8 Physicians and a surgical procedure later, Sylvia found out that her diet could set her free. Chronic bladder pain, fatigue, headaches and stomach pain gone. All this in less than a month? Medical miracle or good advice?

These results are TYPICAL!  Please leave your feedback or comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Headache, fatigue, stomach pain, & bladder pain resolved with gluten free diet…

  1. KAH says:

    YES! It is true! And I am losing 1-2 pounds per week as well. If I eat gluten, even just a little I can suffer 2 days of painful stomach cramping and irritable colon symptoms.

    Once you learn what foods to stock up on, and you start to feel good, you’ll see it is not a difficult diet to follow at all. You learn to make substitutions!

    TIP FOR BAKING: saturated Flax Seed in water and add it to your recipes to make any gritty wheat alternative flour, rise moist and fluffy.

  2. Rachel says:

    I am a 28 year old female who was treated for a superficial bladder tumour last year in the UK. I believe i developed this tumour due to recurrent bladder infections that i had suffered in my teens and twenties.
    I also suffered with digestive problems, along with many other issues, prior to my diet change.
    I read about gluten intolerance & possible bladder irritation and decided to take an ELISA test which showed several strong food intolerances including Gluten.
    I tested negative on the Celiac disease blood test (pre dietary changes).
    I believe that Gluten was the root cause of most of my problems however I do not seem to react to oats.
    3 Months on my Digestive tract and bladder problems are now resolved. I noticed a difference within just a few weeks. It has been 9 Months sice my tumour was removed & so far there is no reoccurance.
    I urge anyone considering a diet change should do so carefully & with nutritional advice, so far it seems to be working for me.

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