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  1. Dr. Osborne,
    I am wondering about making wheat bread with Natural Yeast (like sour dough). I was given a cookbook that teaches how to do sour dough starter and then to mix the dough and let it set over night and it is supposed to inactivate phytic acid which supposedly the element in wheat that causes nutritional deficiencies. It also alleviates acid reflux caused from wheat by changing the structure of the proteins as well as creates natural probiotics so every time it is ingested you would be getting natural probiotics. The rationale behind using natural yeast and allowing the dough to soak and begin a fermentation process is that this is the way mankind traditionally has handled making wheat bread and it was not until commercial yeast was introduced that people started having such problems digesting and assimilating wheat. It actually makes sense. It is hard to imagine that wheat is no longer “the staff of life.” It would be amazing if we could get back to using it with proper preparation and getting non-GMO wheat as well. Have you investigated this to any extent? It is a hard thing to imagine a life deprived of all grains. I have gone gluten free for two years now and I do feel deprived, not only of eating wheat but being able to cook with grains. The gluten-free offerings seem so devoid of great nutrition. I feel like our diets are not complete, especially with the B vitamins, iron and others that are found in wheat. It is so hard to be content with such a strict diet! In many ways I do think I feel better, but in other ways I don’t. I think there has to be a way to heal the gut sufficiently to be able to eat properly prepared grains. What is your take on this?

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