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How To Beat Pain And Inflammation Naturally

pain and inflammation

It’s no secret that millions of people around the world suffer from chronic pain and inflammation. They often run to their doctor for treatment and medicine trying to alleviate the problem rather than fixing it. What most are missing, however, is the knowledge to identify the source of the pain and inflammation and the tools […]

Is the Inflammation Caused by Gluten, Grain, or Both?

Grain Free Diet to avoid these toxins

Grainflammation For many, gluten can cause a host of health issues including, leaky gut, chronic inflammation, changes in the healthy bacteria of the GI tract, and autoimmune disease. However; gluten is really only one of many problems with consuming a grain based diet. There are many other chemicals in grain that can contribute to poor […]

Is Carrageenan A Safe Food Additive for Gluten Free Foods?

Carrageenan With more and more products being produced for the health food (including the gluten free) market, we see the novel use of more and more food additives. Many of these additives are used to add texture, thicken, or change the mouth feel of foods so that they can better mimic their gluten containing counter […]

New Mechanism Found in Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten Affects People in Many Ways To date, scientists have elucidated a number of ways that gluten can cause damage to both celiacs and non celiac gluten sensitive individuals. Unfortunately, when trying to identify gluten as a progenitor to disease, doctors typically only look to diagnose celiac disease. As celiac disease is an autoimmune reaction […]

Autoimmune Heart Inflammation – Does Gluten Play a Role

Acute pericarditis (inflammation of the sack surrounding the heart) can be caused by virus or bacterial infection, but 85% of the cases have an unknown etiology (cause). The common presence of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the fluid around the heart and antinuclear antibodies (ANA – a blood marker commonly used to help diagnose lupus) in the […]

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