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Dr. Fasano Awarded Functional Medicine’s Linus Pauling Award

Dr. Fasano Given Highest Honor for Functional Medicine

functional medicine gluten awardThe Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) recently held it’s annual international conference in Dallas, TX. At the conference, Dr. Alesio Fasano was recognized with the Linus Pauling award for his research endeavors around celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Dr. Fasano is pictured to the right with Dr. Jeff Bland. If you are not aware, Dr. Fasano is one of the researchers responsible for shedding light on non-celiac gluten sensitivity as well as leaky gut syndrome. This is an important day for those with gluten sensitivity, as it connects them to the world of functional medicine. For years, those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) have been dismissed by gastroenterologists and other doctors because they did not fit the classic definition of the disease. An overwhelming number of sick people have been virtually left to fend for themselves to figure out their mysterious, food based illnesses. That leads to a very important point…

What is Functional Medicine?

Doctors are trained to diagnose disease and give medications or perform surgery to remedy the symptoms. Those of us that suffer disease as a result of food allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity have been labeled as crazy by many physicians. Not because we are crazy, but because doctors are not educated on nutrition in medical school. Their lack of knowledge somehow gets translated into a – “Nutrition is not important. It has nothing to do with disease.” – attitude. That is where functional medicine is vastly different. There is a grass roots movement in medicine today called functional medicine. The video below explains the core philosophy. Until doctors understand that treating disease has more to do with nutrition, diet, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices (exercise, job stress, etc), the state of healthcare in this country will continue to deteriorate. Until doctors start practicing the fundamental principles of health and wellness in their own lives, they will (in my humble opinion) be under qualified to give advice to sick people.

Functional Medicine Doctors Address Food

If you are frustrated with your doctor, find one who practices functional medicine. The more you demand this approach to treatment, the more popular the movement will become, the more doctors will seek training to accommodate you and your family’s needs. Much like the gluten free grass roots movement has achieved mainstream status, the functional medicine approach will as well – if you demand it. Want to learn more about functional medicine? Go here <== Congratulations and thank you Dr. Fasano for all of your research, hard work, and dedication to the gluten free community! I recently interviewed Dr. Fasano about gluten and leaky gut syndrome. If you suspect this problem, this is a much watch. You just might find some answers to get the healing process on track.

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