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In The Past There Have Been Talks of Developing A New Gluten Free Wheat.
From medicine and food to energy and agriculture, bio-based innovations are in great demand, providing new solutions to the challenges faced by societies in the 21st century. New innovations in plant biotechnology, such as the development of gluten-free wheat, could bring hope to those suffering from Celiac disease. On a global scale, as the world population nears seven billion people, biotechnology plays an increasing role in plant health and thereby, human food supplies.
While it is just one field of bioscience, plant biotechnology combines scientific findings and applied research in an exemplary manner, with great impact in the fields of nutrition and medicine. With these advances, new questions arise for the global populace. How will these biotech advances directly affect our lives and our economy? What policy maneuvers are being implemented in the U.S. and Germany to support this groundbreaking research and bring it to market? How do policy and public opinion influence biotechnology’s role in food production in the U.S. and Germany?
Dr. Osborne's Comments One of the reasons that gluten sensitivity is on the rise is because of the genetic manipulation of original varieties of wheat. There is a common saying – “Those that do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.” If the original manipulation of grain created unforeseen diseases, what are the possibilities that re-engineering the genetics of wheat will be healthful? You can listen to a short abridged version of the history of wheat development here <<< Would you eat it? Would you feed it to your children? Are you so in love with bread, pasta, and cereal that you would give it a try? Do you trust the pharmaceutical-food-complex to perform adequate research? As far as I am concerned, this new and upcoming Frankenfood will pose more problems than it intends to solve. As the gluten free food industry breaks the multi-billion profit mark, we will continue to see creative technologies be developed for those with celiac disease and with non celiac gluten sensitivity. Be wary and use good judgement before use. All the best, Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior

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