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Nutrient Deficiency Test Kit

Nutrition plays a major role in a person’s development, the processing of information in the body, and the progression towards disease. Being properly nourished is crucial to overall quality of life and longevity. Therefore, improper or insufficient nutrition, or a nutrient deficiency, can disrupt the body’s ability to heal and repair itself but also can cause disease.
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Intracellular vs serum nutritional testing

Intracellular nutrient analysis (INA) detects intracellular nutrient stores that reflect long-term nutritional status, giving an extremely accurate account of a person’s nutritional deficiencies. Traditional Serum testing (which is most commonly ordered by general practitioners) represents a narrow “snapshot” of a person’s nutritional status, and results can fluctuate widely from day to day, giving an inaccurate representation of a person’s true nutritional status.

Why assess Vitamin & nutrient status?

Nutrients are vital to health. They are required for every metabolic process in the body including:

  • Energy generation
  • Production of cells, tissues, organs, bones, genetic material, and teeth
  • Protective mucous membranes
  • Immune cells function and structures
  • Synthesis of important compounds such as neurotransmitters, enzymes, hormones, and other functional proteins

Essential vitamins and nutrients — minerals, trace elements, water, phytonutrients, amino acids, and essential fatty acids— must be obtained from what we ingest. We must obtain these vitamins and nutrients from food or in supplement form because the human body cannot produce them at all or in quantities sufficient to meet metabolic needs.

In order to promote optimal health, assessing nutrient status regularly is key to understanding what to address regarding the ideal dietary intake for an individual.

What Nutrients Does Our Nutrient Deficiency Test Measure?

Gluten Causes Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can be caused both directly by gluten ingestion and indirectly through the damage done by gluten.  In addition, many following a traditional gluten free diet choose highly processed gluten free food substitutes lacking appropriate nutrient and vitamin density. This increased consumption of empty calories contributes to a need for more vitamins and minerals in the diet. 

Symptoms of nutritional deficiencies

There are different symptoms associated with nutritional deficiencies depending on how significantly the deficiency has progressed. Symptoms also vary based on the type of deficiency that you are experiencing. Here is a brief summary of what to expect by stage of deficiency. Keep in mind that symptoms will vary by person, and any questionable symptoms should be thoroughly explored by a practitioner through nutrient testing. 

What You’ll Be Getting From Us

  • All Inclusive Nutrient Deficiency Test Collection Kit
  • Lab Requisition Form
  • Phlebotomist Collection Guide
  • FedEx Envelope and Pre-Paid Overnight Label
  • Digital and Printable Results

how it works

Purchase your kit and we'll mail it directly to your home

Step 1: Purchase Your Kit

Purchase your kit and let us know where to send it. We'll mail it out to you at no cost, and will provide you with all of the materials needed to complete the collection and return.

Step 2: Schedule Blood Draw

Keep in mind that you are dealing with time sensitive materials. Schedule your blood draw, and use the pre-paid FedEx label to ensure your blood sample is overnighted to our lab.

Step 3: Get Your Digital Results

Digital results are emailed within 2-3 weeks and will include a list of your insufficient and/or borderline nutrients (if any), as well as a detailed description of each.


Can I see a sample of the results I will receive?

Yes! Download a sample pdf here.

Is fasting required for this test?

No, fasting is not required.

Should supplements/medications be discontinued prior to having the blood drawn?

There is no need to discontinue supplements weeks prior to testing. This micronutrient analysis is a reflection of the individual’s longterm nutrient status (over ~ 6 months). If possible, do not take any medications/supplements at least 4 hours before blood draw.

Are these tests covered by health insurance?

No. Insurance plans do not reimburse for this test, currently.

How long will it take to receive my test results?

Test results are typically emailed to you 2-3 weeks after the specimen is received in the laboratory.

For status updates, please contact us at

Can this test kit be mailed to New York or Internationally?

Unfortunately, if you are living in New York, you will not be able to perform this blood draw as the lab cannot accept any samples drawn within the New York state limits.

Please do not order this test if you are located in the state of New York.

Additionally, this test is currently only being offered to residents of the United States. The materials are extremely time sensitive and overnight services cannot be guaranteed to international destinations. We hope to be able to expand our borders in the future, but only ship within the United States at this time.

Where do I go to get my blood drawn?

It is important to find a location that can properly draw your blood. You will be provided with the test kit and it includes all of the materials needed for the phlebotomist.

Please keep in mind that a blood draw fee will likely be charged to you at the time of your draw. Every location charges a different amount, depending on the area and lab. We recommend that you ask for the cost prior to scheduling your appointment.

NOTE: Many phlebotomy labs will take care of shipping the specimen using the included prepaid FedEx label and shipping envelope. If the lab does not provide that service, you can take the kit to the FedEx location nearest you.

