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Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies – Who Wants Them?

Recently there has been a big push to get the Girl Scouts of America to offer a gluten free option for annual cookie buyers. This is another example in a long list of examples where demand leads to supply. 10 years ago, the gluten free diet was a term not well recognized or talked about. Today it is a household word. All that being said, I am baffled that people are demanding such unhealthy foods.

The Point of Going Gluten Free is Good Health

All around us we see companies creating FROOD (Franken Food). The chemically loaded, highly processed, genetically modified boxed and packaged Frood is designed to satisfy a market of gluten free eaters. The problem with this is that the point of going gluten free is to re-establish and maintain good health. So the question becomes – how do we achieve health eating pretend food? Gluten free does not necessarily mean healthy.

Supply & Demand

I am inundated on a weekly basis by advertisers looking to promote unhealthy gluten free food items. I personally do not promote the use of highly processed foods period. You (meaning those of you wanting good health) should do the same. When we as a group of gluten free warriors demand REAL food from the market place, it will be easier to find, easier to eat out, easier to stay healthy, easier in social situations, and the prices will drop.

Do you really want another gluten free cookie?

So now you have a choice to make. Do you want to demand that the market produces one more unhealthy highly processed food item so that you can have a false sense of security about eating, or should you instead be petitioning the Scouts organization to pick a different non-food based fund raiser? I would rather donate money toward a nutritional education fund that teaches these young ladies about proper eating. What say you?

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  1. Well said. Even if someone did make gluten free cookies the ingredients would probably look more like Udi’s. Which is garbage and of course GMO.

  2. Amen! Wish I had a button with a pre-recorded message explaining the marketing motivation behind the “Gluten-Free” isle in the grocery store. My answer to friends/family always, keep the shopping cart moving to the outer isles of the store. Inside isles (processed paradise) usually hurt MY insides.

    As for the Girl Scouts…I wish there was an easy solution. We are talking about a sugar & gulten addicted society + an event that many happily anticipate every year = stocked freezers full of these (now expensive) delights. I once was that person :p

    It really does not matter what the Girl Scouts decide to sell (food or non-food), who can say “No” to those cuties?!?!?!

  3. I’d LOVE a gluten free Thin Mint cookie! And while you’re at it, eliminate the palm oil too, Girl Scouts. 🙂

  4. Yes, It was frustrating the last two years I helped my nieces sell lots of Girl Scout cookies knowing I couldn’t have any and I used to be in GirlScouts when I was younger.

    It would be so nice to have GF GirlScout cookies, I think it would help the sales.

  5. Im sad that people say isnt the point of going gluten gree to be healthy? NO IT IS NOT ALWAYS! sometimes it is a neccessity due to a major illness, somthing that is harmed my little boys to the point of malnurishment. They for one deserve gluten free cookies, not to be allienated b/c others think why not leave GF injestors in a bubble. My children will get birthday cake at other kids’ bdays, they will have the closest thing i can make to a girlscout when the others in Girl Scouts class get them ( 4 my dauhter whom may or may not have celiacs, unkown till shes old enough) Also, please consider that every child needs a normal natural life. They will be abnormally health but NOT due to their disease, but due to my awsome parenting, and that fact alone. They ate healthy b4 celiacs and will after, but they will still have sweet treats when it is appropriate, not be left in the dust!

  6. I’m with Jo-Anne J; a GF Thin Mint would be awesome! Could use it for crusts, trifles, and just EATING! Yummy! I miss them!

  7. I for one spent months trying to replace the yummy food I used to be able to eat. I quickly figured out that I was wasting my money only because of packaging. While I am 100% Gluten Free and most of my food is natural fruits, veggies and meat, I do on occassion want something sweet and gooey. I miss the thin mints and I miss pasta’s. So having gluten free options when I want a treat is awesome. But I am the one who has to take responsibility for how much of it I eat. Don’t deny me just becasue some cannot maintain self control.

  8. I haven’t had a gluten free cookie since i made my own from Dr. O’s cookbook. I don’t have the energy to cook from scratch every day so yes i wish i had a cookie to snack on of any kind! Before i found out i was ill from gluten i ate cookies every day with milk and have gone through severe withdrawls from all grains for 2 mo.s now. Those udi’s make me sick and still have rice in them. I am also allergic to vanilla and cellulose, maltodextrin. So anything in a grocery store that was true gluten free would be a miracle! I really am having a hard time , but have been gluten free since April 2011.
    Thanks J.C. Lake Conroe, Tx.

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