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Today Show Features Gluten Free Diets

Gluten Free continues marching toward mainstream. We have already seen gluten free dieting featured on shows and news programs like “The View”, David Lettermen, Fox News, CNN, and more. The Today Show features gluten free diets, the celebrity weight loss trend, diagnosing, and more in the story below…

Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

The Today show did a fairly good job in this segment (mostly). I thought the end of the interview was misleading. Avoiding processed junk food that is fortified will not contribute to nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, she used gluten intolerance/allergy/sensitivity rather loosely. The definitions are important for clarification and avoiding confusion. (This video can help clarify these terms) Otherwise, Bravo Today Show!

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  1. I believe it to be a healthy diet…. Due to having a gluten sensativity, I have been able to talk about my passion of a G-Free lifestyle and how it has made all the difference for me. And because of this, many people I know are now on a G-Free diet and feel GREAT even though they did not have to cut gluten out in reality. One woman actually discovered that she had celiac disease and now lives a much happier life.

    I am so passionate about G-Free living for thise with or with out a gluten sensativity or celiac disease. My goal is to spread the word of why it is so important and all the great benefits that can come from a G-Free diet. People need and deserve to know.

  2. I thought the start of this segment was very good, but then when they interviewed the lady in purple it took a trun for the worse. She stated that if celiac when going gluten free one will gain weight. well both my son & husband are celiac & when we realized & went gf…both lost weight. 5 pounds for my son & 65 pounds for my husband.
    I am not celiac & I lost 15.
    Not every undiagnosed celiac is skin & bones & have diarrhea….some are overweight & constipated. she seemed a little uneducated about new findings dealing w/ celiac disease.

  3. most articles I seen on the topic are grossly misinformed… which is shocking given how much decent info is available from credible sources. I AM, however, always pleased when the “fad” issue is addressed and when there is line drawn between this and the severity of celiac disease. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years – and ironically, some days I feel it was easier in the 70’s to get a safe meal out.

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