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Should Your Household Pet Be on a Gluten Free Diet?

Many people are going to a gluten free diet and finding improvements in health. What about our pets? Cats and Dogs are carnivores, yet most bagged and canned foods contain wheat, corn gluten, soy, and unhealthy byproducts. Chronic degenerative diseases in pets is on the rise. Maybe it is time to start looking at our pet food an little closer. Dr. Osborne interviews Dr. Symes (Dogtor J) on gluten, the GARD diet, pets, and people…Part 1 of 9

Have you had experience with taking a pet gluten free?

If you have had a positive experience taking one of you furry friends gluten free, let us know below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the interview below.

Watch Part 2 Here…

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