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Win a Copy of Gluten Free Society’s Year in Review 2010

You can win a copy of Gluten Free Society’s Year in Review right now.

This is what is included:

More than 7 hours of video! This digital download can be watched from any computer, iphone, droid phone, etc. The topics covered includes:
  • What is Gluten
  • How to start healing after years of gluten exposure
  • Hidden gluten and cross contamination
  • Social aspects of being on a gluten free diet
  • and much, much, more…
“I am in the middle of watching the Jan 2010 meeting video. It is riveting. I have been on the standard Gfree diet for one year with NO difference in my health or quality of life. Now, I know why! Thank God!” – Kathryn Blair

This is what you have to do in order to be eligible to win a copy of Gluten Free Society’s Year in Review:

  • Scroll down to the “Leave a repyl” section below and finish this statement in your own words:
Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways…
It is that simple. We will be reading the responses over the weekend and will announce winners on Tuesday. All the best, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

48 Responses

  1. Going gluten free has changed my life in the following ways: I stopped snoring and the mild sleep apnea I experienced went away. The joint pain, including chronic knee weakness, bloating, brain fog, allergies all went away. I thought I would have to live with these problems. Not to mention the knowledge that gluten is a neurotoxin and can cause early dementia and neurodegeneration in the future. I feel like I’m adding years to my life and definately improving the quality of my life by being gluten free. I must mention that it has to be all or nothing for me, I cannot be slightly or sometimes gluten free. 100% gluten free.

  2. -I am not dying anymore I am finally healing!
    -Intestinal inflammation is almost nonexistant from complete GI ulceration.
    -Joint pain is gone.
    -Sinus issues gone, no more blocked ears.
    -Weight loss, eating healthy and clean really helps.
    -Balance issues gone.
    -Dizzy spells gone.
    -neuropathy is better, stabbing shooting pains in my feet are gone.
    -Vomiting gone.
    -Fatigue levels are improving.
    There are really to many for me to list today from begining to now. From lying in a hospital bed for 4.5 months to at least being able to take care of myself is huge!!! I continue to heal with this new way of thinking and eating only Whole foods discluding grains and dairy. Oh on a note of food allergies, I find now I can tolerate more raw fruits and veggies than before my gluten/grain free life. Not sure how it all connects but hey something’s working.
    Thanks for the extra support from you through this wonderful world of internet. I would not have been able to get as far as I’ve come without your advice through your facebook page and the video links you made available through facebook.
    Thank you!!!

  3. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways…

    I have been Gluten Free for 21 days, since I joined the Gluten Free January group on Facebook.

    I am stunned at the speed of some of the changes that have taken place since I have been gluten free.

    I have a lot more energy, and no longer procrastinate on projects around the house (like taking down Christmas decorations, or moving furniture).

    My wife and son have both told me that I’m much nicer, less irritable, more patient, and generally happier.

    And, as if those 2 benefits weren’t enough, I have lost 8 lbs without feeling the least bit hungry.

    My experiment with Gluten Free January is now My Gluten Free Life, and I can’t wait to see how much better it gets.

  4. Going gluten free has greatly improved my health. I have Celiac Disease and removing gluten from my life has given me my health back!!

  5. Seven years ago I thought I was dying. My doctor told me I was getting old, so what did I expect. I then discovered it was gluten that was killing me. Here is a list of symptoms that completely disappeared with a GF lifestyle:
    Joint pain, back pain and sciatic pain
    Dry mouth, skin and eyes
    Stress incontinence
    Depression, agitation, fatigue and brain fog
    Stomach pain
    Gas and bloating
    Bleeding gums and sensitive teeth
    Difficulty swallowing
    Itchy skin rash
    Pitting edema of legs (history of CAD)
    Shortness of breath

    Two symptoms that have improved:
    Small fiber peripheral neuropathy (fantastic changes and is still showing signs of further healing)
    Hair loss – Stopped falling out but did not regrow what I lost.

    The only symptom that did not improve was my tinnitus that I have had for over 40 years.

  6. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways…

    Cleared up the acne on my face!
    Just starting to lessen my depression!
    After 2 1/2 weeks of being gluten free I look forward to feeling better and better!!
    But I need to learn more and your site ROCKS!
    Thank you so much!

