Ultra Protein Blueberry JelloPower packed chilled gluten free dessert. Packed with BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) to help replenish your body’s amino acids after a good workout. Great for a summer day, or a quick treat. Perfect to bring to a party, or enjoy at home with lunch or dinner.


1 scoop Ultra protein

½ c almond milk

2 gelatin packets

1 ½ c boiling water

½ c blueberries

Preparation Instructions:

Mix milk and gelatin and let sit for a minute. Pour in boiling water and protein powder. When mixture has cooled add blueberries. Pour into a casserole dish and chill for 3 hours until hardened. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Ultra Protein Blueberry Jell-O (Gluten Free!)

  1. says:

    Who sells gelatin that is safe? I don’t want it from an animal that’s been fed grains. I found Great Lakes unflavored gelatin but wasn’t sure so I called them and they said the cows were always fed grass but when they sold them during shipping they were fed grains, will that be enough to contain grains in the gelatin?

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