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Gluten Free Diet Reverses Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin condition where the pigment producing cells in the skin are attacked by the person’s immune system. It leads to a bleaching effect of the skin. A group of doctors in Spain recently reported on a case of celiac disease and vitiligo in a young girl.
We present a case of repigmentation of vitiligo lesions in a girl with celiac disease after initiating a gluten-free diet


Pediatr Dermatol. 2011 Mar;28(2):209-210. This is another example of the benefits of a gluten free diet in patients with diagnosed autoimmune disease. In this particular patient, the loss of skin pigmentation was reversed with a simple diet change. But my dermatologist told me that diet has nothing to do with my skin. Unfortunately, this is a message that too many patients hear. Remember that the skin grows from the inside out not from the outside in. If you put food in your body that is not good for you, that you are intolerant to, that you are allergic to, etc. it can and does create skin problems. Here is a list of skin conditions known to be caused by gluten and other food allergies/intolerance/sensitivities:
  • Vitiligo
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis Herpetiformis
  • Erythema nodosum
  • Hives
If you have a mysterious skin condition and don’t know why consider being tested for gluten sensitivity and other food allergies. I commonly see skin conditions in my office resolve after eliminating toxic foods. The medical alternative (typically topical steroids) is not a solution, only a cover up. All the best, Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. My husband has suffered from psoriasis most of his life. It was much worse when he lived up north, so the FL heat has helped it. A few months ago my husband started the Paleo diet (grain free/gluten free) and the psoriasis in his fingernails is almost 100% gone! We even asked an allergy Dr. if there was any link between gluten and psoriasis and he said no. Well he was wrong! It is still in his toenails and scalp but we are anxiously waiting for that to clear up too!

  2. I got guttate psoriasis after a prolonged diet of wheat products while adopting in Ukraine. Previous to that, I avoided all wheat gluten, though I was able to tolerate some oats. I stopped eating all wheat and dairy, which I can no longer digest well after chemotherapy (brush border in my gut was damaged)more than 95% of my body was covered in the rash, it took 6 months, but the rash left for the most part, it remains on my scalp on knees, and as an auto-immune disorder, like will never leave, but at least it is better.

  3. Hi i was diagnosed with vitiligo when i was 11, i eventually ended up with it all over my body, i was diagnosed with coeliac disease 10yrs ago and have since followed a gluten free diet, but my vitiligo has not been reversed, im white all over x

    1. Try Black seeds 2 gms in the morning and 2 gms in the evening. And also take bee pollen.I am sure it will help.

      1. Hi..
        I have just started vitiligo .little patches on neck ..
        I sm very worried .
        Can sny one help me hpw to prevent spreading ..

  4. I am always being told that gluten does not effect you on your skin and I will argue with that till I am dead and gone. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in Feb 2010 and I now use only gluten free products because I see a difference in my skin and everything else. I lost my hair, eyelashes and I would scratch my skin till it bled. Now that I use gluten free products my hair stopped falling out, my skin doesn’t itch and my eyelashes have grown back. A friend of mine and I even started a gluten free business, we sell lotion and bath and body products along with a lot of other natural gluten free products.

    Love the name: Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior

  5. SInce I removed gluten, my scalp is no longer flaky, I no longer have oozing and peeling skin behind my ears, eczema is gone and I no longer suffer from dermatitis herpetiformis (also caused by cellulose in vitamins) BUT my vitiligo has not improved. (That addresses only the skin, not other improvements.)

    To heal my gut I consume bone broth, fermented foods, soaked nuts and seeds, cooked & raw veggies. What little dairy I consume is goat. I eat GAPS/paleo style. No sugars at all, except what naturally occurs in whole fruit. No grains.

    I supplement with B12 for pernicious anemia and eat liver to compensate for iron deficiency.

    Slowly I have improved thyroid function (and feel much better off iodized salt as some of us with Hashimoto’s do.)

    So while a gluten-free diet worked for this young girl (Yay!) perhaps those of us with more damage must heal other issues as well. Still, I find the news encouraging, especially since doctors’ ignorance has, IMO, contributed toward ruining my health. (I too was told diet had NOTHING to do with skin disorders.)

    And to think we grow wheat to help feed third world countries.

    p.s. WTG Debbie.

  6. I just started a regime of no dairy, no wheat, and the elimination of various other foods I was tested (blood test)to be intolerant to. After 6 weeks of this program, I have noted 3 areas on my hands and feet which have started to repigment. This is very promising, considering for years I was told there was nothing I could do for Vitigo.

    1. Terri,
      That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your success with us, and keep us updated on future improvements. Your testimony to the gluten free diet helps fuel others who need hope.
      All the best,
      Dr. Osborne

    2. hey Teri – what blood tests did you get done? I have vitiligo and i have few times tried and gave up on Paleo ( i do believe in it just execution has been hard) but i am finally getting there to keep the tempo going. I am curious how people can get tested for intolerance ( i don’t have any bloating or visible manifestation of intolerance, but i am strongly believing in gluten/grain intolerance is the factor in vitiligo).


      1. I ‘ve been having vitiligo for a year now. I have seen many dermatologist but they just give me steroid creams. One dermatologist recommend steroid creams along with photo therapy treatment. I decided to see a functional doctor, he has me on this strict diet, intense supplements intake and photo therapy for 8 weeks. My vitiligo is slowly repigmenting. My functional doctor run gluten test and came back positive on transglutaminase-3 IgA which has been linked with autoimmune diseases. My advice, go see functional doc who specialize in autoimmune diseases.

    3. I am very curious to know if your vitiligo improved 100% with the diet, I have it too and I’m about to start the diet.

  7. Hi everyone, I’m intrigued by the gluten-free concept for Vitiligo reasons and am doing research to try to understand it. I’d like give it a shot and see if I get any repigmentation.

    Additionally, if anyone wants to talk about Vitiligo, I’m here for you. I’ve had it since I was 3 and am now 35. I’m always happy to talk to kids and teens as well and to give them some emotional support.


      1. If you have probems with diarrhea and constipation and or bloating and gas in your life you should checknout celiac disease. The body sees gluten and otherbitem as foreigh and atacks the intestine. Vitilligo can be gound in people suffering from celliac. So that may be why some gluten free diets help some people early on in their vitilligo be able to reverse it. Still more research bein done on it.

    1. Hi I have been on a gluten free diet for 5 weeks and I am seeing repigmentation with my vitiligo which I’ve had for 20 years.

    2. Hi! My daughter who is 4 was recently diagnosed with vitiligo. I was wondering since the onset was so young did it spread quickly, slowly and did new spots develop as the years went on? I know it’s so unpredictable but any experience would help us understand it a little more.

