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Neurological Disease Common in Patients with Celiac Disease

A recent study found a high incidence of neurological problems in patients previously diagnosed with celiac disease
The study found that the following secondary neurological symptoms developed in patients even though they were on an FDA defined gluten free diet.
  • Migraine (28%)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (20%)
  • Vestibular dysfunction (8%)
  • Seizures (6%)
  • Myelitis (3%)
  • Depression, personality changes, and psychosis (35%)

One can easily surmise that the patients described in the above research study developed neurological symptoms largely because they were not on a TRUE gluten free diet. Many patients diagnosed with celiac disease are encouraged to consume substitute grains despite the fact that they contain gluten. This is a major problem because it contributes to refractory celiac disease as well as a number of other diseases and syndromes associated with the intake of gluten containing grains.
If you would like to learn more about a TRUE Gluten Free Diet, watch this video.

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  2. I had migraines, unexplainable rashes, an inactive thyroid that now works…I also have horrible teeth problems and need bilateral knee replacement at 49, and have several lumbar discs and facet joints that are pretty affected…

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