  7. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways… I did not know I had a gluten problem even though I’ve had some of the symptoms listed above and more. My first cousin was diagnosed with the disease and this year during the holiday family gatherings we compared notes and she told me about her diet and how much better she feels and because I have rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune disorder, that I was likely to have a gluten problem which is also an autoimmune disease. Her brother was also diagnosed with the disorder. I started looking for legitimate sites where I could get more information about the disease to educate myself and learn the correct foods to eat in order to feel better. I have a long way to go, but feel like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel already just following some of the information I obtained from my cousins. I feel this website will be a great asset in helping me control my diet so that I can become gluten free. I can’t wait to view the videos you provide on this site. Having the year in review videos would be such a huge help to me! I feel as if I have found the fountain of youth because I was feeling soooo bad and now I’ve found help.

  8. On Jan 23, 2011 from Michelle:
    I don’t know what else I can tell you that i haven’t already other than i hope that I as well
    as the others will be lucky enough to win best of luck too all of Us…………..


  9. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways…20 years of acne cleared within a week, no more gas or flatulence, no more stinky feet, migraines greatly reduced in frequency and intensity.

  10. I’m late but……….
    – I will not be attending my grandson’s funeral
    – My granddaughter no longer throws up everything she eats, nor does she cry from cramps or cry from suppositories and other treatments she was subjected to.
    – My son-in-law will not make my daughter a young widow and my grandchildren fatherless.
    I am not a celiac or GF, but my 2 grandchildren and son-in-law are newly diagnosed…. my heart is better not seeing them suffer.

  11. Going gluten free has made a world of difference! I am no longer constantly sick or in pain, cramps in my body have stopped, and I’m not so exausted anymore…who knew it would only take a change in my diet do what nothing else would for years!

  12. I no longer have excruciating gut pain. I don’t have to take anti spasmatic pills for the pain. I also stopped eating ALL grains. I always wondered why eating rice and corn still bothered me. I now know why, thank you for explaining that. Since going grain free, besides having a happy gut, I swear my facial skin has improved, it just looks better. Thank you for having such a wonderful site by the way. Without being educated on going grain free, I would still be in pain when I didn’t need to be.

  13. Being Gluten Free has made all the difference in my health – which made a huge improvement in my life!

    I have made it my mission to help others live well and eat well while being Gluten Free – and I would love to have this set as a toll to help others & my family!

  14. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways. My anemias(iron and D) have gone away after the diet, I also had strange falling sensation spells that have went away after starting the diet and not realizing that was probably from the gluten! I also have felt more awake(still tired a little) than I have been in the last 5 years! Dark color under my eyes has diminished a little bit too. I have been on the diet for about 8 months now and looking forward to feeling even better in the future!

  15. I sure could use this! I am been gluten-free for less than a year and am still learning. Many health problems have improved–headaches, tiredness and aching all over but still have a ways to go. I think my grandson is gluten sensitive too, so could use all I the help I can get with him too. Thanks

  16. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways…

    -After over 20 years I no longer have to take allergy meds.
    -Ive lost over 30 pounds and have had no trouble keeping it off.
    -I dont have neck pain and headaches anymore. YAY! I used to have them every day.
    -My menstrual cycle has regulated itself.
    -My anxiety and depression have decreased dramatically.

    Going gluten free changed my life!

  17. Going gluten free has allowed my now 10 yr old to be free from constant pain. She is finally gaining weight & is able to be the healthy happy girl she was born to be.

  18. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways…

    2 of my 3 children have Celiac Disease diagnosed within the past year. Cooking Gluten free for them has been challenging, but I see their health issues improve! Less vomiting, less fatigue, less unhappiness! Non of these main issues are gone, but this year is better than last year! Hopefully, next year will be better than this! Thank you for all your help and info–I can use everything I can get my hands on!

  19. Wow! It has changed my body in so many ways; More energy, a feeling of bouyancy, less headaches, no more intestinal pain, no more nausea, no longer suffer hand and foot numbness, no joint pain in my wrists, healthier eating habits, and no major bloating. I’m so glad I was turned on to the problems I had been having and researched to find the reason!

  20. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways… I am able to focus and concentrate better at work. I feel able to try to move forward for promotions and advancements to better my career. It has also given me more energy to try and start my own business making jewelry and now want to start making Celiac awareness jewelry to help start conversations to make people aware of why I eat like I do. I have lost weight, and feel healther all over. I’m glad I’m less tired, since I spend a lot more time cooking from scratch and creating new meal combinations. I enjoy not being in pain 24/7, and Love getting a full nights rest.

