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Gluten Sensitivity Caused Heart Attack Symptoms

It has been well established that gluten sensitivity can cause autoimmune heart disease. It has also been confirmed that gluten induced malabsorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can lead to different forms of heart disease such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, congestive heart failure (weakened heart muscle), and palpitations. The following video testimonial demonstrates how gluten exposure led to heart attack symptoms in this woman. She made several trips to the cardiologist and emergency room only to be told that she didn’t have a heart problem. Going gluten free resolved the symptoms completely… Do you know someone who can benefit from this article? Don’t be stingy – share it with them using the Facebook, twitter, etc buttons below! Thanks for helping me help others! In good health, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. This could be my story verbatim! But I heard about gluten sensitivity and decided to cut out gluten and my symptoms are lessening. However, I’m told that if you aren’t currently eating gluten, they can’t test you for Celiac, so I guess I’ll never know for sure. But I certainly am not going back just to test! I never want to feel that way again!

  2. I’ve come across this after having what I think was a mini heart attack late last night after eating some Ben and Jerrys vegan ice cream that contained wheat. I’ve recently cut out gluten and my symptoms such as chest and stomach pain, light headndedness and varying types of bowel movements such as constipation and runny stools have stopped. Then after eating the wheat last night my heart was at 160bpm, it’s usually 60 as I’m 17years old and generally healthy. I could barely breath last night, short of breath and my chest and stomach was extremely painful I also had heartburn and was feeling very very cold then hot then cold and could barely move. I felt like i was having a heart attack and although you might say im young and wouldn’t know what that feels like, I know my body! I’ve realised that eating gluten when you’re intolerant is very dangerous, i do NOT reccomend eating something containing it accidentally and opon realising carry on eating it (especially if cutting it out has relieved your symptoms meaning you’re intollerant). Because you may experience what I did last night and I can tell you I was terrified, up until now I thought it had happened because I had accidently taken both ibrupofen and half a naproxen but the “heart attack” symptoms were happening way before this and these two medications together don’t make you feel as though having a heart attack. If you think you have an intolerance don’t ignore your body trying to tell you! Listen to your body- symptoms after eating foods is your body saying it can’t handle the food, so don’t risk your health to eat something you like the taste of like a peanut butter and cookies ice cream x

    1. Hello Ella , I am a celiac and when I eat gluten I get the same symptoms. I also get heart palpitations when I use ibuprofen, don’t know if it’s because it may have gluten in it or something to do with the nsaids in ibuprofen.

  3. Hi there I couldn’t believe what I was reading felt as if it was someone else telling my story Iv been gluten-free about three days today and felt soo much better I was getting really bad chest pains all around chest dead arm pains under both armpits shortness of breath and soo tied couldn’t move so day 3 I feel fantastic then Accidentally ate a Saveloy sausage and as it’s all new to me I didn’t Realise that sausages contains gluten and I’m currently getting pains in chest already so I definitely do think it’s a gluten intolerance I have it started many years ago triggered when drinking jack Daniels or brandy I’ll for over a week so I gave up drinking completely but it’s got worse and worse the past year and since Christmas I’ve been Experiencing acid reflux and heartburn every single day and also chest pains.

  4. I’m 27 years old now but when I was 18, the chest pain I continusly had was ruining my life. It wasn’t slight it was extreme agony to the point I remember being stuck in the bathtub because I couldn’t move at all for the pain, I was out of breath and genuinely thought I was having a heart attack ( mother who has had multiple) I couldn’t raise my arms or move and I’ve never felt pain in my chest like it! Went to the hospital so many times only to be sent home, felt like I was going crazy! My heart rate was higher than normal but they still sent me home putting it down to “anxiety” I finally realised that it must be to do with what I’m consuming, because I started writing a diary of when it would happen. I remember a weekend break with an ex partner and we stopped for an all day breakfast, we came out of there and I could barely move, I wanted to scream with the pain I was in. I cut out gluten completely from my diet and all the chest pain vanished completely!
    I recently now 27 have been getting chest pain every few weeks and it occurred to me that it’s my toaster I share with my little boy, I have one side and he has the other but regardless I was getting cross contamination, recently got a two slice toaster just for me and its completely cleared up! The only time I have got chest pain over the years is from cross contamination or accidently consuming gluten in a small amount!