    3. Hi Wendy,

      I’ve had vitiligo for over a year now, I’m 34. It’s doing a lot of damage to my sense of self since it’s progressing rapidly. I wear makeup to hide it. Nobody seems to understand and people look at me weird when I’m out and about. What do you do to keep from getting emotionally drained?

      1. I’ve unfortunately had to learn to accept it. I still struggle, I still wear makeup, but I’ve tried many many treatments over the year and any repigmentation soon starts disappearing again after some time.

        1. For all vitiligo sufferers: Gluten free and possibly dairy free, but begin by taking black cumin seed oil. I take one a day, but I may increase this. I am not cured, but I have seen a LOT of re-pigmentation!

    4. I want to send a picture of my daughter I am worried if it’s vitiligo . What is your email address. Can you email me at my email address

  8. Three months ago I was diagnosed with a gluten and lactose sensitivity. I’ve cut them both from my diet. Today I was diagnosed with vitiligo. Neither the GI doctor nor the dermatologist saw the correlation. What kind of doctor or health care practitioner should I see? Any suggestions of docs in the northern California/Sacramento area?
    Also, is there a treatment for one or the other that will cure both? Is there a cure for either?
    Does B12 cure either or delay progression?

    1. Ken,
      Gluten Free Society has created a doctor certification program. We are in the process of building a list of well educated doctors on this topic.
      Stay tuned as we are working diligently to make this information available to all.

    2. Dr. Glayol Sahba works with auto immune diseases in Sacramento and she takes insurance. Not sure if she has dealt with Vitiligo, but it is a place to start. I’ve been seeing her for Hosimotos Disease for a year and she seams to know her stuff

    3. What happend with your celiac and vitiligo? I have the same problem- three month after cutting od gluten vitiligo started!
      How are you now? Tnx

  9. I’ve had vitiligo for 10 years or so. Fortunately my has been slow progressing and only started to notice it a couple years ago. It has recently spread to my fingers which I understand is difficult to treat. I’m currently doing NBUVB on armpits which are repigmenting and excimer laser on face and hands. I’ve done extensive research on this condition and I maintain a positive attitude that this condition can be cured. I know every case is different due to a variety of factors. I’m a male in my thirties in great general health and have a fair skin tone. I believe that my condition is caused by the fuel (food) that I put into my body. At some point In my life my body started to reject my diet and I believe my skin is telling me it’s time to change things up. I was told about 7 years ago that I have IBS (which I think is a diagnosis for when Dr’s don’t know what’s wrong). After 2 years of research I convinced myself that the only way to prevent and reverse the effects of vitiligo is to change the type of fuel (food) that I put into my body. A simple analogy that I like to use is… If you had a high performance car and put bad fuel (gas) in it for years, how do you think it would run? Over time I believe that if you put too much of anything in your body, it will eventually start to run rough like a car’s engine. I recently decided to start a gluten free diet (3 weeks ago) and can already say that I feel 100% better. I believe that when your stomach and intestines are irritated (by the foods you eat) your body losses the ability to retain the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to run like a well oiled machine (or a new engine). I’m extremely optimistic that the only way to cure vitiligo is from the inside out. For all those people that are living with vitiligo, please know the I completely understand what you are going through and with a positive attitude and some self motivation, I believe that there is a cure out there for all of us. Always remember to be thankful and that things can always be worse. God Bless!

    1. JD, how’s the progress on your Vitiligo from your diet? Let us know what you’re eating to help heal if you have been.

    2. You are absolutely Right..The fuel what we out is mattters .changing to Raw vegetarian diet reverses not only Vitiligo but all Autoimmune diseases.. Fruits , Vegetables ,nuts will heal as they are light on Gut… Vitiligo is Betable !!..Keep calm and Go vegan and fasting helps ..

      1. I went vegan for many years to try to cure my vitiligo, psoriasis, and other auto immune disorders. I did everything right and had all of my macros and micros balanced. Unfortunately, it worsened my health conditions and left me covered with rashes head to toe.
        I was so unbelievably miserable that I was willing to try anything.
        I even went raw vegan for a couple years with no health improvement.
        I read a book during this time of my life called the “yeast connection”.
        It suggests that fungal overgrowth is likely what causes leaky gut and autoimmune issues. It briefly covered water fasting, starving the fungus of its food source, causing it to recede, and allowing the intestinal lining to heal.

        My last resort was water fasting.
        I did an extended water fast (water only) for between a week to 10 days.
        Before I began this fast I took a prescription antifungal. (I had to convince a doctor to prescribe it)
        The rashes that covered my entire body receded within a couple weeks of completing my fast and disappeared completely soon after.
        I was no longer sensitive to multiple foods and had no symptoms.
        The foods that seem to keep my body nourished and balances are clean animal protein (organic grass fed etc…) ( meat is very unlikely or impossible to cause a histamine reaction) cooked veggies, home made high collagen bone broth ( chicken necks and feet), fermented foods (kimchi).
        I try to avoid:
        All processed sugar

        I’m sending so much love to all of you that are suffering from a skin condition. You must keep taking control of your own health. Doctors will not help you. You will find what works for your body.
        You will heal❤️

  10. Iam 51 and have vitiligo since I was 11, started on the gluten free diet(wheat,barley and rye) 2 years ago, true gluten free diet 3 months ago. For the very first time in 40 years I am REPIGMENTING! This started after about a year on a very strict gluten free, I started taking B12 and coconut oil ( I added the coconut oil with the hope to loose some weight more rapidly, although I was already loosing weight on the gluten free diet) So I am still not sure exactly what caused the repigmentation I would like to share this with other people. I have tried everything in the past for vitiligo and nothing worked. I was not looking to regain my color anymore, I have learned to be happy the way I am, but being gluten free cured me from a lot of things like gatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, joint pain,etc. I tried to talk to the dermatologist about it but he was not interested, they can not make money from this findings, I also tried to talk to my family doctor and they don’t care. Thank you Dr. Osbourne for your work, I was lucky to find a doctor who tested me for the gluten antigensn and I went on a gluten free diet inmediately. I eat the best food ever lots of greens, oranges, reds, purples you name it! and my friends tell me I look at least 10 years younger and I feel 40 years younger 🙂

    1. a Wikipedia article said it only works for people who have celiac disease. My skin re pigmented after becoming gluten free 15 years ago but I do have celiac disease.

  11. I am taking pictures of the repigmentation process which is amazing and I will share with everybody, the vitiligo I got is very extensive so the repigmentation really shows!

