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Gluten Sensitivity Increases the Risk for Asthma

A new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology finds a connection between asthma and celiac disease. This is just one more study that connects breathing disorders to food allergy. Most doctors focus on air born allergies when trying to treat asthma. It is nice to see researchers looking into food as a cause. Thank you Fox News for bringing this issue to light for thousands of viewers! All that being said, it would be nice if the TV doctors would get it right once in a while. Gluten Sensitivity is not a disease, it is a state of genetics. When gluten sensitivity goes unidentified it triggers disease (on average at about the age of 45). Many of the diseases triggered by gluten are autoimmune in nature. Autoimmune disease typically take years to manifest and diagnose (this is why the average person is diagnosed so late in life). Celiac disease is just one of the many manifestations of disease induced by gluten. IF you are still confused, watch this video…

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