Dr. Osborne discusses more on the impact of gluten intolerance on the health of children

How Does Gluten Damage Your Children?

There are a variety of ways that gluten can harm your child’s health. Some early warning signs or problems that gluten may be contributing to disease include, colic, chronic diarrhea, eczema, asthma, growing pains, stomach pain, headaches, chronic sinus infections, and chronic ear infections.

3 thoughts on “Part 2 – How Gluten Affects Children

  1. MomLadyOR says:

    I so wish I would have known this 10 yrs ago when my newborn was failing to thrive, I was “forced” to stop breastfeeding because he couldn’t tolerate my milk and processed crap would be so much better for him, he ended up being on Zantac for over a year, barely in the 5th% for height and below 0 for weight. Still at 10 3/4 he is barely in the 15th% for weight and finally 25% for height, but after going GF he’s grown 2 inches in 2+ months! He’s also gone from 7% body fat to 15% (according to a home scale) and, he hasn’t had a bloody nose since going GF!! Thank you so much for all of your continuing wondering information. Just wish I would have known before having kids. But, at least I can change now!! 🙂

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