickly my health improved.  My friends and family noticed a dramatic change- not only did I feel healthier but I started to look healthier and younger too!  I now work again and still have energy to maintain a busy lifestyle with a teen and a pre-teen.  I no longer suffer from IBS and my immune system is functioning as it should.

My thanks go to Dr. Osborne for helping me get healthy!

Della Shapiro – TX

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