    1. Hi
      I know it has been a few years now – just folllowing up to see if you had continuing success with the repigmentation? I have had V for 20 years and am very eager to see if this works.
      Thank you

      1. Hey Nathalie
        It is good you are back to see if anyone needs help
        I’ve had Vitiligo for 18 years or more and tried everything with no results
        now i am trying the vitiligo diet and hope it works, i’ve started 3 weeks ago but i have not eaten anything since then, i have no suitable recipes it is said that spinach is good but how to cook it without tomato? tomatoes are not good for the vitiligo patient
        I am confused and only eat Cucumbers and carrots so i lost a lot of weight and i can’t concentrate at work and faint of many times
        Began yesterday to eat goat cheese and soy milk but also these stuff contains salt and bread also contains salt and sugar

        Can you help me and tell me how to cook anything? 🙁
        Thank you

    2. I’m
      So happy of the testimonie. Let me know how you doing.
      I took my son to functional doctor. He stated his treatment two weeks ago.

  12. hey you people dont stress! i have vitiligo too, so does my mum. when people ask “what happened??” i delight in making up stories to see if they believe me! usually i am the hero – like saving someone when their parachute didnt open, only i skinned my knees and elbows and got gravel rash in a few spots…… the possibilities are endless! anyway if we were horses we could be double registered and people would pay more for us….
    but i am interested to know more about it being an auto immune disease and whether there are other symptoms i should look out for?

  13. Hi All my family suffer from some form of dairy allergy. I have a big problem with any kind of dairy as it makes me feel sick and bloated. I get diarrhoea, sneeze a lot and feel like I have a heavy cold. I can’t tolerate chocolate or coffee now which is really sad as I am reduced to drinking herbal drinks all the time. My daughter has similar symptoms and also has Vitiligo and Hasimoto’s hypothyroidism.

    My Mum also has problems with dairy and gluten as does my sister and my niece is a coeliac. Finding this blog has really cheered me up as I am beginning to think that I will never enjoy food again. I also have Fibromyalgia and feel sluggish a lot of the time.

    I will definitely try complete avoidance to dairy and gluten and encourage my daughter to do the same

  14. I started developing vitiligo age 39. I am 53 now with hypothyroidism. Read gluten may be the cause of vitiligo. Started gluten free on Nov. 30th and I feel so much better. I’m not moody, irritable, sluggish, no muscle aches or joint pain. I have energy. Also started extra vitamin C and the super B’s vitamins. I have HOPE! Any suggestions??

    1. Very interesting. I too had joint pain… in left middle toes, a couple finger joints on one hand. I’ve been avoiding wheat-based foods and products for 2.5 months and no longer have either. Actually no joint pain anywhere. I thought for sure those things were with me to stay. I’d guess I had the sore toe joints for 4-5 years. Yay! As for my Vitilogo – no change, yet no expansion, either.

  15. Catherine keep going, miracles are going to happen to you on a gluten free diet, I started re-pigmenting about a year into a very strict gluten free diet.I finally was able to stop the antidepressants, which had help me with the depression and fibromyalgia symptoms, I feel younger and look younger and the repigmentation was a bonus, I never thought it was possible! I take vitamins like you and a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil, I’m not sure if the coconut oil has anything to do with it or not. Keep going…

    1. And I have returned to say, it started reversing, probably about the time I replied in 2015. In my case, I had to drop soy, too. Even soy lecitin. I eat an 85% cacao chocolate piece after a meal or two – can’t eat M & Ms, etc. Each vitiligo area is speckling in and they are at about 20-33% pigmented now. I have no body twitching, itching, pains, nothing. I feel as if I am about 30, again. My diet is mostly paleo. No fast food or packaged/processed, but I break the rule now and then. Wine and lager beer is fine for me. Cheese, sure. We eat tree nuts, olive oil, avocado, leafy greens, broccoli, meats, and gluten free pasta now and then. Fresh frozen salmon, and so on. I am 52. My vitiligo appeared around age 39.

      1. Please share specifics on what you’re eating.

        A sample day’s worth of meals would be great.

        I, and a lot of others I’m sure, are desperate to reverse vitiligo so any extra info is much appreciated.

        Thanks in advance !!

  16. My father has vitiligo and I started getting it around age 30. It seemed to just get worse and worse each summer — I am very white so you can’t tell that much in the winter. I stopped eating gluten two years ago this month. I went paleo – I knew nothing about the gluten vitiligo connection and I did not know I was gluten sensitive. But once i went off gluten I just felt better and didn’t want to eat it ever again.

    I must say I still have vitiligo and I can’t tell right now if it’s gotten any better at all. My husband is whiter than me but he has vitiligo too. He went paleo/gluten free two years ago too, and his vitiligo is still here too. Our two bio children — white as paper redheads — probably also have it, one for sure because he already has patches of white hair in his red.

    There is DEFINITELY a genetic component to vitiligo. It can’t be only caused by gluten. But if stopping gluten improves it, this is wonderful news.

    I don’t treat mine, even though for half the year it is quite noticeable. I like to say, “Black is beautiful, white is beautiful, and SPOTTED is beautiful too!”

  17. Hello Folks! 10 years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctor said: “you’re going to take this little pills for the rest of your life.” I hated the sound of those words, I thought I was healthy, and something inside me rebelled. All of a sudden I was motivated, passionate and focused. I set out to prove he was wrong, though I did not know if it was possible. My first thought was to lose of my 190 Lbs. by cutting out carbs. I three months I was down to 160, my ideal weight. However, this was not all. In the process I lost 16 symptoms. It was so noticeable that I recorded them. Besides weight gain and high blood pressure, other symptoms were insomnia, heartburn (gastric reflux), gas, joint pain, muscle pain (phantom pain), etc… and an over-all great feeling in my body I had not felt for many years. I was exultant and I told the story to a visiting friend who happened to be a biologist. She listened attentively and when I finished she said: Sounds like you are allergic to wheat. I denied it immediately! How could it be. Three days later, don’t ask me how, my body let me know in no uncertain terms: This is it! I was allergic to wheat (gluten).
    Since then, 10 years ago, I discovered long term symptoms that also went away. I’ve never again caught a cold, or the flu in all these years. And the most surprising symptom: I noticed, not only that the vitiligo in my hands had stopped growing, but that it started to get pigmented and it is no longer as glaringly noticeable. To an onlooker now, it may seem like I have freckles.
    Today, for the first time, I decided to check in the Internet to see if anyone else had noticed the connection between wheat (gluten) and vitiligo……

  18. I would like to mention also, that I was taking 2000 u of vit D at the time I started repigmenting,(I live in Canada so our winters are long).So, the gluten free diet, the supplements, the good food and my gut healing, is making possible for my body to make melanocytes, I started to see tiny spots on my legs, where I lost the color 40 YEARS AGO, I thought those cells were totally dead! I can not believe the power of the body to heal itself when fed properly.

