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Will A Cleanse Help Accelerate Healing on a Gluten Free Diet?

Performing a Gluten Free Detox Cleanse…

The question of cleansing comes up on a regular basis. Should you cleanse? How often? Is it helpful? Often times when going gluten free many people like to start this process with a detox or cleanse. The question I commonly get asked is – Should I perform a detoxifying cleanse, and if so, what cleanse do you recommend? Before I get into the answers, I highly recommend watching the following clip so that you have a fundamental understanding of the topic…

The Toxicity Bucket…

Most people are over exposed to a multitude of environmental toxins. These environmental dangers can be classified as following:

  • Medications – over the counter and prescription drugs used chronically can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, burden the liver or kidneys, and lead to an overall burden on the body. Many recommended vaccines contain chemicals or other compounds that people have common allergic reactions to.
  • Toxic Food – gluten, sugar, dairy, and processed foods are common examples. However; many foods are sprayed with insecticides, pesticides, and other chemicals that burden the body’s detoxification systems. Additionally, a number of foods have been genetically manipulated. The long term safety of these foods is questionable.
  • Chemicals in the home – common household cleaners, chemicals in carpet, paint, and furniture can burden the body. Additionally, hidden molds from water damage or leaky pipes can wreak havoc and contribute to a multitude of chemical sensitivity symptoms.
  • Heavy metals – mercury and lead are two common toxic metals that we get exposure to. These can store in the body and produce a long term health burden. Sources of Mercury include – dental amalgams, fish, and vaccinations. Sources of lead exposure include – living in industrialized areas, exposure to older homes with lead based paints, and water.
  • Emotional assault – Typically this toxic burden comes from other people. Being is abusive relationships, having a bad boss, hating your job, being surrounded by negative people can all play a tole on your body and your health.

A healthy body and a healthy immune system are typically strong enough to deal with these environmental problems. The health issues arise when the body reaches a point of maximum load. “The toxic bucket – see below – starts to overflow and the body loses the ability to deal with this toxic burden. At this point, symptoms of disease begin to manifest.

How Do You Minimize Toxic Load?

There are a number of common since solutions to help reduce your body’s overall burden:
  1. Eat real food – organic, non genetically modified, non-processed food should be the staple in your diet. If you are having trouble with your local grocer supplying good quality items, go here <<<
  2. Filter your water – recent studies show that the water supply of major cities across the U.S. is contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, and other industrial based chemicals.
  3. Filter your air – indoor air is at twice as polluted as outside. Homes today contain a number of chemicals that release vapors into your breathing air. You can find an inexpensive but effective solution here <<<
  4. Exercise – sweating removes toxins. Building muscle makes your body’s immune system stronger and more efficient. This is one area that most people tend to place the least importance on. I cannot emphasize it enough – EXERCISE is critical for proper detox. If you have compliance issues and lack of time, I recommend this home based system to get you started <<<
  Always looking out for you, Dr. O – AKA – the Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. I may have been the first to leave a message. I want to be the last. This article is so right on, Amen! I love the way you put things together here, almost perfect! Thank you! I have celiac. I am doing a cleanse right now. Liver cleanse and a metal detox. My name is DAREK B. I am 45, was diagnosed at 40 yrs. with MS. Eat real food and see results. Without real food you will die. Supplement will not save any lives. If you are sick, then save your life. It should be your will. 586-201-9444

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