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The Gluten – Diabetes Connection

How Gluten Induced Nutritional Loss Can Wreck Your Blood Sugar

It is no mystery that gluten sensitivity and type 1 diabetes are linked genetically. There is also a connection between gluten/grain consumption and blood sugar disruption. The mechanisms for this disruption are many. Some of the more common are due to pancreatic damage, liver damage, induction of nutritional deficiencies, and last but not least, the direct impact of elevated blood sugar after gluten/grain consumption.of nutritional disruption on blood sugar. The video below demonstrates how gluten induced nutritional deficiencies can disrupt the your ability to regulate blood sugar and energy production.

If you are on medications to control blood sugar, you are in nutritional danger…

The video below outlines what you should know about diabetes drug induced nutritional problems. Watch it and make sure you have a talk with your doctor to prevent future problems. Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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