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Can Gluten Affect Your Hormones?

gluten and hormones

How Gluten Affects Your Hormones Hormones are chemicals produced by various glands throughout your body and released to regulate specific functions. For example, your thyroid hormone helps regulate your metabolism. Estrogen, a sex hormone, helps regulate menstruation in women. And cortisol, a stress hormone, helps regulate blood pressure. Thus, hormones play many vital roles, which […]

Is Cholesterol Bad For You?

The battle against cholesterol has been largely fruitless… And even more disturbing are the side effects linked to cholesterol lowering medicines. I have personally seen people develop nerve damage, muscle damage, autoimmune problems, and dementia because of these medicines. Mainstream medicine has been aggressively lowering cholesterol for more than 40 years, yet heart disease continues […]

Gluten & Hormone Imbalance

Gluten is a Hormone Disruptor You here it, read it, and see it everyday. Commercials and ads for hormone therapy. For women it’s fix your thyroid, lose weight, stop your hot flashes, regulate your cycle, and control your acne. For men the message is increase your sex drive, muscle gains, energy, and improve your testosterone. […]