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Is Dairy Safe on a Gluten Free Diet?

is dairy safe on a gluten free diet

Is Dairy Safe on a Gluten Free Diet? Many people cut gluten out of their diet, yet decide to keep consuming dairy products. Is this good, bad or indifferent? Is dairy safe on a gluten free diet? This is one of the biggest questions we get! I wanted to talk about how cutting out gluten […]

The Dangers of Eating Rice on a Gluten Free Diet

is the rice gluten free

High Levels of Arsenic Found in Rice Threatens Those Following a Traditional Gluten-Free Diet Plan Arsenic exposure and subsequent toxicity is a health problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Exposure to arsenic comes from several sources to include – well water (arsenic occurs naturally in some geological formations), contamination from mining and ore smelting, and […]

No Grain No Pain Officially on Amazon

Get Your Copy of No Grain No Pain Amazon has officially started taking orders for my new book, No Grain No Pain, A 30 – Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain. Here are the top 8 reasons you need to grab your copy now: Your doctor probably never discussed with you […]

Are Oats Safe to Eat on a Gluten Free Diet?

are oats gluten free

Are Oats Safe to Eat on a Gluten Free Diet? Oats are commonly recommended for those going on a gluten free diet as a safe substitute food. The classic or traditional definition of gluten includes only wheat, barley, rye (sometimes oats, sometimes not). So the big question is – Are Oats Safe to Eat on […]

Guidelines for Avoiding Gluten (Unsafe Ingredients for Gluten Sensitivity)

what foods contain gluten? Answering the question, “what foods contain gluten” isn’t as simple as a black and white answer. The following is a comprehensive list of foods that contain gluten. The list is broken up into two major segments – Foods that absolutely contain gluten, and foods/food ingredients that may contain gluten. This list […]

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