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Is Cholesterol Bad For You?

The battle against cholesterol has been largely fruitless… And even more disturbing are the side effects linked to cholesterol lowering medicines. I have personally seen people develop nerve damage, muscle damage, autoimmune problems, and dementia because of these medicines. Mainstream medicine has been aggressively lowering cholesterol for more than 40 years, yet heart disease continues to increase. Why? Check this out and share it with someone you know who is being poisoned by statins.

Have You Had Serious Side Effects From Statins?

If you have experienced problems with cholesterol lowering medications, chime in below. Your story might help someone garner the strength to make a change in their life! Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. After the milder statins I got pre-diabetes. Then after a stroke when I was put on stronger statins I got type 2 diabetes then periferal neuropathy. I took myself off the drugs. And now control it with strict diet. But the damage has been done and still got neuropathy.

  2. My typical nights since starting statins – waking episodes
    2-3 July 2018 too 400mg statin before bed
    • Uncomfortable all over, tummy ache, nauseous, ?regurgitation/reflux? Acid taste, hot flush (comes on suddenly), uncomfortable hot feet (usually have cold feet)
    • Tingly all over feeling, fingers both hands can’t clench
    • Hands discomfort, can’t close fingers
    • Hot flush, big toe nails uncomfortable feeling, central abdo discomfort, reflux taste, dry mouth
    • Generally uncomfortable, starting to get pins & needles R hand, shoulders ache, tired want to sleep but uncomfortable
    • Gutsy feeling
    • 01.27 R arm tingling & heavy
    • 01.29 eyes dry, uncomfortable
    • 01.31 windy, bad taste in mouth, rinsed and sip of water
    • 1.32 still hot changed beds
    • 01.35 central abdo discomfort
    • 02.21 pins & needles L hand
    • R sided low level head ache starting, thought I smelled cinnamon but obviously didn’t
    • 03.23 Top R arm pain
    • Cooled down pain L elbow
    • Low level headache on waking
    Statin side effects overnight 7-8 July 2018 (only took half tablet, 200mg)
    • Bed 22:30
    • 00:38 pain R ankle, L foot, L calf, gastro reflux, bloated, central L&R abdo discomfort, nauseous dry eyes, dry mouth. Rinsed mouth, sip of water, back to bed.
    • Couldn’t sleep, sat upright, taste of last nights crisps in mouth from reflux, tired, so tired, bloated, started to feel hot flush, changed bed, eyes dry and warm feeling, feet hot, uncomfortable.
    • 01:06 R shoulder heavy feeling, deep discomfort, just want to sleep, R calf pain
    • 03:24 pins & needles R hand, L fingers, R upper arm pain, sore throat
    • 04:11 Both hands feel swollen, couldn’t close L hand fingers, R&L ribs discomfort
    • 05:40 Both hands feel swollen & tingly, both arms heavy & achy, esp top R arm and mid lower
    • 05:52 Get up, need to open bowels urgently, R upper arm heavy.
    • 9-10 hours post ingestion, BO urgently
    • Sporadic muscle/arm aches/pain/tiredness/heaviness
    • Feeling of being lightheaded, of eyes not being able to focus properly
    • Clumsiness, bumping into door frames, accidently hitting fingers on objects & breaking nails
    • BP up sometimes 140+ systolic
    • Difficult to concentrate doing mental tasks (like this list!), taking a longer time than it should.

    3 ½ months post statins on statin recovery regime October 29 1018.

    • Not hand pins & needles overnight or on waking for about 2 weeks now, great!
    • Deep & muscular pain in lower right & left arms more or less continuous, wrinkling loose skin on left arm gone
    • Pain in right hand, wrist, lower/upper arm and shoulder more or less continuous, this affects what I can do, also lesser pain left upper arm. At times pain in right upper arm like its on fire, burning sensation. Can cause acute pains when out and have to stop walking in street until pain passes, hold arm etc.
    • Back/hip pain on waking every day, after moving around improves but returns if physical work/walk too far etc.
    • Body feels physically tired on waking and getting up every day, brain awake but body worn out, esp left arm full length, as if I’d been Atlas holding the world up overnight.
    • Still get sudden hot flashes day & night
    • Fingers still feel swollen and fat on waking
    • Leg/ankle tendon muscle pains gone
    • Right foot – under big & 2nd toes tingling sensation still there and feeling of standing on a spider or object increasing and always present, left toe tingling comes & goes
    • Return of sense of proprioception and reduction in falls/hitting objects (walls/door frames, shelves etc.)
    • Reduction in paper-like torn finger nails
    • Hair remain thin but stopped breaking off
    • I am slower, whatever I do takes an absolute age to do, I don’t really know why. Nor does Bob (e.g. how come it took you all day to plant a few bulbs? What on earth were you doing? Just that, planting some spring bulbs!) Some days I can’t do anything, just watch crap TV and fall asleep for the day.
    • Woken at night by pains in usually right arm and shoulder (and knees, esp Right knee)
    • Odd feeling of skin tingling, like insects are crawling over me at night.
    • Occasional sudden acute pain in right lower jar persists
    • Normal IBS/coeliac gut issues, early AM loose stool from statin gone
    • Nightime reflux remains
    • Eyes still feel dry but no longer buring