    1. Hi Amanda, your story is so inspiring.
      Which supplements did you take? Also, how would you take in the sunlight? I live in New York so our winters here are long too :/
      You can email me if you’d like. Thank you in advance for your help!

  19. Hi everybody! I have vitiligo, and I gonna start now my Gluten Free Diet. In a few months I will back to say the results. I believe!

  20. I just discovered I have vitiligo. It has only been there less than 2 months maximum. For the last week I have been putting pure coconut oil on the area and I already see the edges turning pink in colour, hopeful crazy I dont know but I am pretty sure there is a very slight repigmentation occuring. I also am going to stop dying my hair as I am 53 and see if that helps any. Good luck to everyone finding something to help them live with this.

  21. Our Daughter got vitiligo almost three years ago. We took her to the doctor and to the doctors that specialize in skin disorders and they simply said that there is nothing we could do but try to keep her out of the sun and maybe, when she is a little older, under some specialized heating method that causes cancer. We instead took her to a homeopath and a doctor that runs tests on food allergies and sensitivities. What we found out is that she is sensitive to gluten. We removed most of the gluten (she is 9) from her diet and now see that her pigmentation is coming back. Don’t believe the bullshit that the doctors tell you as they are in cahoots with all the pharmaceutical companies who want to medicate us, and kill is off faster instead of instructing us to reexamine our diets, get lots of sleep and exercise. It should be illegal for them to get away with putting even young children on medication for such things as ADD or ADHD, etc…

  22. Tim your daughter is very lucky to have found the answer. I got vitiligo since I was 11, I found out I was gluten intolerant when I was 49. Lost most of the color and got Hashimoto’s in my 40’s. I read Alesio Fasano’s theory of gluten and autoinmunnity and I also read “Celiac Disease, a hidden epidemic” and I stayed away from gluten 100%. I started to repigment in a way I’d never imagine!
    Keep your daughter educated so she understands that she can prevent many other autoinmune diseases by stayin away from gluten. I read somewhere that a person can develop up to 7 autoinmune disorders before they get diagnosed with gluten intolerance, so vitiligo is the least harmful, I think. And she will repigment!

  23. hi Amanda
    thank you for your guidances . also i want to know what are all the foods you had eliminated and added in your diet inorder to achieve glue free diet

  24. I eat all kinds of sea food, meats, vegetables, fruits, occassionally I eat rice. I cook lots, and use spices and herbs for flavouring. Thai food is mostly gluten free, so I bought a book and cook lots of stir fries. I love thai red curry, vegetables will never be boring using the right sauces.
    I think is important to have a gluten free home, you will never miss wheat once you start eating good food.

    1. Hello Amanda, thank you for sharing, very good and useful information. Do you know if is is Ok to have red wine with your diner?

  25. thank you Amanda! i had noticed one thing in my body after a month of dairy free and chicken free food , itching behaviour of my body lessened and keeps on weakening… but still vitiligo is a question mark… i think it would take to repigment after 3-6 months.. i think so….

    1. The vitiligo spots that are gone after going gluten free, took years for me! I now have new ones possibly due to shaving gell that may contain gluten. I’m changing all my skin products to gluten free and I’m here tryig to learn what else I can do. I have also recently noticed I have same reactions to quinoa as wheat 🙁 so no more that either! Also occational gluten exposure doesn’t help. I have vitiligo only in spots that get irritated, armpits, waistline from tight jeans, so mine os definitely also connected to outside irritants.

    2. It’s funny… don’t you remember the good old food chart? The highest emphasis was put on grains with pictures of bread loafs, and other gluten based products, lol?

      I developed vitiligo at around 7. I am 32 now and EVERY. SINGLE. INCH is de-pigmentized now. It took a long time to be comfortable in my own skin as it is quite shocking for ppl at the beach, etc. (I’m essentially albino now). But, I have learned to love my uniqueness. I don’t even spray tan anymore.

      However, recently, I notice a tiny bald spot on my head! I did some research and discovered vitiligo and alopecia can be linked in some cases (what autoimmune disease isn’t, right?)

      As a result, I started the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol Diet) yesterday which I plan to be on for 3 months. It’s going to suck, but I’m determined to get healthy from the inside out cosmetic or otherwise!

      Don’t get caught up worrying what people think. Confidence is key. People sense confidence, and if you love yourself, the right people will gravitate toward you :).

  26. hi im 36 and started to develop vitiligo 5 yrs ago when pregnant with my son and it has spread like wild fire!…since then had alot of issues mentally/physically, couldn’t bear feeling 70 yrs old with horrible anxiety/depression probs so took it upon myself to do a little research and self diagnosed myself with hashimotos disease, (which the docs tried to dismiss!) turns out my antibodies were sky high along with my thyroid test and i was right all along…since starting the thyroid meds and going gluten free at the same time (april 2012) i feel great! occasionally i will slip up on gf diet and really know about it the nxt day with a foggy brain etc but try my best to stick to it, although i do find it hard to be imaginative as have 3 young children and time is an issue!…have lots of rice, fish and red meat which could contribute to the uplifting of mood with all the b vits?….anyway where my vitiligo is concerned i have a couple of patches on inside arm, (the latest ones) and they have stopped growing, cant really tell about my hands as its winter and my skin has paled so its hard to tell if any repigmenting or not,and the patches on legs/arms look the same…but on a plus note i dont think that they have grown so perhaps the gf diet is going some way to halting its progress…hoping so and fingers crossed …going to try the coconut oil as not heard of that one. next step to get my kids gf but thats going to be hard as they love ham wraps and cheese sandwiches!…wish someone would make a good gf bread!!

  27. Hi,

    I developed a small patch of vitiligo on my upper thigh10 years ago when I was pregnant with my twins.
    It got much worse (hands, knees, arms) while I was nursing them (14 months).

    Recently I have been going through a very contentious divorce. I began feeling like I was in a fog and tired all the time–very unlike me. I had a blood test– my thyroid antibodies were 6x too high although my thyroid hormones were OK. I found your website and decided to try gluten free… Within a week I felt like my old self again! My skin always tended to be itchy and red suddenly looks fantastic-literally it looks much younger.My vitiligo looks like it is better but as it is January and I have very white skin I think I need to wait to the summer to know for certain. I’ve been taking pictures of my hands– the spotted patterns are definitely changing …

    It sounds scary to try a gluten free diet — but if you cook yourself it is really easy. I have lots of fruit and I guess I lost that 5lbs I’d like to lose for awhile.

