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Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at a Gluten Free Society meeting. The topic? The 7 Highly Effective Healthy Habits of a Gluten Free Warrior. The seminar focused on discussing what was necessary to restore health after years of gluten induced damage. Part of this process is developing a new mind set about how we view disease. I focused on educating the attendants about the flaws in the current medical paradigm of treating disease. In summary – The traditional focus of medicine has been to treat the symptoms of disease with little to know concern being given to the cause of or origin of disease. Traditional medicine has gone so far as to create diseases just so new drug treatments can be developed. This process has not proven to be effective. Fortunately, the future role of medicine is changing. Common sense is being rekindled and patients all over the country are being empowered to get healthy again. Are you part of the change or are you perpetuating the problem…

Lifestyle Changes Are Easy When Compared to the Consequences

Going gluten free may at first seem a daunting task. People fear change and are often resistant to making it even if it is a good change. If eating gluten is causing your disease, no amount of prescription medicines, surgeries, or treatment interventions will be effective unless you change your diet first. Don’t make the mistake that so many doctors make – The mistake I am referring to? No gastric symptoms, no problem with gluten. This common false belief keeps millions of patients sick and dependent on medicines that don’t address the origin of the problem. Remember that gluten sensitivity has been shown to contribute to depression, nerve damage, arthritis, IBS, skin disease, and much, much more. For a list of diseases linked to gluten go here <<<

Are you a Victim or are you a Gluten Free Warrior?

Take back control, get educated, and take action. Don’t blame the doctor, look in the mirror and decide to make meaningful changes to your lifestyle and environment. When you decide to do this, you will be re-empowered to restore and maintain your health. Yours in health, Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. I think part of the problem may be it is all so hard to believe for anyone. I mean, who could be allergic to bread? How silly is that? Our pets have the same problem and we continue to buy them gluten filled food. Are you giving your animal gluten? You shouldn’t be. I’m talking about cats and dogs and if you are giving carnivores grains than you are just as bad as the doctors who you complain about (sorry,but think about it). I haven’t found very many people or pet foods that are gluten free and very good. This situation is even harder with animals because one can’t explain to them why they must have crummy food.

    Good luck to all! Cindy

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