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How Patrick Was Able to Gain Weight and Defeat Acid Reflux

Inability to Gain Weight and Reflux Persist

Over the years, I have seen thousands of patients with gluten sensitivity. I have helped them understand the condition, understand the diet changes necessary, and walked them through the process. It has been very rewarding to see these people (many on their death beds) get better and have a chance at a healthy happy life. Today, I wanted to share this powerful story success story with you about one of our fans who implemented the information from Gluten Free Society into her son’s diet and lifestyle…
A friend of ours was on facebook one day and began chatting with me. I told her about Patrick and she suggested that I check out a new website on gluten sensitivity, Gluten Free I am so grateful to her that I did. This website has changed our life. Dr. Osborne, the doctor who started up this website has amazing insight into the gluten free diet. He is trying to change the way people look at living gluten free. Based on studies, he claims that there is gluten in ALL GRAINS, including those deemed safe on a typical gluten free diet such as corn and rice. Once we eliminated corn and rice from our already gluten free diet, Patrick began to gain weight and got over his acid reflux overnight. It was a miracle!
Patrick is not the only person to have persistent issues with reflux or weight gain after going to a traditional gluten free diet. Remember that their are a lot of differences between the traditional gluten free diet and a TRUE gluten free diet. These differences can determine and influence the outcome of your health. If you are on a failed gluten free diet, frustrated, at the end of your rope, and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, check out the Glutenology Health Matrix video and get the help you need to restore your health. All the best, Dr. O

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