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7 Things You Can Do to Guarantee Poor Health

Going gluten free often times leads to great improvements in health. However; if we focus only on gluten free and ignore these other important components, our improvements will plateau and our health will decline. The following is a list of things guaranteed to wreck your health if you ignore them…
  1. Eat processed foods – processed foods are high in calories and low in nutrient density. This combination will accelerate the aging process and put you in a state of nutritional deficiency.
  2. Eat processed “gluten free” food items – These products are designed to replace all of the things people miss on a gluten free diet – Bread, pasta, cereal, cake, crackers, donuts, cookies, etc. Most of them are not TRUE gluten free and cause multiple health problems. As a general rule they are not healthy. “Gluten Free” on the package does not make it so. Don’t get lost in the marketing hype. Remember why you went gluten free? To regain your health.
  3. Eat genetically modified food – from kidney to liver damage, these foods are dangerous and have not gone through enough study to be widely recommended as safe. Eat at your own risk!
  4. Ignore exercise – the body is designed to move. Not exercising reduces oxygen and lymph flow to your tissues leading to a reduction in immune function and an acceleration of joint aging. Maintaining muscle as we age is one thing everyone in the scientific community agrees on when it comes to prolonging human life.
  5. Go to bed late – Rest is a critical component to hormone regulation and the healing process. Most Americans burn the midnight oil then wake up early to go to work. Inadequate sleep increases ones risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more.
  6. Avoid Sunshine – contrary to popular belief, sunshine does not cause skin cancer (sun burns do). Daily sunshine is an important component to health. Sunlight helps us make important hormones and vitamin D. Lack of sunshine has been shown to cause 19 different types of cancer.
  7. Drink or bathe in unfiltered water – We are now finding prescription medications in our drinking water. Add this to all of the other chemicals and you have a wonderful cocktail of artificial estrogens and antidepressants every time you go to shower or take a drink of water. Whole house water filters will become more popular over the next ten years because of this ever growing problem.
Bottom line: Going gluten free is not enough to stay healthy. One must consider all of the other factors that contribute to poor health. Do you have something you would like to add? Please chime in below…

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  1. It has been found that some people with CD can feel restricted, isolated and at times anxious about what they eat and this reduces their quality of life. I wish to explore the effects on adults of living with CD, hoping to understand the emotional and social effects of eating out of the home environment with coeliac. i am writting a dissertation about eating out witrh coeliac please help with this short survey.

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  2. I have found, with self control, it really is not all that difficult to follow the gluten free diet. I choose corn meal or specialty flours with flax seed for baking. But I love to cook. And yes, I work, go to college, and raise my son.

    I buy a special bread of brown rice or tapioca at the HEB Super Center. I choose corn tortillas over wheat. Rice pasta to regular pasta; and it never gets ruined by water logging like traditional pasta. We make fried chicken with crushed corn flakes, Parmesan cheese, garlic, poultry seasoning. Get out of pre-packaged foods. While I waited tables, I gained 85 pounds eating that stuff when I got home, over the course of 4 years! You even have to go natural in your choice of Ice Cream!

    For the past 4 months I have started to go Gluten Free, with this past month being totally Gluten Free as I started to read labels a bit more. I lost 25 pounds just doing that. My head is clear, and my energy restored. Do it for you!

    1. Snoopy’s Shoes,
      You shouldn’t be eating corn. It has a form of gluten. Just type “corn gluten” into the search box and pull up many of the past articles we have written on the topic.
      All the best,
      Dr. O

  3. I’ve been dealing with gluten free dieting for almost six years now. I agree with you that not all gluten free food is healthy. However, I believe that many gluten free approaches have improved substantially since then, especially gluten free bread products that are now available off the shelf at many health food stores. It makes sense to eat healthy with natural foods as much as possible. It also makes sense to eat a balanced diet and include a wide variety of foods, not focusing on any one particular food group for the majority of nutrition. Confucious said, everything in moderation, including moderation. That’s still true today.

  4. Hi Dr Osborne,
    I need to change my diet. I have under active Thyroid, something like 5.4. But I also have pain in my inner right elbow; when bending over, it take a little while for my back to get back straight. My thumb area has pain sometimes. I don’t have any strength in my hands anymore. Oh and my right knee is stiff like first thing in the morning. I am only 63 next month. I guess I should be tested for gluten sensitivity. The doctor I’m going to thinks it is all ages different wear. I told him I would like to get my vitamin d levels checked. He said he doesn’t usually do that and would need a reason.
    I guess I’m afraid to go gluten free, I know it would help my husband also. He is about 40 pounds overweight. He just had a lap band taken out a few months ago after getting aspiration pneumonia and he always had acid reflux. Now he is wanting to get the gastric sleeve. Does your book guide you to the grain free diet? Thank you for all you do. Joann Wade

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