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The Genetics of Gluten Sensitivity

Part of my presentation at the Charlotte Gluten Free Expo was on the genetics of gluten sensitivity. The topic is a complex one, but I hope this presentation makes it easier for you to understand. If you have had serum or blood lab testing done and it came back negative, yet you responded to a gluten free diet, the answer is in this video…

All the best – Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. Great information Peter. Everytime I watch your stuff I learn soemthing new that helps my gluten free life.


  2. Such a load of info in this presentation! I have to say, I may not technically be sensitive to gluten, but I feel SOOO much better when I’m on a primarily gluten-free diet. Thanks for the great info as usual.

  3. Peter, this is great stuff. Thanks to docs like you, this info is getting out to the people that need it most. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next!

  4. I’ve been waiting to get a call back which is silly for a question I’ve been wanting to ask and shouldn’t have to wait so long so I’m hoping you’ll respond to this question or two.

    What I want to know, is everyone who is Celiatic, are all of them also taking some form of anti-acid medication like prevacid which I used to take but now take protonix? My concern is that my bones seem to be degenerating quick because of those meds and was not brought to my attention until I went back to my original Doctor and he told me this around Feb or March and I was started on prevacid back in the year 2000.

    What I want to know if there is another option I could use that’s more natural that will work just as good or as effective without those bad side effects.This is affecting my knees and my joints in my right and left arm but more on the right. Had x-rays done and that was the findings. The back of my neck too.

    I’ve been asking in the health food stores at Henry’s but they didn’t have that knowledge. I’ve yet to ask here at our Whole Food store but I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything to take me off these meds and replace it with something without those side effects.

    I’m a bit scared and desperate becasue I also suffer from horrible leg seizures and the only thing controlling them is that I take Lorazepam. Do you think there’s stil hope for the decreasing of pain or is it too late?

    And is my situation hopeless now that I hear it will take up to 3 years for the pain to reduce by two thirds as the first Doctor who diagnosed me told me.

    In between now and then yes I was cheating on my diet cause I didn’t really know what I was supposed to avoid unti I got a pocket dictionary on ingredients to check at the stores for what is allowed and not allowed. A binder my last GI Doctor put together for his patients had the dictionary with starter information. But it seems that the pain is getting more and more painful as time goes by. I’m dreading that another seizure will literally kill me. What do you suggest?

    My last seizure was in February of 1997 and both legs went off on me and thought I was going to die. That’s why I’m afraid of another one.

    Any advise you could give me would really be appreciated, I don’t know what else to do and my last upper endoscopy showed polyps my Doctor didn’t expect to find and don’t know if I have more and he mentioned that I was close to stomach Cancer. He was shocked that I knew about it but said that I’m very close but to really stick to a GF diet. I was doing great until August or September of last year. Stress from another source but makes me want to give up when that happens to me. I’m so exhausted in trying to keep up and I also take vitamins and double up on the dosage except for the one a day Centrum (High Performance) as suggested by Dr. Gregory Harmon, He and his partner are the ones who passed the labeling laws for people like us.

    Thank you for taking the time in reading my delima and I pray that you’ll contact me.
    Patti (619) 280-4834 – I don’t get charged for long distance calls, if you do call which would be great, I can call right back so this way it won’t cost you to talk with me. Thank you.

    I can’t seem to find what I did with your email address. Sorry I used this section to contact you. Please help!

    1. Patricia,
      The scope of your questions are too large to discuss via email or posts. I would encourage you to call my office and set up some time to talk in more detail. In the mean time, you need to be on a strict TRUE gluten free diet vs. a traditional gluten free diet. The differences are explained in the glutenology video #1.
      All the best,
      Dr. O

  5. And BTW when did you give this lecture and how often do you update your video’s? It takes me a while to learn anything complicating due to my brain fog that my last Dr said I had so I have to go over it and take notes so I can read them over and over. Good information but wow, alot to soak in.

    My apologies that I forgot to mention that from the seizures I experienced caused me to lose my walking abilities so now I’m bedbound and use a wheelchair when I get out. And limbs are atrophyed.

    I don’t see much information about my symptoms from other patients like mine and wonder if anyone else here suffers similar symptoms as mine. But on another website which I can’t remember which one, mentioned a few testimonies that they suffered from lower extremety seizures and one patient died from it due to the fact the he was in denial of his illniess in having Celiac Disease. Does anyone here go through anything sinmilar? Any input would be appreciated.

  6. I have brain fog, anxiety, depression and I can’t take vitamin b12 straight or I get anxiety badly but “emergen c vitamin c packets” contain vitamin b12 in a small form I believe and when I take them, I feel super great. Taking magnesium malate has caused me to have an appetite again. Also, it’s weird but it’s difficult for me to truly feel my own skin. Kind of numb I suppose. What does this sound like? I am female, 28 years old. Also have hormonal imbalance. Gallactorea for over 12 years, not sure why 🙁 Thank you for any suggestions!

  7. If you have heartburn constantly or a lot, I suggest a Ketogenic diet. It’s basically NO GRAIN and NO SUGAR. Not eating any grain got rid of my heartburn. Like the Dr. said, if you have issues, fix the root cause:FOOD. Don’t hide the problem by treating the symptoms with drugs.

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