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Dr. O – It Doesn’t Add Up


During the coronavirus pandemic, our country has seen events take place that seems to be made for the movies. Governments have filled parks with sand to keep children from playing, fathers have been arrested for interacting with their children outdoors, and churchgoers have been threatened with the same if they set foot inside their place of worship. While some action seemed necessary to combat this novel virus, it seems as if our government and some medical professionals have taken things too far, leaving many wondering about what is really going on.


COVID-19 Pandemic Propaganda

As the COVID-19 pandemic and the events surrounding it continue, it’s starting to look more and more like propaganda. First, this virus has never actually acted like a true virus and has never honored Koch’s Postulates, which are the laws that identify whether a microorganism is actually an infectious disease. With COVID-19, the virus itself has never been identified, just a fragment of it; however, tests were created for it, many of which have up to an 80% false-positive rate.

In fact, some of the first batches of tests that were sent out were actually contaminated with the virus itself and hundreds of tests were recalled. Not only do false positives inflate numbers, but they also create fear, panic, and ultimately bad decisions. It has also been discovered that Italy, which seemed to be devastated by coronavirus reported death rates that were 88% too high, which led to the extreme decision to shelter in place world-wide.

Sheltering in Place

When sheltering in place first began it was explained as a means to “flatten the curve,” not actually stop the spread. This meant that in order for hospitals not to be overrun with sick patients leading to life or death decisions, people should stay home and avoid contact with others to slow down the spread of the virus. As businesses shut down and people stopped going to work, the curve has been flattened; however, the government has not let up on these measures.

Now, instead of livelihoods being ruined by disease, livelihoods are being affected financially. Bankruptcies are being filed on a massive scale from individuals as well as businesses that have been around for decades. Yet, governors continue to enforce these draconian-like orders, threatening to arrest individuals who do not comply.

The Pandemic Myth of the Mask

At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was told to not wear masks in an effort to save them for medical professionals. Then, like the flip of a switch, they were being encouraged everywhere, with some states requiring them. For those who couldn’t purchase them, home-made masks were created and some even sold or donated.

However, despite the encouragement to wear them, it’s important to note that these masks are virtually useless. The virus is hundreds of times smaller than the smallest fibers making up the masks and most individuals are unaware of how to wear them properly or may use them for too long, wearing out their effectiveness. It’s also vital to point out that while being encouraged to wear masks and social distance, most government officials are not wearing masks or gloves and continue to be surrounded by others.

Hospitals are Incentivized

Another issue raising concern surrounding this whole pandemic is the fact that hospitals are essentially being incentivized to falsely report COVID pandemic cases and deaths. While most hospitals receive money for certain viruses, like the flu ($6,000), with coronavirus, they are getting more than double that amount ($13,000). And, if forced to use the respirator on a patient, they could receive up to $39,000.

Many doctors and nurses have started reporting that they have been coerced into reporting a higher number of COVID cases just so the hospital will receive additional funds. Even families of loved ones who have passed away have said that death certificates are being written with the cause of death as the virus, when in fact it was something else. These false reports are incorrectly elevating the number of cases and deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to undue stress and panic on the entire country.

The Pandemic Myth of Social Distancing


Another area of concern surrounding the chaos of this virus is the concept of social distancing. While wanting to prevent the spread is a valid concern, there are no studies that actually show that distancing prevents the spread of a viral vector of disease. If anything, staying at home and indoors all the time can have a negative nutritional impact.

Being in the home for extended periods of time can:

  • Reduce vitamin D which is a major substance that prevents inflammatory respiratory disease
  • Increase isolation and stress which can cause nutritional loss and deficiencies in Vitamin C and magnesium
  • Overall deteriorate the capacity of an individual to be healthy

The Role of the Media

Another important issue to broach is the fact that the media has promoted and even encouraged fear during this time. Not only have they been caught showing footage of overrun hospitals in Italy and labeled them as New York, but they repeatedly reported on a young boy that died from COVID-19 changing his name every time to give the impression multiple children had died. Not only has this caused fear, panic, and stress, but it has encouraged emotional, rather than critical thinking.

It’s Time to Ask Questions

When individuals start to question situations and why they are happening, they are often labeled as “conspiracy theorists.” The reality is, however, that thinking critically and analyzing a situation is not a conspiracy, but a necessity, especially in this day and age. Right now, individuals need to be asking questions and demanding answers from politicians who are inhibiting our freedoms to practice religion, convene with others, and even make a living.

Governors and mayors have no ability to make laws and should be held accountable for forcing people to shelter in place and destroying our economy. If we don’t take a stand now and start asking questions, it’s hard to say how much power and control government officials will try to harness. Doing nothing now may mean a totally different way of life for our children and grandchildren.

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