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So You’re Gluten Sensitive… Now What?

Congratulations. Based on your test results you may be Gluten Sensitive. But what does that actually mean? And what are you supposed to do from here? You may have a ton of questions and that’s why I created this quick resource for you to wrap your mind around it all. So let’s dive right in. […]

Why does my lab test for gluten come back negative?

Lab tests for gluten sensitivity often come back falsely negative.  Many people go gluten free despite the lab results and end up feeling better.  The following video explains why this can happen… Traditional diagnostic testing has focused on blood antibody tests and or intestinal biopsies. Unfortunately traditional tests for gluten sensitivity are often incorrect! Why? […]

What is Gluten Sensitivity? An Easy Explanation To Avoid All the Confusion…

What is the Difference Between Gluten Sensitivity, Intolerance, and Celiac Disease? The difference is very big and it may just surprise you.  Watch the video below to learn more on this, and to learn more about a TRUE gluten free diets Vs. Traditional gluten free diets… Celiac Disease is not the same thing as Gluten […]

Dr. Peter Osborne and Dr. O’Bryan Discuss Gluten, Migraine Headaches, & Nerve Damage

Dr. Peter Osborne and Dr. Tom O’Bryan discuss gluten sensitivity and its impact on the body.  Migraine headaches, brain and nerve damage, osteoporosis, as well as traditional lab testing flaws are discussed in part 1 of this special interview presented by Gluten Free Society… We want to know what you think.  Did you have negative […]

Patients with Celiac Disease React to Multiple Gluten Proteins

Researchers have identified additional gluten proteins responsible for generating immune damage in patients with celiac disease.  These studies help shed more light on the mechanisms behind gluten sensitivity.  Additionally, this new information helps dispel the myth that only alpha gliadin (a specific type of gluten subfraction) is responsible for the immune reaction that contributes to […]

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