  3. Now working on keeping my cholesterol up, stopped statins 1 month after self poisoned as I didnt understad what these drugs did then.Now I do. Never again.Date info Total Cholesterol Triglycerides HDL LDL Cholesterol:HDL
    Ratio Non HDL cholesterol level
    16.3.18 Lister Post TIA 5.6 0.80 1.88 3.35 3.0 3.72
    28.4.18 home 5.89 1.28 1.52 3.80 3.87 4.37
    4.6.18 home Started statins 6.49 1.56 1.78 4.0 3.65 4.71
    1.7.18 home 3.07 1.97 1.49 .67 2.06 1.58
    Home Stopped statins 1/52 4.11 1.55 1.44 1.96 2.85 2.67
    Home Statin side effects reducing 5.89 1.64 1.91 3.23 3.08 3.98
    10.8.18 Home same 5.09 1.68 1.73 2.61 2.94 3.36
    10.08.18 Lister Same 6.5 0.5 2.08 4.19 3.1 4.42
    30/08/18 Still having side effects 5.32 1.71 1.65 2.89 3.22 3.67
    14.09.18 Side effects reducing
    Old meter 6.69 1.72 1.68 4.24 3.98 5.01
    14.09.18 Side effects reducing
    new meter 6.41 0.64 1.31 4.80 4.89 5.1
    03.10.18 New meter
    On statin recovery regime 5.48 0.98 1.00 4.03 5.48 4.48
    7.12.18 As above 3.8 1.17 1.26 2.01 3.02 2.54
    2.1.2019 As above
    Post swimming, fasting bloods 3.72 0.81 1.39 1.96 2.67 2.33
    9.1.19 As above 14:30, swimming 7am, bf 8.40am 3.36 1.40 1.13 1.60 2.97 2.23

  4. Over the years I’ve taken 5 different statins with muscle cramps each time. Most recently I was on pravastatin 3 days a week and ezetimebe every day. My “new” doctor (MD in two areas and now director of a wellness center…but said to not make her my PCP) told me to stop the pravastatin and go meat and dairy free. I was already dairy free. After 6 weeks of that I had a lipid profile and then saw my cardiologist. My total and LDL were lower than when I was on pravastatin (HDL the same) and the cardiologist had to admit that going meat free was working. He said ezetimebe helps about 20%. Since then I started having muscle cramps again. Saw my PCP (not the “new” doctor) for my annual Medicare visit and she said to stop the ezetimebe also. That was two weeks ago so that is where I am now. I plan to wait another month then have another lipid profile and see the “ new” doctor again. I do think that all the statins I’ve taken have permanently damaged my quads. I exercise regularly and have so much less strength in them than I used to, no matter what I do. Big bummer!

  5. I believe statins killed my 88 yr old dad. He complained of aching legs and eventually this active man lost strength, was hospitalized with extreme weakness. Systems began to shut down and cause of death was rhabdymyolis (sp). When I was on Lipitor, I lost memory, had body aches and mental fog. Lipitor, Thief of Memory, was a helpful booklet.

  6. I had a heart attach two years ago. My Doctors tell me my problem is high Cholesterol. I think my problem was caused by inflammation. My doctors refuse to test me for inflammation because I am on a Medicare Advantage Plan and they say they don’t want to be charged with Medicare fraud. They say that if they discover I have inflation there is no treatment they can give me so they are not allowed to waist money testing for what they cannot treat. I think I am screwed by being on Medicare. Is this “catch 22”, mal practice or a conspiracy to make people sick?

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