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By Popular Demand

Gluten Free Society has been inundated with requests for health care providers that specialize in the proper diagnosis and treatment of gluten sensitivity and related health issues. There is so much misinformation on the topic that our organization was unable to give referrals to these people in need of help. That is why the Tier 1 and 2 Certification courses for gluten doctors were created. The courses ensure that the health care provider is an expert on gluten and up to speed with all of the latest research pertaining to gluten sensitivity. They give a foundation of knowledge that ensures the promotion of accurate information to those trying to find a certified gluten doctor and seek help from their health care providers about gluten intolerance.

Gluten Sensitivity is on the Rise

Contrary to popular belief, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are not the same condition. The spectrum of diseases associated with gluten sensitivity is vast. Celiac is only one of the diseases caused by gluten. To date, there have been approximately 190 different medical conditions linked to gluten sensitivity. Most of these conditions affect tissues outside of the GI tract. Gluten has been shown to contribute to or cause the following:

Musculoskeletal conditions – muscle pain and wasting, joint pain, osteoporosis, myopathy…

Neurological Diseases – depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADD, epilepsy, neuropathy…

Autoimmune Diseases – RA, lupus, hepatitis, Addison’s, type 1 diabetes, celiac…

Skin Diseases – Psoriasis, eczema, scleroderma, seborrhea, dermatitis herpetiformis…

Gastrointestinal DiseasesIBS, GERD, intestinal migraines…

What you will learn in this 2 Hour Online Course:

This lecture is designed to give health care providers the necessary tools and clinical pearls to recognize the many faces of gluten sensitivity. You will learn the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity and the difference between a traditional gluten free diet vs. a TRUE gluten free diet.

There is a Shortage of Doctors with Knowledge on the topic of Gluten Sensitivity:

Gluten Free Society has been bombarded with phone calls and emails from patients and physicians across the country. People want to know what gluten doctor they can see to get a proper diagnosis. That is why we are offering the certification – to make sure that the doctors we recommend have met a minimum educational requirement on the topic.


Online at your leisure.

Certification Awarded:

After completion of this course, all physicians will be Tier 1 certified by Gluten Free Society and listed as an expert in our online healthcare provider and physician database. Gluten Free Society is an online resource for doctors and patients seeking help in the area of gluten related diseases. The site has more than 60,000 visitors monthly.

Seminar Registration:

Cost: $200

Frequently asked questions:

1. How will this class help me expand my practice?

Answer: The gluten free market share was greater than 2 billion dollars in 2011. These numbers are expected to grow to 19 billion over the next 5 years. There are thousands of patients wanting to learn more about this and only a handful of doctors capable of delivering valid information. Gluten Free Society in inundated with requests for doctor referrals. Becoming certified exposes your practice to millions of patients seeking help.

2. Can this information be easily implemented into my office or clinic?

Answer: Yes. The class teaches easy to follow protocols to get your practice integrated fast. Additionally, Gluten Free Society has an online tutorial program for your patients to use. This saves you time in the office while allowing you to provide your patients an easy to use educational interface.

3. What will I learn?

Answer: You will learn about new definitions for gluten sensitivity, history, diagnosis, and proper lab testing protocols. You will learn why the existing definitions are misleading, and why many patients following a gluten free diet still don’t heal.

4. What are the benefits to receiving a Certification?

Answer: Gluten Free Society is one of the world’s leading online resources for gluten information and finding expert gluten doctors near you. Certification gives you exposure to a much larger base of patients seeking help. Additionally, certification positions you as a local expert in your community on gluten related issues. You will also be listed in Gluten Free Society’s Health Care Provider database. This database is a search engine for patients seeking professional help. We receive referral requests from thousands of patients every month.

5. Will this class give me CME’s or CEU’s?
Answer: Currently, Tier 1 certification will not provide CME or CEU’s.


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