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An Experiment in Disease – Standard American Diet (Gluten Filled Poison)

“Look Out Stomach – Here It Comes!”

If that is what you shout before shoveling the next fork or spoonful of food in, beware the consequences. Aside from being filled with gluten, the Standard American Diet contributes to disease in many ways. The perfect experiment on how to increase chronic disease, decrease quality of life, and promote suffering later in life is to follow this diet. “We are and we become what we think, drink, and do.” In this video, Dr. Russell Jaffe, discusses how he was “converted” to become a believer in functional medicine. He discuss how a healthy immune system is key to good health.

Dr. Russell Jaffe

Dr. Jaffe is the founder of Elisa Act Biotechnologies (EAB). EAB is a lab that specializes in detecting delayed food allergies (The type of allergy response that is not always detectable by monitoring outward symptoms.) Recently he came to visit me in Houston and we were fortunate enough to have him speak out one of our quaterly Gluten Free Society Meetings. He spoke about a variety of health topics including an in depth discussion on food allergies. One of the highlighted points – a food reaction can occur 2 hours to 2 weeks after exposure.

Best Delayed Allergy Test Technology Available

His laboratory is the best in the world at identifying delayed pathway food allergies. If you have gone gluten free but continue to struggle to restore your health, undetected food allergies may be playing a role in keeping you sick. To learn more about how you can have this type of testing performed you can visit or call 281-240-2229 and speak with Debbie.

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  1. If you are referring to a recent interview conducted by CBS News, then you’ve taken the interview with Dr. Guandalini out of context by writing, “The article stated that gluten sensitivity is not a real issue, and that most people going gluten free are simply following a public trend.”

    This is a false representation of what Dr. Guandalini said, what the article states, and what the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center stands for.

    The article actually states, “Some people not diagnosed with celiac disease can still experience discomfort after eating gluten, a condition which researchers refer to as nonceliac gluten sensitivity,” which is far from the claim that gluten sensitivity is “not a real issue.”

    Gluten sensitivity is a serious condition that the medical community doesn’t yet know much about. However, here at the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, it is one of our goals to define and understand the basis for what is known under the broader denomination of gluten sensitivity so that we can define diagnostic markers and treatments for this poorly understood entity that is thought to touch millions of Americans.

    Last year, we discovered objective diagnostic markers to diagnose gluten sensitivity. In collaboration with different centers we are conducting a study to define objective markers that identify changes in the intestine of individuals having gluten-induced symptoms in the absence of macroscopic alteration detectable by classical analysis in intestinal biopsies. We have already identified three potential markers that may help diagnose patients with gluten sensitivity.

    On the following point you are correct, many in the community do not believe that gluten causes health problems, and others regard a gluten-free diet as a fad which will help them to lose weight, nothing more, and that is not even true in many cases.

    It is our challenge–yours and ours–to continue an education and awareness campaign that extolls the seriousness of gluten intolerance–so that our community understands the importance of working with a medical professional to 1). Seek an accurate diagnosis for health issues represent, and 2). Understand the degree of seriousness these health issues represent–celiac disease, as an autoimmune disease, is both heredity and places individuals in an at-risk group for other autoimmune diseases like Type I Diabetes and thyroiditis.

    As I’m sure you know, gluten intolerance has been associated with hundreds of symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose. But we believe it is paramount to first rule out the most serious degree of gluten intolerance, celiac disease, before moving on to other reasons for one’s symptoms.

    For those that would like to read the interview:

  2. I certainly would appreciate any help I could get from Gluten Free Society.
    The ONLY foods I can eat are Vegetables & Fish & drink WATER only, anything else just flares up my illness. 2 years ago I was totally home bound, I spent most of my whole days just lying down. 10 months ago I started seeing a Chiropractor with an Holistic approach. Yes Autoimmune disease took over a better part of my entire body, all joints painfully hurting, 6 of the seven Neck vertebrae cartilage gone, bone against bone rubbing, horrible UNBEARABLE feeling in the HEAD (fire like), worse then Brain Fog. I have gone for over 100 treatments at the Chiropractor, the intensity of ALL my illness has gone down considerably, feels like Cartilage is rebuilding, but the feeling in the head prevents me from any gainful employment as I still need to sleep almost 9 hrs at night and 3 hrs in the afternoon.
    I have Detoxed and also took Wobenzymes PS.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  3. We are gluten free and dairy free. I found that my health only improved when I removed both. So happy and feel great. No more asthma, no more breakouts and if I get sick I get over the cold in just a few days with no meds. Really enjoy your posts and happy the word is getting out!!

  4. Oh dear. I am so allergic to so many foods. I have been off gluten for @ 6 months. My painful rash I had for 6 years is gone. I was a vegetarian for 33 years and became allergic to all beans and all citrus. For protien I rely on nuts, eggs, cheese and now added some chicken and turkey to my diet. If I give up dairy it will be hard but it is constipating and is not helping the healing process. I’ve been off sugar 5 days. This is so hard. I know now I am addicted because I am going through withdrawal. I will start eliminating dairy now. Oh well!

  5. About three years ago I woke up with vertigo and a massive headache I went to the emergency department near our home I was treated for a migraine headache and told to follow up with my doctor the next day. I went through a lot of diagnostic tests and nothing has been found, to this day I deal with vertigo, double vision, and gait ataxia. During this time my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. People suggested that I get tested for Celiac Disease, I have had three blood tests for Celiac and all have come back negative, I even had food and environmental allergy tests which came back negative. I decided to stop gluten, soy, and some dairy products since then my stomach and intestine has felt better. My migraines have mostly stopped; I am not receiving treatments for asthma once every three weeks. I have lost a few pounds and I do not feel bloated as I once had.

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