    Thanks so much for your blog!! I will go back and do a new blood test after 6months gluten free.

  28. I’ve been looking for info on how to heal my dad and my vitiligo. This blog if reafirming what i was sensing. I knew there has to be something in my diet that was draging me down. I feel like inshould have listen to my gut!! Im going gluten free. It just makes sense, ive always have liked meat, cheese, eggs, salad and fruits, no need for bread. I was susspect about soy sauce but it makes me sick, i hope its not the rice, rice feels good and i have to listen to my gut and experimet, where im going is: listen to your body, your tase is your bodys way of letting you know what is good for you, dont wait to have white patches in yor face to know you are damaginng your guts!

  29. Hi.
    I’m 25 and was diagnosed with vitiligo 2 months ago. I was in complete shock. I still wake up every morning with a mini heart attack and go straight to the mirror to check if I’m white all over. I’m an Indian and am pretty brown so the spots really stand out. I have 3 spots on my face….I want to know if its alright to cover up the spots/patches with regular makeup? Or should I only use some sort of medicated professional makeup? Also to go on a gluten free diet what foods should I strictly avoid? I have a husband and 2 lilttle kids and I’m scared to death thinking of how they will be ridiculed at school because of me 🙁

    1. Hi Crystal, You can try the Kryolan products. I have vitiligo 10 years now, I have tried all make ups and cover products but these are definetely the best. My advice is to always put sunscreen on your hands, no matter if its winter or summer. This month i started a paleo diet, s vitiligo needs to be treated inside out. Nobody will ever be ridiculed because of you, its just a skin disorder. We need to love ourselves, vitiligo needs to be loved in order to be cured 🙂

  30. What a relief it is to read through these posts. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo after the birth of my first son when I was in my early 30’s. I couldn’t believe it, but I come from a family with a history of auto-immune diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus) so I figured it was just my bad luck. Like others, I’ve had one Derm after another tell me there was nothing I could do to treat it, just “stay out of the sun”. Two years ago I developed chronic hives and facial edema that multiple doctors could not figure out how to treat or what the source was. I was living off anti-histamines and growing more desperate by the day. Thanks to an amazing Naturopath and a off-the-cuff remark from an Endocrinologist, I was tested and found to have sensitivities to gluten and dairy. Removing them from my diet was the best thing I ever did — going on nearly two years now. It took over a year from my body to heal but the hives are completely gone. Unfortunately the hives too a lot of the pigment from my lower legs when it ravaged my skin, but I am hopeful with paleo diet, absolutely no gluten, dairy, taking supplements (including 10,000 iu of VitD as doctor found major deficiency), I can try to get some of that pigment back.Good luck everyone and thanks for posting.

  31. Cristian soya sauce has gluten in it, its made with some kind of fermented wheat. Ask for gluten free soya sauce, most restaurants have it, and you can buy some at Walmart or any super market.

  32. em,
    your kids will love any food you prepare for them, wheat is a bad thing for everybody, read the “Wheat Belly” book and find all the information on the destruction that wheat causes on humans.
    Buy some paleo cooking books they are very helpful on learning to cook healthy meals for the whole family, good luck

  33. I have a 6 year old daughter who is diagnosed by Vitiligo, we found out 5 months ago. I really want to do what ever is in my power to help her. I want to start a Gluter fee diet for her. She loves eating rice and bread….what I can replace them with? Somebody told me that mild products are not good for her…is that true? Her doctor says it does nothing with food, but I feel and I think it does. I really appreciate it if you could give me some information.

  34. Amanda, what Thai recipe book do u have? Does that mean u eat lots of cocunut cream or milk? Is vit d the only supplement u take? Do u have any dairy? What do u eat for breaky?

    Thanks heaps!

  35. Mia your doctor is not aware of the link between vitiligo and gluten intolerance. Your daughter needs to stay away from wheat, rye and barley. She can eat everything else under the planet, the only difference you have to be careful that she is 100% gluten free. Read books, go on line and check all the celiac sites for information, gluten free society site, etc.

  36. I have heard a lot about people having gluten intolerance. I had no idea it could cause an autoimmune disorder or vitiligo. I was definitely impressed to learn of some of these success stories that came to people who have adopted a glutenfree diet. Very encouraging !

  37. My mother has had vitiligo for about 20+ years – it first appeared on her when she was 30 years old. Years ago, when I was a kid, she obtained a cream from a doctor that lightened her skin, so that the contrast between her vitiligo and normal skin was not so noticeable. It had to be used over a period of time for the bleaching effect to occur. However, the rest of the family found it useful to relieve the pain of sunburn during the summer. For years, she has relied on sunscreen, hats and long sleeved shirts to protect herself from the sun.

    However, I do recall one interesting comment that her doctor made, to the effect that every patient he has seen with vitiligo has eventually developed diabetes, which is exactly what happened to her. The period between onset of the vitiligo and diabetes was approximately 20 years. I don’t know if this actually is true, but it might be an interesting angle to medical research, to see if they are related somehow.

  38. Amanda
    You are so positive with your replies to people.
    Im 51 and have vitiligo, and had more or less given up!
    m going to have a go at being wheat/gluten free, and see if pigmentation comes back.
    Do you know of any extra nutrients that can also help ?
    Thanks again, and thanks to Dr Osborne.

  39. Ray I eat very healthy now, because when you stop gluten you practically can only eat healthy: meats, vegetables and fruits.
    I started supplementing with B-12 and vitamin D, my doctor tested my levels and she recommended 3000 units.
    Do not expect to repigment right away, also do not cheat as gluten stays in your body and the autoimmune response to it is probably a cascade of damage to your body. I see gluten as poison for my body I don’t crave it at all. I also have noted recently that alcohol affects me, as much as I love wine, I personally feel this “burning” on my skin even with a few sips of alcohol. I have read that alcohol can contribute to “leaky gut”
    Good luck to you, do not give up because the benefits are far beyond just repigmenting, your immune system will heal and we will probably live longer.
    I’m a registered nurse and I see that gluten is killing people…no doubt in my mind.

    1. Amanda, I know this post is old, but I am just now finding it. I have a good friend who was recently diagnosed with Vitiligo. Is there any way you could contact me, so I could put you in contact with him? He really wants to communicate with someone who’s reversed their Vitiligo. You can email me, directly, if you get this:

  40. I started noticing the white spots about 12 yrs ago,when my son was born. I was told that vertiligo was family inherited,and that it came from something thematic happing in your life. I am going to give this gluten diet a try. Wish me luck. 12 yrs we adopted my son and I was a ball of nerves. My family thinks this is what started the process.

