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Healing Goes Deeper Than Just a Gluten Free Diet

The Healing Power of Movement

We have been focusing on the impact of gluten on muscle and the impact of muscle on restoring health, so if you missed my last post, you can catch up here. Without exercise, the body will not fully heal. Muscle movement, conditioning, and strengthening is a requirement to restore health. You don’t have to work out for hours and hours to achieve good results either. However; you do have to implement functional body weight exercises to build adequate muscle. Push ups, pull ups, squats, sit ups, and lunges are 5 fundamental and basic movements. The excuses I hear over and over again in my practice from patients?
  • I am not strong enough
  • I can’t exercise because I hurt
  • I don’t have enough time
The bottom line is simple. No matter how many excuses you have, not exercising will lead to a lack of healing. That being said, it is probably not your fault if you have been unsuccessful. So much misinformation about exercise permeates our TV’s, radio, gyms, magazines, etc. That is why I am setting the record straight for you. I am 40, and typically exercise between 10 and 20 minutes per day using primarily body weight exercises as my gym. This information is so important, that I will spend the next several days helping you understand and recognize what you can and must do in order to restore good health. Body weight exercises are critical to achieving good health – In this video, I talk with world authority, Shawna Kaminski, about simple techniques to improve your ability to perform body weight exercises. Below the video, I have uploaded a special push up/pull up report for you to download. Not everyone is strong enough to start right into full blown push ups or pull ups. If you cannot do pull ups or push ups, >>>go here now for a free in depth report<<< on more simple exercises that you can start right away that will build your strength and allow you improve your muscle tone, lose weight, build your immune reserve, and restore your overall health. I

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