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Should Your Household Pet Be on a Gluten Free Diet?

Many people are going to a gluten free diet and finding improvements in health. What about our pets? Cats and Dogs are carnivores, yet most bagged and canned foods contain wheat, corn gluten, soy, and unhealthy byproducts. Chronic degenerative diseases in pets is on the rise. Maybe it is time to start looking at our pet food an little closer. Dr. Osborne interviews Dr. Symes (Dogtor J) on gluten, the GARD diet, pets, and people…Part 1 of 9

Have you had experience with taking a pet gluten free?

If you have had a positive experience taking one of you furry friends gluten free, let us know below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the interview below.

Watch Part 2 Here…

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5 Responses

  1. My dog’s allergies did not improve until we put her on a grain free diet, if she eats food with grain her congestion and skin problems come back..

  2. My daughter has had stomach issues her whole life (13 years) and she has been 100% gf (not grain free) for 2 years. We put her back on gluten for 2 weeks and she had a stool test, blood test and a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The results did not show celiac but they did show GERD and gastritis. The GI doc wants me to put her on prilosec for a month and I don’t feel comfortable doing so. My daughter admitted to me she’s always had GERD, she just didn’t know what it was, she thought it was normal. I’ve decided to put us all on the paleo diet (or true GF) at least to see how she does. She was much better on the regular GF diet but she still had the GERD and some stomach issues, though not as severe as before. I’m hoping this diet helps her but I’m wondering if I should do the celiac genetic testing….??

    1. Sarah,
      The testing gives positive confirmation one way or the other without the flaws of traditional blood testing. I recommend testing to eliminate any gray areas in the thought process that people have – i.e. 100% gluten free vs. 85% gluten free.

  3. my pets don’t have any diet… I gave them dog foods… I haven’t tried using this gluten free diet.. where can we buy this food?? Thank you for sharing your post… I really don’t have any idea…

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