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Tumor Heals with Gluten Free Diet

A recent case study reports on a 3 year old girl presenting with a conjunctival tumor. Celiac disease was diagnosed and a gluten free diet was subsequently prescribed.
the case was diagnosed with CD and the conjunctival tumor showed complete regression during gluten-free dietary treatment. The clinical fleshy appearance of the lesion with spider-like vascular extensions and subconjunctival hemorrhagic spots, possible association with an acquired immune system dysfunction due to CD, and spontaneous regression by a gluten-free diet


Indian J Ophthalmol. 2010 Sep-Oct;58(5):433-4.

Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

Gluten sensitivity has been associated with a number of different types of cancer including:
  • Esophageal and pharyngeal cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Thyroid
The mechanisms are not fully understood, but we do know that gluten causes immune system dysfunction as well as increased oxidative stress. Please share your gluten associated cancer stories below… Want free weekly updates from Gluten Free Society? Sign up here…

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  1. That’s amazing. We’ve had our share of what you could call atypical growths — my four kids, all gluten sensitive but not on a GF diet until I figured it out when they were aged 8 – 20, were not born with birthmarks or other things (vascular growths, hemagiomas in various places), but all four of them have had strange “birth marks” and vascular growths that got bigger and worse and were removed (some grew back) OR started to disappear after we all went on gluten free diets. My son has a large, dark, raised spot about the size of a silver dollar on the back of his neck and a swath across his lower back that looks like a swipe from a wet, sandy hand. Both of these things appeared when he was a preschooler and got bigger and darker over the years and the family doctor and a dermatologist just looked at them and measured them annually and said “hmmm.” Our naturopath asked if he had any marks on his back or neck the first time I took him in — he had not been told about these things. My son has atypical gluten symptoms and our naturopath explained that the inflammation / immune response was just showing up on his skin. The most interesting part is that after a couple of years on a gluten free diet, the thing on his lower back has drastically reduced in size and has faded quite a bit. The mark on his neck is still there and after he accidentally ate gluten once he asked me to look at it to see if “it was red or anything” because it hurt. Our regular doctor is a delightful person — and is learning a lot from our experiences and sending people to our naturopath — but would have linked these things.

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