  5. I cannot eat any Wheat products. I get severe stomach pain and diarrhea. Also I get symptoms of having a heart attack. I’ve been in the hospital several times with symptoms of heart attack. Recently, my doctor wanted to do blood work for celiac disease. She said I would have to eat gluten products for 2 weeks. I told her I cannot do it I will suffer like a dog. So, she did genetic testing to see if I had the Celiac Gene. Afterwards I tested positive.

  6. This is explains so much regarding my recurring feeling of having some type of cardiac event. I’ve theorized about different food or drink sensitivities, but gluten seems to be the worst trigger. Interestingly, through the 23andMe health test, I found that I have one of the genes for celiac disease. So NOT celiac, but would seem to explain the sensitivity. Thank you, Dr. Osborne, for all you do to help people become aware of the problems caused by gluten.

  7. I am so glad I found this blog. I have been experiencing bad chest pains and I feel it’s related to gluten. At first, I thought it was my heart, I went for extensive tests and was told my heart is ok. I started keeping a food journal and following a gluten-free diet for a few months. I have noticed some improvement. I never had this when I was young so it is strange how I have developed this as an adult. (40s)

  8. Ive had two major heart attacks, teh 1st aged just 42 when very fit, hearlthy and active. I have also developed gluten intolerence which in hindsight was getting worse for a few years before the first HA.
    The symptoms of a bad gluten reaction are almost identicle to a heart attack except the pain is far milder.
    I actually believe my heart attacks were both triggered by tachicardia caused by a reaction. Because I ate the same thing prior to both and somethign which has later put me in hospital with suspected heart attack.
    So this *Should * be taken very seriously.
    In my case this all started from a tick bite and developing chronic lyme disease. Many other lyme patients develope gluten & heart problems.

  9. This could have been my story…. for months I suffer feelings of imminent heart attack, sometimes a muscle contract making it feel very realistic. I have been checked multiple times, ran all bloodtest only to hear my cholesterol is a bit too high, but not enough to cause damage. I worked my way to improve these with slow succes, it has only been 2 months between two bloodtests revealing this. Two weeks ago I also went to ER to have my heart checked way better, it was monitored (but then the skipped beats and flutters didnt happen ofc. My bloodpressure was elevated (143/90). I went home 12 hours later declared healthy but I was clearly not. Up to today I still feel miserable and my attention keeps focussing to my heart. I have been keeping reports of everything, and I realised that whenever I eat something with gluten (I have some low sugar whole grain cookies that make me feel good) within an hour my bloodpressure would peak to over 140 and one time even 180/120. Just for a few minutes. My daily average is always fine around 112/78 so doctors will not give medication (luckily). Today I went out to get a gluten test. It took me an hour to have the guts to make a hole in my skin big enough to get the blood. Im a chicken to ‘hurt’ myself. And then the test returned as ‘failed’. I still know nothing. But this youtube made me convince, it has to be the gluten all along that grounded me for 14 months already 🙁
    I put up my just bought wheat products for sale in our community, I ditch the gluten to see if I finally get rid of the palpitations and high blood pressure peaks. And I would cry happy tears if finaly there is an answer to why I feel so miserable.

  10. I had a liver transplant in Jan 2021, which failed then June the same year. The excess mucus in my stool was immediate from the first transplant. Followed by soy allergy 3 months later, then lactose and gluten intolerance (no test for celiac) until I started going to Emergency by ambulance for suspected heart attacks. I suffered daily with the usual tachycardia, ectopic beats, flutters chest and arm pain. I knew it was my heart because I’ve had arterial spasm angina since I was 15, now 60. I was seeing a cardiogist but it was me who decided to try going without gluten because it was the only likely thing left that my body might be reacting to. The relief was pretty much instant, zero heart issues after they had been a daily occurance, I actually thought I was dying and the transplant was a waste of time. I do wonder if the Tacrolimus anti-rejection med lowering my immune system is the culprit for my issues with food or the actual foreign livers themselves placed in my body? I can’t stop taking it anyway but food anxiety and soy/gluten free has destroyed my love of food. I came across this video when I googled after giving up gluten and it helped that I realised I wasn’t alone and it was real, so thank you.

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