  41. Hi people. im new to this site. it brings a lot of hope bk in me.felt like banging my head to find a cure. thank you all for sharing your stories and the encouragements. definately start gluten free diat. started vitiligo about 5 years now. it was slow initially but seems like spreading recently. will update ……

    1. Gluten is in wheat, rye and barley, also oat that is not marked gluten free, because it is usually handled with same equipment with wheat all the way from farms. I recently also had a reaction to quinoa, the fashionable gluten free health grain. It was from starbuchs, and they are super bad at cross contamination. I even had an ice tea with pieces of fruit from Starbucks and one of the pieces was a breadcrumb!!!
      Anyways, you have to be carefull with everyhting else too, because they put wheat in everyhting. So if you buy soups and snacks, check the ingredients carefully.
      Also, french fries often have a layer of wheat on them for crunch I guess. Some good old american restaurants in rural areas that I have visited have literally NoThInG gluten free, I tried ordering plain chicken breast but had to have it without any seasoning because they said their seasoning mix has wheat as the base….
      Soy sauce has wheat, that is why a lot of sushi and thai food that seem gluten free, are not. If you cook at home, use tamari sauce which is 100% soy. But then again many here have said they have to avoid soy in their vitiligo friendly diet…
      Eating out is hard especially if you live in a place that has only chain restaurants. I was so mad at taco bell for not having one single taco available in CORN tortillas. Only thing I could eat there was cole slaw.
      Authentic mexican restaurants here in the city have been great. Never had cross contamination issues. Indian food is mostly naturally gluten free, but they make their own naan bread and I get sick from the wheat flying all over their kitchen.

      What you can eat is all meats, all veggies and fruits, rice, potato. And eggs, egss are big for me now. Cooking real food gluten free is easy. Make your sauce with corn startch instead of wheat, or just make a liquidy sauce with butter or oil and wine or cream etc…

      Snacks can be hard. I tend to eat a lot of guacamole and tortilla chips and youghurt and bananas, bevause I don’t like gluten free bread that much.

      But cookies ad muffins come out equally good with gluten free flour.

      I’m sure this is not all, so please do read up on it and read labels, ask allergy information in restaurants.

  42. I support that gluten is one of the main causes for celiac diseases, but actually it is the leaky gut caused by gluten which allows toxins into bloodstream causing immune disorder, the girl repigmentation is true story, but it is just one case, that’s why others may get no results with gluten-free diet, gluten is just one of the main reasons but there could be other causes for leaky gut. bottom line: fix your intestinal track, your Vitiligo goes away.

  43. My daughter has been gluten free for just three weeks and so much of the pigmentation has come back! I never expected to have this much success! I am so incredibly happy. No more creams for us 🙂 Today I asked to see her arms and I couldn’t see any spots at all. One of her arms is now completely filled in.

  44. Hello. I am Vino. I started to develop vitiligo when I was 9. Recently I started to surf the net about the natural ways of curing vitiligo. I always had been positive that vitiligo can be cured. I am 21 now. I have white patches on my hands, feets and a few areas. I am an Indian so its very obvious. It do affect my confidence sometimes but I do remain positive most of the time. going 100% gluten free is not that easy. But certainly i am going to give a try. I would appreciate some tips. Thank you

  45. Vino it’s easy, make sure you eat home cooked meals, we carry food where ever we go, carry fruits, nuts, boiled eggs, salads, anything home made, clean your house, have no gluten in it…

  46. Mars
    You just have to read labels a lot. And educate yourself what manufacturers rename flour or corn, etc. Eat meat, fruit and veggies as close to the source as possible. Be sure to check labels on spice blends also. Grains and legumes (soy) are used to make things thicker and smoother. Be diligent and ask a lot of questions. Also in the pharmacy. You would be surprised what is put in prescription meds and OTC products.

  47. My doctor diagnosed aneamia from annual medical blood tests in early 90’s. My wife, bless her, spent weeks researching what little inforemation was available at that time, and concluded that I am gluten-intolerant. The gluten-free diet quickly resolved the anaemia and miraculously other medical issues also resolved – vitiligo, skin rash, unexplained fatigue. And my family are grateful that my gas issue was resolved also!
    I’m delighted to see that knowledge on this subject is vastly improved.

  48. I am 48 and have had slowly progressing vitiligo for 15 years. A year ago I went GF and my vitiligo has slowly gotten better in some, but not all areas. If you have vitiligo and are considering going GF I suggest you give a GF diet a chance. But take pictures so you can verify any progress and don’t expect immediate results. Then again it took me 15 years for my vitiligo to progress to this degree so it may take that long to regain all.of my pigmentation…but hopefully not!

  49. Hi….I have a 12 yr old daughter that was diagnose with vitiligo a few yrs back. Her spots have grown so much over the course of one yr. …I have refuse to do any steroids or laser on her. My daughter is extremely picky eater and refuses to eat almost no vegetables or any type of beans, fish and very few fruits. I have been reading some on gluten free diet and all the vitamins she’s probably missing because of her bad diet. I have started a change to some gluten free foods and a low carb diet. Started cooking mostly at home and more organic. I have faith that the diet changes will help her. The only way I get her to eat some vegetables is in several different green smoothies mixed with fruit. My goal is to one day remove processed foods completely. I need some suggestions on or if I should consult someone in regards to me changing her diet. I think it will be a while before we are 100% gluten free but a start is a start and I hope to have some success. Please share any advice that might help me. Thanks in advanced.

    1. Hi, as a mom of picky eater with eczema, and slight vitiligo spots, I feel your pain. We know it is due to diet, so you start blaming yourself when yoi are not able to get healtier foods down their throats 😅
      My son has not been diagnosed with celiac like I have and is obsessed with wheat. He has no other issues like digestive issues, so I don’t want to self diagnose it for him. His eczema seems to be more linked to food colorings. And his vitiligo spots are miniscule compared to mine and usually only there for a 6mo to a year after.
      Anyways, important advice I coild share for getting them to eat healthier, is to not have processed snacks in the house at all, try to do groceries without the kids. They eat dinner so much better if they haven’t snacked all day. Stil it takes them forever to get used to new foods, but when you insist on at least trying a bite at every meal, they get used to tastes and texture. American processed sbacks and foods have such soft and bland or cruchy and bland texture that real food cruch like carrots or the liquid bursts of berries are gross to kids who are used to processed foods.
      I always have apples and berries etc in the house and thank god my son loves those. He usually onky pics the meat from his dinner, but I make him some of his forkfuls. I am an expert in hiding veggies in soups and stews. They don’t really detect them there.
      A friend on mine whose daughter hates texture of meat, cooks muffins with overdose of eggs, rice with bone stock which is great nutrition for people with leaky gut syndrome.

