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The Gluten Hydra, Hormones, & The Medical Trap

Author of Glutenology, Dr. Peter Osborne, breaks down hormone imbalances caused by gluten intolerance, the medical trap that you don’t want to be stuck in, and why… >>watch the rest of the video here <<

The Problem With the Medical Paridigm –

Unfortunately, many doctors specializing in hormone treatment do not consider gluten sensitivity when making a diagnosis. The common mentality is: “You have _____ disease (fill in the blank with your choice below). We don’t know what causes it, but the solution is this prescription.”

Gluten Disrupts Hormones

Gluten is a known hormone disruptor. Grain seeds are sprayed with hormone to enhance growth. These hormones interfere with your hormones. The pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide chemicals that grains are sprayed with are also hormone disruptors. This is not rocket science. One only has to investigate the origin of his/her food to discover these facts. The big question is why doesn’t your doctor know this? Why does he/she constantly ignore food quality, allergens, and intolerances as a part of a standard medical work up? The answer – Nutrition is not taught in medical school, and your doctor does not want to look foolish.

Help Create a Solution –

If you have a doctor who took the time to investigate the role that food plays in your health, leave a comment below. Share…Together we can help more achieve a higher state of health. If you are a doctor and want to learn more, contact us at Or sign up for our >>certification program<<. This 10 hour online course will help give you the information you need to start impacting the health of your patients without relying on artificial chemical manipulation.

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