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Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies – Who Wants Them?

Recently there has been a big push to get the Girl Scouts of America to offer a gluten free option for annual cookie buyers. This is another example in a long list of examples where demand leads to supply. 10 years ago, the gluten free diet was a term not well recognized or talked about. Today it is a household word. All that being said, I am baffled that people are demanding such unhealthy foods.

The Point of Going Gluten Free is Good Health

All around us we see companies creating FROOD (Franken Food). The chemically loaded, highly processed, genetically modified boxed and packaged Frood is designed to satisfy a market of gluten free eaters. The problem with this is that the point of going gluten free is to re-establish and maintain good health. So the question becomes – how do we achieve health eating pretend food? Gluten free does not necessarily mean healthy.

Supply & Demand

I am inundated on a weekly basis by advertisers looking to promote unhealthy gluten free food items. I personally do not promote the use of highly processed foods period. You (meaning those of you wanting good health) should do the same. When we as a group of gluten free warriors demand REAL food from the market place, it will be easier to find, easier to eat out, easier to stay healthy, easier in social situations, and the prices will drop.

Do you really want another gluten free cookie?

So now you have a choice to make. Do you want to demand that the market produces one more unhealthy highly processed food item so that you can have a false sense of security about eating, or should you instead be petitioning the Scouts organization to pick a different non-food based fund raiser? I would rather donate money toward a nutritional education fund that teaches these young ladies about proper eating. What say you?

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