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Mandatory Vaccines and Contact Tracers

mandatory vaccines

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have predicted the state our country would be in just a few short months. When the pandemic began, we were told to stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve” so as to not overwhelm hospitals. Flattening the curve turned into “stop the spread” and eventually into we can’t return to normal until there is a “cure.” With a constantly changing rhetoric, it’s hard to know what to believe. And now, with contact tracing and mandatory vaccines being reported as a necessity, it’s time to really take a step back and consider whether these are truly the answers.

mandatory vaccines

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

From the start of the Coronavirus, fear and panic was an issue. Early models predicted that millions of individuals would die if steps weren’t taken to slow the spread of this disease. Now, it has been revealed that these models were heavily flawed and death rates aren’t nearly as dramatic as anticipated.

In Italy, a country thought to be devastated by COVID, it has been determined that death rates from this virus weren’t as high as originally believed. Even the CDC is reporting that the death rate in the US is about .1% as opposed to the 4-5% originally predicted. Instead, our country is now devastated by a spiraling economy, businesses closing, and a depression that could cause massive strife and suicides.

Further Evidence

Even if you feel skeptical about these numbers, it’s important to look at further evidence this “pandemic” isn’t as bad as initially reported. The ventilators that everyone was so concerned about getting weren’t used and are now being shipped to other countries. The ship sent to New York to alleviate the stress on hospitals has already returned to its home-base as it had no use either.

While the entire country chose to shut down, 50% of counties nationwide didn’t have a single case of Coronavirus, but still forced employees to be furloughed. The predictions of these models and some government and medical officials were horribly inaccurate, leaving our country in a state of catastrophe.

Overreaching Government Authority

Another devastating outcome of this “pandemic” is the emergence of an overreaching government authority. We now have states like California saying they will imprison individuals for breaking lock-down orders. Governors are given more authority in this emergency state, but the problem is that there is no real emergency.

Many governors are making decisions based on recent studies that have been rushed to publication without peer revision and are chock-full of pseudoscience. Everything they have been recommending is actually quite detrimental to health. Wearing a mask requires breathing in carbon dioxide, lathering up in chemicals to kill germs hurts the individual and the environment, and isolation can create depression and ultimately a poor mental state.

Contact Tracing

As if these requirements weren’t enough, the government is now wanting to implement contact tracing. Contact tracing is essentially keeping track of where you are or have been in the event you get infected, those who have been in contact with you can be notified and quarantined. While it can have some benefits, this program should have been implemented at the beginning of the pandemic, not toward the end; furthermore, it is an infringement on your basic right to privacy.

Though you may think you are protected from anything like this, new updates on some phones are actually downloading a contact tracing device designed to track and implement data. This is just one step closer to further draconian-like measures and an effort to take power from the people. Another measure already being discussed is distance voting, which can make results flawed or easily manipulated.

The Problem with Mandatory Vaccines

mandatory vaccines

Another area of potential government overreach is in the form of vaccinations and whether they will be required or not. Unfortunately, the government has a poor track record when it comes to vaccine safety and many of them carry massive side effects. Furthermore, a vaccine does not mean a cure. Take the influenza vaccine for example – just because a person gets it does not make them immune from the flu virus.

Injecting a person with COVID (as a mandatory vaccine) could actually contribute to the spread of this disease as seen with other vaccines of this type. A chemical is injected into a person is not better than their own immune system boosted by healthy habits like eating well, sleeping well, mitigating stress, and getting adequate sunshine. Vaccines haven’t solved the influenza virus and they likely won’t solve COVID-19.

Could This Mean War?

It’s no surprise that many people have strong feelings about going back to work, contact tracing, mandatory vaccines, and even masks. The country is severely divided on these issues right now and many are feeling backed into a corner by their local governments. Furthermore, the media has taken a significant role in promoting fear and even lies, inciting further mania.

When this happens, it’s only natural for people to respond, and while it hopefully won’t come to this, violence could occur. Civil rights are severely at risk and we have a responsibility to vote for those who will protect our liberty. Even though many have died from this virus, the number of illnesses and deaths does not warrant shutting down the whole country and destroying the economy.

Let Your Voice be Heard

Now is not the time to be following government officials blindly. They have never proven themselves to care more for your well-being more than their own and ultimately they don’t know what is best. It’s time to stop yelling at each other and start paying attention to how politicians are:

  • Implementing draconian measures
  • Controlling lockdown
  • Restricting freedom and mobility
  • Attempting to hide items in the stimulus bill for self-gain
  • Printing money and devaluing our currency
  • Attempting to pay lobbyists and illegal aliens from the taxpayers’ money’
  • And, ultimately using this catastrophe to their advantage

It’s important to remember that the power of the government is given by the people and not the other way around. We have the weighty responsibility to let our voices be heard, to speak up, call or write our officials, protest, if necessary, and to vote for those who are going to uphold our constitutional rights. If we don’t pay attention and act now, not only will these conditions continue, but our country will look very different for our children and grandchildren.

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