  50. Hello my name is Pato and I have vitiligo since I was 30 and now 12 years later is worse than ever, and just today told me paleo diet and i know only is guten free, and I read that you can not eat eggs and nut ..?..p
    Please i need help, i don’t know what i can eat? Iam very depressed and this has made me hope

  51. Hello my name is Pato and I have vitiligo since I was 30 and now 12 years later is worse than ever, and just today told me paleo diet and i know only is guten free, and I read that you can not eat eggs and nut ..?..p
    Please i need help, i don’t know what i can eat? Iam very depressed and this has made me hope

  52. Hi everyone, im 22 and started getting Vitiligo just over a year ago. Its something I wont accept and really gets me down. I am so excited that there is so many people that have seen results with a gluten free diet.Im on day 1. I do also go for UVB phototherapy and have pigment coming back. Hopefully this diet will make it come back even quicker. 🙂

    1. Hi, I am in the process of becoming a dietitian and I want to investigate further if there is a correlation between diet and vitiligo. My husband currently has vitiligo and I want to do anything to help him with his repigmentation. If you would like to talk more about diet and vitiligo, please contact me at my e-mail Thank you!

  53. Hi Candice, very keen to hear if you are still following gluten free diet and if you have seen any changes , esp any repigmentation ? And please don’t let this get down. There are lot of other people in the same situation and our collective prayers are with you !!

  54. i think i am gluten free..i have the rashes, sick every time i eat, gas, bloating, the pigment of the skin just started..the rashes r coming more often..& they r so itchy…when it is hot i itch more..i don’t have insurance can’t afford it & no money to see a doctor…so do u think

  55. I have been diagnosis with Lichen Planopilaris. Also called Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia I am losing my front hair ear to ear! It is itchy,flaky and leave a scar. I had blood test for gluten and yeast but all negative. But I was off gluten for a month and I felt so better and my symptom reduced by 90%!! Now I am trying to stop coffee and dairy which I think that plays part too. I just wondering if anyone has similar experience? I really want to know if I am doing the right thing? Please email me thanks.

      1. Dr. Osborne, thank you for your support and sharing of useful information. Can you please tell me the role of alcohol in Vitiligo, is there one type of it better or worse? I developed vitiligo 5 years ago and I am about to start trying GF diet along with supplementation and Bone Marrow broth, but since I enjoy a glass of wine with my diner I would like to know if that would be ok.

        1. Bolfi,
          I do not recommend alcohol for anyone with vitiligo. Alcohol can serve as a trigger for autoimmune disease. Additionally, it effects the liver’s ability to function, which can in turn burden the skin’s role in detoxification. On top of that, many alcohols are derived from grain.
          Hope this is helpful.
          All the best,
          Dr. Osborne

  56. Dr Osborne,
    Thanks for the information on vitiligo. Finally someone use the word vitiligo.
    I to have been diagnosed with vitiligo and the dermatologists all want to give me lotions and steroids and tell me that there is no science that say that vitiligo is caused by diet. How can I work with you to solve my problem. Are you taking new patients at this time? Thanks.


    1. Sylvia,
      Thanks for writing in. I would be happy to help you. Just call my office at 281-240-2229 and ask for Debbie to set up an appointment with me.
      All the best,
      Dr. Osborne

      1. Thanks for replying. Dr Osborne, Can you please explain to me if this horrible disease Lichen Planopilaris has something to do with gluten? Is it curable at all? how common is it?

  57. I am 32 and I have vitiligo since I was 7. Its cover me around 70% of my body. The last 2 years I have beed doing macrobiotic diet, but I haven’t got any improvement. Now, since 2 months more or less, I have started new diet without gluten, nor lactose, nor sugar. I start seeing good advances in my white patches 🙂 Now I don’t know if it would be prefer not to eat neither all type of grains, like for example buckwheat. Can anyone give me her/his opinion?
    Thank you and good luck!

    1. I am saddened by this article. There is no silver bullet for vitiligo and anyone who promises one is wrong.

      I wish things were different but there is no cure for vitiligo. The reference of one case that happened to cure vitiligo is considered -anecdotal evidence-.

      1. Evangelos,
        You should be ecstatic. Anecdotal evidence is no less scientific than research studies. And where did you see “a promise” in the article. No one is stating that a gluten free diet can cure or reverse all cases of vitiligo. That being said, isn’t diet change with a shot?
        All the best,
        Dr. O

  58. I am 35 years old and have had vitiligo since I was 24. I also have hypothyroidism. I have tried several treatments as in the last few years it has gotten worse. When I came across this blog I decided to test for glutein sensitivity which came back negative.. So do u think this diet would still help my vitiligo?

  59. I developed vitiligo at 18. I am now 34 and its gotten bad on my hands and foot. I also have it on the sides of both breasts. I hate what this condition has done to me. I’m not an extreme case and I know it sounds stupid, but people have always expected me to be pretty. I feel like the hot girl thats really damaged goods once you take her derma blend makeup off. I used to do hair and quit so people don’t see my hands. I now bartend where the light are low, and train horses where I can wear gloves and that community doesn’t care about stuff like that… I’m just now getting into this gluten free thing the last few weeks. I feel maybe part of my vitiligo is having a very processed and crappy diet for since I can remember after my dad died, which I heard stress trauma can also be a trigger for this disease. It has been hard but I am finally just about to the point I have become totally gluten free. I am also taking all the probio, bioclense, and multivitamin from Plexus. I pre make salads for the week and add chicken salmon or tuna on them everyday and make a fruit and yogurt smoothie every morning with goat milk coconut oil and spinach in it. Then dinner is some meat (mostly organic) and a vegi. The only hard part is letting go of my pita for my hummus and tabouli wrap I eat as a snack everyday.. There are so many contradicting rules on line with the whole candida leaky gut thing as well associated with vitiligo so for now I’m also staying away from yeast sugar and potato. I would like to ask though, is it the worst thing if I stay strict on this but not give up my 1 cup of coffee in the morning or that brownie or glass of wine a few times a week??? Also, I see rice is a no no, so is brown rice flour pasta out of the question?? Praying this is the right combination to cure this.

      1. Doctor I have scattered vitiligo all over my body. I am suffering from last 7-8 years and have tried so many medicines but nothing worked.I want to start gluten free diet . Please let me know if I can take rice instead of wheat and also do I have to leave milk products also.

