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The 3 GOLDEN RULES Of Building A Lean Gluten Free Body

Lean Muscle = Longevity and Improved Quality of Life

Guest Post By Tyler Bramlett Author Of The Warrior Workout Systems 3 Golden Rules Lean BodyThe words lean and body seem to be everywhere on the internet these days and one of the most frustration things is knowing who to listen to and what to do. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that there are 100’s of different websites and 100’s of different opinions about how to go about developing a lean body. I wanted to help you out by giving you 3 straightforward golden rules if a lean body is on your list of goals. This lis is comprised of the 3 key components that I believe are necessary for helping people develop a lean healthy body. Let’s get started…

GOLDEN RULE #1 – You Must Ditch The Excessive Cardio

Cardio seems to be the main thing that you hear people touting when the goal is developing a lean body. I’m here today to tell you once and for all, this is simply not true. Although you are able to burn a good amount of calories during a conventional cardio session, where things go wrong is hormonal impact that cardio will have on you for the rest of the day. Let me explain… Hormones are the real secret key to developing a lean body. Think back to when you were younger. Regardless of whether you were in great shape or not you certainly were able to get away with more junk food and laziness then you are today, right? Back when I was a kid I could eat junk foods, sit on the couch all day and still maintain my body, but now as I get older, I look at the wrong foods and I seem to pack on a few extra lbs! This is due to the hormonal environment of your body. The simple fact is, the better your hormonal profile,the more likely you are to get a lean body. So what does this have to do with cardio? The recommended 30-60 minutes of medium intensity cardio each day has been PROVEN to increase cortisol levels in the blood which increase insulin resistance (i.e. make you more susceptible to gaining fat when eating carbs), increase your appetite (cardio often makes you hungrier) and reduce the likelihood of you maintaining lean body mass!! These are all bad things!! What I help people understand in my coaching is that the need for this “recommended” cardio doesn’t exist. If it did, we would not be here as our evolutionary ancestors would never be caught dead wasting their energy jogging for long distances. We did not evolve to ideally tolerate extend periods of low intensity cardio. So cut out the cardio and follow golden rule #2

GOLDEN RULE #2 – You Must Get Stronger And Bring It

Sprinter vs. Marathon runnerOk, so cardio is out… What the heck does that mean you should be doing in your workouts? Before I reveal what I have found works in developing a lean body let’s first agree on something. Let’s agree that form follows function, right? Think about a sprinter vs. a marathoner… Their respective bodies reflect their training. Even in the highest levels their workouts are what determine their body composition. In fact most people are shocked to know that Olympic level marathoners tend to carry an average body fat of 9-11% for Men and 16-18% for Women whereas Olympic level sprinters carry an average body fat of 3-4% for Men and 11-13% for Women. Do you understand how huge this is? Can we agree that form follows function? So this brings me back to the type of workouts you should be doing. Every man and especially woman should be doing some type of resistance training. I’m not talking about goofy machine training but an exercise program made up of functional exercises (things that replicate real life) that get progressively harder or more intense. Here’s where I get really excited as this is where the bulk of my time studying and practicing has been spent… If you really wanna maximize your results you need good workouts and you need a series of progressively more difficult exercises. Here’s what I myself do and use successfully on my clients.
  1. I use progressive movement training. This is where you practice an exercise for 3-6 months and then instead of adding reps or weight over and over again, you switch to a harder exercise. A great example would be starting with bodyweight squats and step-by-step over a period of time and using some in between exercises moving towards jumping lunges or beyond. Movement complexity is how our brains evolved and training for difficulty of exercise works every time!
  2. I bring the intensity! Doing exercises at a medium intensity is not enough to reshape your body. If you really want to get a lean healthy body you need to bring it in your workouts. Plan for shorter but higher intensity workouts and watch the fat melt off all while you’re saving precious time.
  3. Stay consistent!! If all you ever do is commit to doing a high intensity strength session even only 2 days per week you will be better off then 99.9% of the people out there. Staying consistent with your workouts is one of the most common mistakes people make. Stay Consistent!!
If you do these 3 things you will get awesome results in your workouts just like myclients. (see a pic of a legit client transformation below)

gluten free body transformation

GOLDEN RULE #3 – You Must Live A Clean Lifestyle

And finally, if you want to get a lean body, you need to live clean. Since your reading this here at Gluten Free Society, I can assume you already know some basics about what you need to do to live clean and eat clean. If not, here’s a simple list of the top 10 guidelines I give my clients if they want to get a lean body:
  1. Eat Clean a MINIMUM Of 6 Days Per Week
  2. Go Gluten Free
  3. Eat 25-50g Of Protein Per Meal (Up To 150g Women And 200g Men Per Day)
  4. Eat Consistent Meals (The People Who Eat The Same Things Over And Over Have Better Fat Loss Success Then People Who Eat Different Things Every Day)
  5. Eat REAL Food As Close To Nature As Possible (Ditch The Processed Junk)
  6. Monitor Your Carbohydrate Intake And Match It To Your Energy Expenditure
  7. Sleep 6-9 Hours A Night (The More The Better)
  8. Smile More Often 🙂
  9. Take Pleasure Walks.
  10. Drink A Bunch Of Water Every Day!
And there you have it, the 3 Golden Rules to a lean body. If you interested in workouts that use these principals to help you develop a lean healthy body, be sure to checkout my workout systems by CLICKING HERE. I have lower body, upper body and abdominal training programs that use all of the principals I outlined in this short article that you can use to get lean, get toned, lose stress all while having fun with your workouts!! CLICK HERE to check out Tyler’s workout programs Tyler Bramlett is a fitness and fat loss expert from Santa Cruz, CA. More information can be found about Tyler by visiting his Warrior Workouts Page. As always, please share this information with your loved ones! All the best, Dr. O

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