  21. I am no longer EXTREMELY TIRED from anemia. I no longer have breathing problems. My fibromyalgia pains have been reduced dramatically. I rarely have a headache or migraine anymore.
    I oddly never had GI symptoms with my Celiac disease, so all of my symptoms; extreme anemia, fibromyalgia, breathing issues and headaches have either improved dramatically or completely disappeared since going Gluten free !

  22. It really is hard when I crave the comfort foods I once enjoyed and I know it is not worth cheating as most of my friends and family say…just a little? No, is all I say it really isn’t worth it and then I say it isn’t like Diabetes, I truly get extremely sick…like the flu…and for days… I did however adapt one of my childhood favorites my mom used to make so I can enjoy it Gluten-free style…Lemon Pound Cake. It hit the spot.

  23. IT has improved my energy level
    IT has helped my digestion issues
    It has helped with bowel issues
    It has helped with anxiety issues
    it has helped with depression issues.
    also, getting my kids tested for the genetic markers has just made there lives much healthier.What a gift for them… to know at such an early age .

  24. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways:
    Relieving stomach aches
    Clearing my head and mind
    Bringing clarity to my thoughts
    Helping me enjoy a better variety of food
    and Helping me lose extra pounds.

  25. We have been eating GF for over a year now with great results with our children! They have been doing better in school due to not being as easily distracted.

    My friend just had a baby recently and she was crying nonstop, she decided to switch to a GF diet and her baby is doing FANTASTIC! 🙂

  26. Been GF for a bit over a year and what a year it has been! I’m me again – or finally! My son doesn’t need daily allergy meds anymore and my daughter is no longer lactose-intolerant. We are eating healthier and I know that I will live a better, longer life thanks to making this change. I have told many people about the dietary changes we’ve made and their effects and encouraged them to see Dr. Osborne for themselves. I’m even having lunch tomorrow with a friend to talk about this. Any material I can get my hands on to help me better explain what GF is all about would be great. Maybe my mom would finally listen!

  27. They didn’t know what this was when I was 2 years old (44 years ago). They put me on this special diet and I got better. Then one day, when I was a toddler, they fed me a graham cracker and when I didn’t die they fed me normal from that point on.
    NO ONE realized that every thing that went wrong with me from that point on was all because of GLUTEN.
    From the brain fog to the horrible digestion to the thyroid issues to acne to depression to weight gain…I could list 100 symptoms that I had, that I know NOW to be linked in some way to eating Gluten.
    14 years ago, I found an MD/Naturopath who just LOOKED at me and knew. Once I stopped eating gluten, ALL THE THINGS THAT WERE WRONG WITH ME WENT AWAY.
    I am now able to think clearly, deal with life, digest my food normally, and on and on and on…
    In the last 3 years eating has become an easier and a much more tolerable event, to the point where I don’t have panic attacks about food any more. I can’t even remember the last time I had one.
    I can eat without worry now.
    I don’t regret the 30+ years I was sick and fought for the fact that I knew it had something to do with food and that I needed to find the cause not just cure the symptoms.
    I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all that but there are a few people I would love to show that it WAS food that was making me crazy and sick, and I wasn’t just a lazy stupid person.

  28. I forgot to mention. I’m 5’9″ now. I’ve always been 5’8.5″. I think what with my back now being un-kinked now (no more lower back pain), I must have just straightened out a little. Funny eh?

  29. In only 6 months, no more:
    Joint pain (knees)
    Eye pain, redness and swelling/presure/migranes
    Lower back pain
    Gurd/gas/bloating/diarea/acic reflux disease
    Skin rash (dermatitis herpetiformous)
    rosaecia/ocular rosacea
    Low energy
    Low libedo
    Swollen glands
    Bleeding gums w/ swelling
    Brain fog
    All gone. It’s rediculous. It’s a miracle. Thank you. Keep up the good work

  30. Going gluten free has changed my life in the following ways:
    Pain from fibromyalgia is gone.
    Pain from ankylosing spondylitis significantly reduced to where I require no pain medication.
    Bloated, gassy stomach is now quiet and rarely gassy.
    The adult acne I have battled is now just about gone.
    Swelling in my feet and legs has been reduced, almost gone now!
    Depression and clouded thinking is gone.
    i have much more energy and actually want to do things.
    I see life in a positive way instead of feeling like pain and depression were as good as it gets! It’s been utterly life changing and I will never go back again!

  31. I have had 2 family members need to go gluten free this past year and I would look forward to learning more and sharing with our family members to learn more about living gluten free and how we can help.

