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Gluten Free Diet Helps Reduce Heartburn

A long term follow up study finds that a gluten free diet is helpful in reducing heartburn symptoms in patients with gluten sensitivity.

GFD (gluten free diet) could be a useful approach in reducing GERD symptoms and in the prevention of recurrence.


J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2008 Sep;23(9):1368-72. Reflux is a common manifestation of gluten sensitivity. Most doctors ignore the importance that food plays in the development of disease, and are quick to prescribe anti acid medications. This approach is flawed. Not only do these medications not fix the origin of the problem, they induce several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A recent study found that commonly prescribed drugs like Nexium actually contribute to bone loss (major problem for celiac disease patients). If you suffer with acid reflux, you should have your doctor rule out gluten sensitivity using a genetic test (HLA-DQ gene test).

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2 Responses

  1. What can you tell me about Barrett’s, I have had it for about 15 years, would gluten free diet help me. thank you Kris

  2. Since I changed my diet a year ago now, I have almost stopped Prevacid, which I had been on constantly since my gastric stapling some 20 years ago. REALLY!!
    I was so upset with the gastric stapling I was seriously considering having it taken out. My doctor refused to send me to a specialist saying “it would do no good” and that “the stapling has just never helped me.”
    I have had gastric re-flux all this time too. I, occasionally still take it. In the past, the heartburn was so horrible my ear canals were greatly affected.
    Because of the way they test .. I refuse to confirm this.
    As long as I am getting better, what else matters?
    I even had a dietitian tell me to “just suffer then” when I refused a scoping. She did not even ask how wheat affected me. I also have chronic rhinitis so it affects my sinuses. Sorry guys… wrong hole. I also am a brittle diabetic with Fibromyalgia and ADHD.Arthritis and a myriad of other compliants.
    It was at that hospital where they held me down under just enough drugs to paralyze me and force that tube down my throat. They will never get that opportunity again. The only conclusion was that I was suffering the complications of the stapling and “would have to learn to live with it”.
    Now that I have, the medical profession have their issues with that too…well too bad for them. I have suffered under their care all my life. Now, I am taking over with the help and guidance from the Greatest Physician. I am delving deeper into this protein problem. I look forward to more improvement in the future.

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