        1. Manpreet,
          Rice would be problematic. I would recommend avoiding it as well as dairy.
          Let us know how your skin condition improves.
          All the best,
          Dr. Osborne

          1. Hi Dr. Osborne – Why would rice be a problem? Rice is gluten free. I would love to know, I have an uncle and a friend who are suffering from Vitiligo and I am on a mission to help find a cure for them! Thank you, Susan

          2. Susan,
            Rice is a problem. It has a form of gluten protein in it, even though it is often considered gluten free. Rice also contain elevated levels of the heavy metals cadmium and arsenic, as well as high quantities of pesticide. Definitely a grain to be avoided.
            All the best,
            Dr. Osborne

  60. I’m 18. And it has been 6 months that I have got a few vitiligo spots on my hands. Can anyone suggest me how to stop it and recover?

  61. My daughter (9 years old) was diagnosed with vitiligo and auto immune b12 issue. It was moving everywhere over her body rapidly. The summer, swimming and such was making it awful and red and growing bigger. I researched everywhere for day and night – because I was not going to believe that there was not a way that I could help her. The top tradional doctors at the Childrens hospital wanted her to continue to take light treatments and steriods. I would not use them on her. I turned her completly gluten free and she is allergic to dairy, eggs and pineapples too. I limit those and she takes fish oils, probiotics and digestive enzemes. She was repigmented like crazy. She is been seen by tons of doctors who cannot believe the progress and they constantly take pictures and all kinds of information. She has changed the way the local doctors are seeing their patients and the blood tests for new patients. I was at wits end and I couldnt be happier to have helped many people that have someone in their life with Vitiligo. You must be ready to change your life and make it a NEW NORMAL – my husband and I eat it with her as well and we feel wonderful. Please go gluten free – it will change everything!

    1. 100% agree. Similar story for me. Wife has also benefitted and learned to eat better, as a result of my behavior.

  62. Hi Tammy — How long were was your daughter gluten-free before repigmentation started? My 12 year old also has vitiligo all over, also made worse by swimming pools. She was been gluten-free nearly 6 months and dairy/egg free for about 6 weeks, and we still have no response. Looking for some positive reinforcement!!!

  63. Humaira
    I am from India.i have vitiligo since 5 yrs.i have tried all the medication.uva,laser,homeopathy,ayurveda but there is no change in my vitiligo condition is getting worse day by day.i am fed up now.many dietry restrictions but i didnt try glutin free diet yet.i will start soon.may be it will help.can anybody tell me which type of fruits i can eat.because mostly feuits are sour like oranges,mangoes,apple etc.then which fruits i can have.vitamin c reduces melanin formation but mostly fruit have vitamin c but vitamin c is very important for our immune system
    And doctors told me to avoid taking vit c.i am confused what should i eat and what not but any how i want to get rid off my vitiligo.pls can anybody suggest.

    1. Sonia – She saw repigmentation within a few weeks. But, she also takes probiotics and fish oil daily. She also took glutagentics to repair the lining of her gut where they said her immune system was shot – and that sped things up – I believe

  64. Hi dr, my son 6 yrs old is diagnosed with vitiligo. He has at the fingers of right hand. He has also halo nevus in his back. I am crazing to find help for him. I want to start gluten and diary free diet. Is safe this for young children? Maybe they need gluten to grow or not?? Thank a lot to all that you have shared all this info.

  65. Theres a clinic in Germany that cures it and repigment starts again,it involves supplements,uvb light and other foods

  66. I have Vitiligo on fingertips from last 20 years. It was stopped for couple of year and I tried surgical grafting treatment which didn’t help me. Now after 5 years spots started spreading slowly on hand, I guess stress might be the main culprit. Because recently I observed I was stressed for 3 days and saw a small new white patch. I was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 4 years back (Don’t know if it existed before). I haven’t tested myself with Celiac or Gluten sensitivity but always had some issues with my bowel movement. Now started Gluten free diet. My question is I am trying my best to be on gluten free diet, but what if there is some cross contamination occurs? Do I really need to be strictly 100% gluten free without cross contamination or some contamination or even some gluten is fine. I guess leaky gut might be the culprit for Vitiligo but to treat Leaky gut how much gluten do I need to avoid?
    Any suggestion would be helpful. Please let me know if you have this condition or know someone who does and have seen good results, because Dr told me that treating Vitiligo on fingertips is very difficult

  67. Hi, Im from Sweden and I have had vitiligo since I was around 4-5 years old.

    Here you talk a lot of glutenfree diet and thats a kind of Trend in Stockholm/Sweden to eat very clean, no carbs or gluten and absolutley no white sugar.

    My question is, what do you (Dr. Osborne) say about correalation vitiligo vs. Gluten AND sugar? I think sugar is the worst kind of thing everyone can put into their body, even if you don’t have vitiligo. What do you say?

  68. I was diagnosed as a coeliac 31 years ago and have followed a gluten free diet since. My sister and niece are also coeliacs. 2 years ago vitiligo appeared on my arm. Explain that…

    1. Fiona, Gluten isn’t the only culprit. You may have a Leaky Gut, which can also be influence by things like alcohol, processed sugar, legumes, processed oils, etc. Your leaky gut will not heal by removing gluten alone, you will need to remove other toxic items from your diet as well.

  69. Hi Nan
    How is your vitiligo condition. Iam following same method.gluten free, night shade free, paleo diet for last two weeks

  70. I have read your blog and the gluten free experiences of people here.I have vitiligo for 30 years.ı had it when ı was chlid.ı had lots of treatment and it worked little.and spreaded.ı was encourged and impressed form the people doing gluten free and ı started too.for 10 days only and a bit repigmentation is occuring.I am too happy and will continue doing this. Did we suffer from vitiligo in nonsense??because of the foods only.stress is weak in my opinion of its cause.Thank you to all…..

  71. I was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 13. What a time in my young life to get such a thing. Under stress, I would get hives and eczema, and a bad case of dandruff that would not go away.
    Just a few years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and was ordered by my GI to go on a strict gluten – free diet.
    I’ve been on it and I am happy to report that I have repigmentation on my hands and feet around the naiils and along the boxer of my hands and feet. I me, this is a miracle!!!
    No Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue, or any other dandruff shampoo could solve my bad dandruff on my scalp and eye brows. The gluten free diet cleared out up. Now I know if it returns its because I got glutened.
    Stress to the body by the inflammation caused by gluten caused these things to me for decades.
    Now at age 61,I have taken my life back and I’m beginning to feel normal again.
    Finding out that I am Celiac did not destroy my life but have me my life back.
    If you have similar symptoms, I urge you to get tested for celiac.

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