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Should Your Pet Dog or Cat Follow a Gluten Free Diet?

Dogtor J Interview on Pets and the GARD Diet

In this exclusive interview with veterinarian, Dr. John Symes, (otherwise known as Dogtor J), gluten sensitivity and household pets are discussed.

Gluten Sensitivity in Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are scientifically classified as carnivores. That means meat eaters. That being the case why does mainstream veterinarian medicine so heavily recommend dog foods that contain grain as the primary ingredient. Below is a label example of a common commercial dog food. Notice the extensive use of grains, gluten, and chemicals: The above is one example of literally thousands. Pets are being fed as bad as people. Remember the following label rules –
  • If the label contains ingredients that you cannot pronounce without practice or a biochemistry degree, then it is not real food.
  • If you need to get your spectacles to read the label because there are so many ingredients that the print is a 6 font, it is not real food.
  • If the product contains genetically modified ingredients, it is not real food.
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  1. This is pretty obvious. The question is, will there be a pet food company responsible enough to market such a food and how can it be more affordable?!

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