  32. Going grain free saved my life! I am so glad I came across your great site and I am so grateful that you are putting this info out there! I have sent so many people to your site to learn and understand all that I have learned and come to comprehend from the wisdom of your site! I have healed so much I can’t believe how good I feel! I spent most of my life in unbearable pain, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and a million other health problems! I never knew healthy! I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life! Food can harm and food can heal! Thank you so much for the gift of health! It really does make life worth living! 🙂

  33. I no longer experience symptoms of asthma, fatigue, sinus infections or muscle pain. I am able to play with my kids and run marathons. My life is turned around and I am happy.

  34. It has been 5 years since I have knowingly digested gluten. What a change! After not being able to get pregnant for 4 years. I became pregnant 3 months after I stopped eating gluten. Not a single fertility doctor thought to check me for Celiac. I didn’t even know what it was when my doctor told me.

  35. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways:
    My thyroid function is improving,
    My aches and pains are lessening,
    My Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis & Fibromyalgia are imrpoving,
    My sleep is improving,
    My memory is improving,
    My disposition is improving,
    I have more energy,
    and all of my intestinal issues are slowly resolving!!!! I really don’t know why people cannot see the harm that gluten causes. It really is like getting small doeses of poision everytime we have it. I just wish everyone know how truly harmful it is for us all.

  36. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways…
    I no longer sit in the restroom for hours at a time several times a week.
    I no longer have agonizing stomach cramps on a regular basis.
    I no longer graze on the gluteny carbs that were my favorite snack vice.
    I no longer weigh almost 250lbs; have lost 50lbs since June just by not eating gluten anymore.

  37. Going gluten free is a constant struggle for me as i am the “glutton” in my family! lol how ironic. but i am a completely different and much more alive person when i stay away from it. discovering life without gluten is the best gift i could have ever recieved or even given everyone else in my life.

  38. Who would have guessed autoimmune disorders and gluten are connected….so glad we found this out for my daughter…..thanks

  39. Removing all grains from my 3yr old diet has changed her so much. She doesnt get car sick anymore or she doesnt say her belly hurts! Just about every symptom that she had disappeared

  40. I work at Whole Foods Market and went on a gluten free diet a year ago in order to help all of Celiacs who were coming in from a nearby hospital. I wanted to be able to feel what they were feeling by not having the food choices that the rest of us had. My doctor had told me years prior that I had a gluten alerrgy along with eggs and dairy. I had suffered from stomach discomfort when I ate certain foods, but I think I had gotten so accustomed to the pain it was “normal” for me. For three weeks after the start of what was supposed to be a rotation diet I was in excriciating pain when I was hungry which was relived by eating. Rice quickly became my favorite food as did steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. After the three weeks the pain subsided and I noticed my blotchy skin was clearing up and best of all my stomach aches had disappered. I had to relearn how to eat. I obviously didnt know what it felt like to be full without the bloating and dull aches.

    I now have tons of energy, I look five years younger, I have no pains anywhere and best of all I help hundreds of people every week manage (and enjoy) their gluten free diets.

  41. Having to be a “Gluten Free” household for the last year has been hard! Reading labels, finding new foods, reading labels, buying new cookbooks, sticker shock at the grocery store check out for all the GF products, and reading labels!!!! Sure would love to have some new – good tasting – recipes. Just leaving out the old flour does not work! Thanks so much for all your help! Annie

  42. Going gluten free has improved my health in the following ways:
    I am no longer scared that I’m dying! I know what I have to do. Do not eat gluten!
    I no longer wake up in the middle of night was stomach cramps and visits to the bathroom.
    My bread no longer sticks to my teeth! (Gluten free breads have a “clean” feeling)
    I’m back to having a stomach of steel for all foods and spices (as long as there is no gluten).

  43. I am better on the gluten free diet. I can honestly say I can really use more help
    I do not digest proteins for days. I have a horrible rash that I just had biopsies on. Vitamin d and iga deficiency. Osteoporosis, Lupus. Have done everything possible and still don’t feel worth a —p.

  44. I hope I win a free one cause money is tight. I have now decided to go ALL GRAIN FREE and hope to end my suffering. I am only 52 and I have been tested with the antibodies and genes for glueten and casein. I have been vegan and can’t go back to meet so veggies and fruit will have to do. Still VERY confused about beans and nuts and seeds.
    I have already had cancer in 08, MCS to the point I can no longer travel on planes or go in hotels, hashimotos, osteoprosis and LYME Disease.
    So now you can see how I need a free start and then I hope to be about to become a member. i wish there wasn’t an upfront fee and just a small monthly one. thanks and blessings,I am doing my best. PAMI

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