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Can Gluten Cause Arthritis?

Is gluten linked to arthritis

The Connection Between Gluten & Arthritis

Can gluten cause arthritis? Since writing the international best seller, No Grain No Pain, one of the most common email questions I get is whether or not gluten can cause arthritis? Can gluten cause RA? Can gluten cause Lupus? Can gluten cause fibromyalgia? Can gluten cause osteoarthritis…psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis…

Can gluten cause arthritis?

The simple answer is YES. In the following video, I address this question in great detail.

Gluten Sensitivity Commonly Contributes to Arthritis

If you look at the archives in Gluten Free Society, you will find a number of articles, research studies, and case study successes linking gluten to several different forms of arthritis. I have included several links below to help you navigate to your condition easily: Because most forms of arthritis are autoimmune in nature, please make sure that you take the time to watch this video on the mechanisms of autoimmunity. Remember that gluten can be a trigger for arthritis, but there are many other triggers as well you will want to become familiar with. If you are struggling with arthritis symptoms with no end in sight, and you have not read No Grain No Pain, you should. Apply the diet in chapters 7 and 8. If you have read and applied the NGNP diet and noticed dramatic improvements, please comment below. Your story might help someone else find an answer to their health problem. Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior.  

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  1. I’ve been diagnosed with “eczema” from eating wheat bread. I developed a body rash that looked like I was scalded. The rash started the day after I ate gluten and lasted 2 years. I developed MRSA, systemic candida and strep. At one point they thought I had polymyalgia rheumatica with positive rheumatoid factor,ANA and elevated sed rate. Then they decided I must have celiac disease even though my EGD was negative but every time I consume any gluten, even small amounts, I get the rash. Now, I’m starting to react to dairy as well. It seems that my gut lining is damaged somehow and I wonder if all my problems are glyphosate related. I have joint and muscle pain, eye pain and photo sensitivity and am extremely fatigued.

  2. How can I stop further joint damage? I have been able to relieve my inflammation (especially in the morning) by drinking tart cherry juice every day. And, also, eating a handful of cherries when in season. The inflammation goes away after about a half hous and my joints are much more flexible, especially my hands. I don’t take any medications for my arthritis since they all contain acetomytophine. .This substance is in ALL pain medications in the US, but has been banned in Europe. I would appreciate any help you could give me to stop further joint damage. I’m a 64-yr old female. Thank you.

  3. Mary C Estrada- are the potatoes fully ripe or could they be still somewhat green? That coukd make a difference.
    Many potatoes at harvest are sprayed with Glyphosate if allowed by non-organic handlers!

  4. Hi Doctor, thank you for all the good work
    During the summer I had poly arthritis so it’s called
    in Paris I was hospitalized 2 times for 2 weeks
    I couldn’t walk anymore.
    I was eating organic, gluten-free, no processed food
    since many years. Unfortunately I didn’t know about
    lectins and peanut butter. Been vegetarian I was
    eating a lot of zucchini, tomatoes etc I asked the
    doctors how could I have inflammation when my diet
    was so clean.
    They say that the inflammation was probably
    caused by a bacteria. I think it’s important to say
    that my mother died the week before I fell sick.
    I refused to take the Methotrexate e started to
    Eliminate certain foods and take some supplements
    I am fine now, my knee only is still weak
    It’s hurting sometimes.
    Last week I did 4 days water fast and the pain has gone

  5. I was diagnosed with giant cell vasculitis 3 years ago. In the beginning they said it is RA, then vasculitis. The Test Results are inconclusive, they diagnosed by symptoms. They treated me with steroids (btw, I have less problems with methylprednisolone not prednisolone) and chemotherapy. I was on steroids more than 3 years and on methotraxate almost 3 years. Now I have terrible side effects (gastritis with terrible pain, liver and other digestive problems) after each injection of methotrexate. But when I decreased amount, side effect almost gone but inflammation and joint/ muscle pain increased dramatically. Now they want to put me on Acterma (tocilizumab). There are so terrible side effects for this relatively new drug. I also don’t know anybody who I can talk to. I am on GF, dairy free diet but I also have a lot of sencetivity to vegetable and fruits. It is so difficult to find what I can or can’t eat. Are the people with similar problem?

      1. Say it loud Doc!! 3 years ago I was in the most pain in my life. Every joint in my body was on fire, I couldn’t walk, sleep or even shift my truck or push in the clutch. Doc gave me a cortisone shot In my knee, prescribed me Celebrex and anti inflammatories then scheduled an appointment with an RA specialist and knee surgeon. I said fuck that, I’m only 38, it has to be something I’m eating… It took me three months after being completely and strictly GF and my symptoms are gone. Iv damaged my knuckles and not sure if they’ll ever be the same but close to 100% and in the best shape of my life..crazy energy now!! Life changer!!

        Don’t believe your MD, they’re drug dealers!

  6. Sending a wish for Hope and healing to all on this site! For Patty and perhaps for others… Have you considered a Lyme literate doctor? Your symptoms are also those of tick born infection.

  7. My Scio practioner suggested I stay away from grain and processed sugars and so did my Chiropractor. He injects a solution of salt and sugar into pain full ligaments and tendons . This and a grain free diet and improved posture and pelvic floor muscle exercise have made a Hugh difference. Your talks helped me clarify the need to stay grain free. I will Google migratory arthritis as mine is often in different joints it might just be a dia gnosis to my problem.
    Thank you for your enlightening programs

    Regards Gita (South Africa )

  8. Hi doc, thanks for your valued advice. Ive learned so much. Can you please tell me if im gluten sensitive, does it mean that when cutting gluten out and getting symptoms reversed, i can reintroduce gluten or does it mean that ill be sensitive for life?

  9. I have RA and had joint inflammation and pain, almost constantly.
    I finally decided to follow my chiropractors advice and eliminate wheat from my diet.
    Within 3 days, my pain was 95% —gone.
    My question for you is, are there GLUTEN FREE medications for blood pressure control, cholesterol and sleep. ?
    I take an ambien (zolpedim) on occasion and the kast time I did, I had a painful flare up.
    Recently my Losartin mfg changed and I’m experiencing flares.
    What’s my option???

  10. Hi… i suffer from mild colitis. Also gluten intolerance.

    I avoid eating foods that causes problem with colitis e.g… hot spices, lentils, seeds, chocolates, wholemeal flour, drinking sodas, oranges, pineapples, papayas…
    Now i dont eat white bread nor cakes made from white flour.

    I use rice flour.

    Problem is my diet is confusing me coz of above two – colitis and gluten.

    Please can u assist me with a proper diet?

  11. I took my elderly mother off of gluten and her arthritis in her knuckles completely vanished. She also does not complain of just not feeling well any longer. And now looking back 7 years, she suffered from giant cell arteritis (inflammation of the artery in the temple of here head) and I realize now that this was caused by gluten. It’s unfortunate treatment by medical doctors with prednisone and then Actemra is what took her down at a very active age of 85 when all she had to do was stop eating gluten. Medical doctors never look for the root of the problem they just sell treatments that mask the problem and keep you coming back. Our medical system is a travesty.

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