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Dr. Osborne – What you Should be Doing

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During this unique period in our history, we have been faced with numerous unknowns. How many people will get sick from COVID-19? How many people will die? When will it all be over? Will my job still be there at the end of this? Unfortunately, the answer to all of these is that nobody knows. […]

I Know You Are Gluten Intolerant, but Are You Cardio Intolerant?

Dr. Osborne here, I see it over and over again in my office – patients going to aerobics classes, long distance jogs, spending hours on treadmills, bikes, stair climbers, and elliptical runners. The end result is NO RESULTS. If you are trying to improve your health, and implementing a workout regimen, you need to read […]

Functional Training Leads to Muscle Gain & Or Fat Loss

Functional Training and Fat Loss Dr. Osborne here, As you know, I am big on breaking traditional myths. The myth that gluten in corn is safe for example. The myth that avoiding sunshine is healthy, the myth that soy based foods are good for you… Many with gluten issues have trouble putting weight on (especially […]

The 3 GOLDEN RULES Of Building A Lean Gluten Free Body

Lean Muscle = Longevity and Improved Quality of Life Guest Post By Tyler Bramlett Author Of The Warrior Workout Systems The words lean and body seem to be everywhere on the internet these days and one of the most frustration things is knowing who to listen to and what to do. I’m sure you’ve noticed […]

Functional Exercise Is Critical For Immune Health

Dr. Osborne here, It is no mystery that gluten can cause and contribute to muscular loss, muscular weakness, and muscular inflammation. The consequence of this damage can prevent your immune system from being able to properly protect you. You see, muscle is a reserve tank for healthy immune function. Unfortunately, taking gluten out of your […]