***Do not use Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics. We are not contracted with these companies and they will not be able to complete your blood draw for this test kit.***

Here are some lab options that you can utilize, but you are certainly not limited to:

Option 1 – Any Lab Test Now

Use the link to find the closest location by entering your zip code –

Option 2 – ARCpoint Labs

Use the link to find the closest location by entering your zip code –

Option 3 – Check with your local doctor’s office

If either of the above options are not available to you in your area, we recommend asking your local doctor for a phlebotomist or draw site referral.

Option 4 – Optimal Lab Test (local to Sugar Land, TX)

Sugar Land Location
Address: 6350 US-90 ALT Suite#300
Phone: 832-532-7294

Houston Location
Address: 2703 Highway 6 South, Suite#138
Phone: 832-758-5227

Fondren Location
Address: 3301 Fondren Rd Suite M
Phone: 346-409-1757


How do I mail it to the lab?

We’ve got you covered on the shipping. Each kit includes a return label with pre-paid FedEx overnight services.

Blood specimens must be received within 72 hours. During times when inclement weather may be present, please check for possible FedEx delays here: FedEx Service Alerts

** Keep in mind that warmer temperatures can cause degradation of blood specimens, so make sure to include the ice pack with your specimen. Please place the frozen ice pack outside of the silver bag before shipping **

Is this lab accredited?

Yes, Gluten Free Society uses a nutritional lab that is accredited – Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), #10D0283906


23 reviews for Nutrient Deficiency Test Kit

  1. geoff k.

    reviewing in faith. I like what this test WILL DO. Currently my parents’ health needs have priority over things so I haven’t used it yet, but I was glad to get this kit during a sale. I try so hard to eat clean, etc., but don’t SEE any benefits. I thought it would be good to get a nice view inside to guide my choices. It’s hard to restrict so much when it’s all on blind faith.

  2. Marsha S.

    I had this test done several years ago, from a Natural Dr. It was very informative to have, since I had colon cancer in 2014 I thought it would be good good time to have another one done. I need to see where I am with my health, so I don’t take anything that I don’t need. Will have it done in a couple of weeks. The price was great on his website so I took advantage jof that.

  3. .

    This test is worth the money if you are interested in prevention of disease. I am a healthy person and I eat a healthy diverse diet but I am getting older and I am always wondering if I should buy supplements, etc. This test showed me all of the areas that need improvement. I now know what supplements I don’t need to waste money on and it pointed out areas in my diet that need improvement. (i.e. I need to eat more protein.) Having this knowledge will save me a lot of money in the long run. I can now purchase only the supplements that are necessary. The results have detailed information on each nutrient that I am deficient in. These details include links to Dr. Osborne’s lectures for the nutrient so you can quickly learn all of the details that pertain to you. It gave me a whole new perspective on what I need to pay closer attention to and what things I don’t need to worry about. I am so happy I spent the money on this test! My health is worth it!

  4. Michael Sr P.

    I found this test to be very informative and thus providing me with a baseline. Once I found and began listening to Dr. Peter Osbourne, so many things have made so much sense in why I am in current state and why. This is why I made this purchase, for the baseline of where my nutrients are. Looking forward to learning more from you Dr. Osbourne, Thank You!

  5. Lisa W.

    I am so glad that Dr. Osborne has made the Nutrient Deficiency Test kit available from Gluten Free Society. I was able to have this testing done while waiting for my first appointment with Dr. Osborne, and so could go ahead with supplementation to address the deficiencies earlier than if I had to wait for the appointment. The results came with educational information for each deficiency that was found, as well as supplementation recommendations. Dr. Osborne’s staff is always helpful and kind, also!

  6. .

    I recently purchased the Nutrient Deficiency Test. The service and support was excellent, and I received my results quickly. What impressed me the most was the excellent explanations including links to thorough educational videos about the vitamin, mineral, amino acid and other nutrient deficiencies that were identified. As the new year approaches, I am looking forward to seeing how I feel when I get these corrected. I am thankful for Dr. Osborne’s informative, frank, helpful and passionate approach to informing and helping others through proper nutrition.

  7. Sheryl S.

    I’m so glad you developed this nutrient test. Just can’t get this kind of info from my clinic. Thank Yoi

  8. .

    A few years ago I started doing the Ion panel which is a very expensive test to check my intercellular status. I was so excited when I found out that Dr Osborne offers the nutrient deficiency test kit at such a good price. I only had to pay a 30$ lab draw fee and the phlebotomist drawing my blood liked how simple and complete the kit was. I am still waiting for the results, but am excited to see what supplements I can stop taking and which ones I might need to add. I will show my results to my doctor so she can maybe recommend this test to her other patients. Thank you.

  9. Deena H.

    Everything was shipped promptly with easy to read detailed instructions. It took about 3 weeks to get the results and I was surprised with the results. So glad I had the test because I’m deficient in so many nutrient’s after finding out I’m gluten sensitive. So glad I found Dr Osborne!

