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  1. this was our experience with our 5 year old. After being on acid reflux meds since he was 5 weeks old, I read a line in an article that said, “Infant reflux that persists is usually an indication of gluten sensitivity.” It was like a lightning bolt from heaven…the answer we’ve been searching for for years. I had been off gluten for 6 months for my own medical reasons, but realizing that our 5 year old needed to come off of it also was an epiphany.

    We took him off of his meds, took him off gluten & dairy soon after, and he grew 2 inches within weeks. He has had maybe 2 flare ups since, and that’s remarkable. It has been 8 months since he has been on medicine–truly remarkable life-altering hope for him.

    Thank you for sharing this–if only I had known this information when he was tiny…we could have avoided the negative side effects of Rx drugs on our tiny little guy…but at least we discovered this now when he’s 5, instead of when he’s 20 and has more substantial damage to his digestive system & is more set in his eating patterns.

    Thank you again for sharing this for other moms who are looking for answers!

  2. Our 6 week old has been suffering from what seems to be severe GERD. She spits up constantly, has severe gas pains and constipation. Her stools are so firm and hard that they can be dumped and flushed. From what I’ve read, even on a formula diet, the thickest they should be is like peanut butter.

    We switched her one week ago to a Lactose free formula and that seems to have helped a little with the spitting up and gas, but the constipation persists. I believe she is dairy intolerant and likely gluten intolerant. Both my husband and I both have trouble with dairy and gluten and so does our 17 mth old. I am unable to breastfeed unfortunately. What are some suggestions on what to feed our baby that does not contain cow’s milk protein or gluten?

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