  10. Eula C.

    I am very happy with the process. I went to the lab and took blood and carried it another corner to FedEx. The results were more detailed than normal blood work with a regular doctor’s prescribes. I am on my way to living healthier knowing my true nutritients levels.


    As a patient of Dr. Osborne, this test was ordered in 2022, so it is time for a new assessment. The Nutrient Deficiency test is beneficial as it provides accurate information regarding nutritional status, allowing one to determine the best path forward in order to achieve & maintain optimal results.

    I live rural, so I don’t have options regarding functional medicine here, plus I have to drive a couple hours to get to a reputable Lab. This is somewhat of a pain, but worth the time spent. I also understand cost concerns, but I would emphasize the significance of having accurate information as opposed to guessing one’s health status. Simply put: If you don’t test – you don’t know.

  12. DeeAnna G.

    So glad I ordered this test. It was so easy to find a place to take my blood. The test kit came with a pre addressed and prepaid Fed Ex label. The facility was able to quickly look at the instructions. Within two weeks I had my results and was surprised that I had 5 key areas I was low in nutrients. Now I know what to work on and am no longer guessing! Thanks Dr. Osborn for offering this test.

  13. .

    Was very surprised by the results and am excited to see how I feel after receiving the supplements I ordered to correct deficiencies. I had just had extensive blood testing done by a hematologist I was referred to and, of coarse, they were serum blood tests. The results from this test were much different and intuitively I feel they are more accurate. Have been on thyroid meds for 30+ years, had my gall bladder removed 20 years ago and developed symptoms of microscopic colitis, with “leaky gut” the week I turned 60. The gastroenterologist who diagnosed the colitis is the first doctor who suggested it could be related to gluten…and my father was a wheat farmer! Highly recommend this blood test if you feel not quite right.

  14. Kimberly L.

    I’m a celiac for 30 years and I’ve had terrible sleep, and insomnia for the last seven years. I know that blood serum doesn’t always tell you the true story or give you the true picture of what’s going on so when I found this, I just knew I had to have it done. I was glad I did because I found out I would have never known and this information is very helpful to my health! I very much appreciate this and the gluten-free Society and Dr. Osborne and his staff!! he has so many wonderful knowledgeable videos on YouTube that are very helpful and he gives you links to these inside of your test results. Very pleased!!!

  15. Joseph F.

    So grateful for an accurate test don’t guess approach!

  16. Charli L.

    So glad I found Dr Osbourne! What he is teaching has saved my life…literally. I have an autoimmune that came up all of a sudden after my second child and it came with a vengeance! I suffered for a year and a half trying to not go the medicine route, and finally broke down and got on a biological. It saved my life and worked great for 3 yrs. THEN the real stuff started to happen, my body was falling apart fast with no hope and no ideas on how to help myself from being depressed and hopeless. My mom found Dr Osbourne and I was ssooooo reluctant and rebellious to gluten being my problem…BUT IT WAS! I took the genetic testing and found out my genes are very sensitive to gluten! So 3 mos later I’m totally on track to get off my biological drug! And be pain and inflammation free for the rest of my life!!! Instead of sad, hurting and no fun in life

  17. Yesenia T.

    Awesome ! A bit expensive but when I did it was so depleted in amino acids ! Explain a lot of my symptoms!

  18. Emma M.

    I realize how important this test is when I wasn’t feeling well and had it done. The availability of this test is a gift and can save many people much hardship when used as prevention. I know it would have saved me much grief. But, going forward and being the best I can be from the results is also a blessing. Feeling good is a gift not to be taken lightly. The test may seem pricey , but used as prevention in the long run will save money that I won’t have to spend in treatment or worse, ill health.

  19. Rose P.

    Best test I have ever had!! I take several supplements without knowing if they are really working or not. Overall, my levels were good, but there were a couple of surprises, such as my Omega 3 EPA was in the insufficient level, even with my supplements and consuming salmon. At least now I know and can address this and a couple of other nutrients. I really like that the test results have an explanation below each of the areas of concern with a LINK to a training course. This information is very educational! I have now adjusted my supplements, decreased some of them, and added the ones I am low in. I will definitely be getting a 2nd test to compare my results.

  20. Valerie W.

    So thankful for Dr Osborne and the services he offers! Just got my nutritional analysis; was surprised on some of the results; now I no longer have to guess where I am deficient or sub optimal. I have many health problems that all most likely originate from the gut; going back to Dr Osborne’s supplement store now.

  21. GIRALDO F.

    Test and don’t guess! Thanks so much Dr Osborne and team for all the hard work and efforts you take everyday to share wisdom and knowledge. God bless you all! Thanks again for helping those in need!!

  22. GIRALDO F.

    The support team is the nicest and of great help if you reach out to them for what ever reason. Thanks so much to you all for the great work!

  23. .

    Very useful information from this test.
    Very helpful people at Dr Osborne’s office.

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