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All you need to know about a Gluten Free Warrior in 13 minutes

Every Warrior in the fight against gluten has 7 things in common.

In this short video I discuss exactly what it takes to live a life free from gluten.

I can’t wait to help you on your amazing journey of health and vitality!

5 Responses

  1. This was the link for the 7 effective habits of gluten free warrior, but at the beginning of the video Dr Osborne refers to another video. Is there another video?

  2. Excellent presentation. I am on Day 3 of gluten free eating because of frequent episodes of A-fib. A friend, who is celiac, told me her A-fib is much better since she went gluten free. So I decided to try going gluten free. Day 2 I ate oatmeal did not feel well all day. Since going gluten free my bowels have gone from watery to normal! is excellent too. Thank you. Dr. O.

  3. Good Day, Dr O,
    My name is John Moore, I’m 77 & live in South Africa.
    In Aug 2022 I came down with Cronic Diarrhea which lasted until Jan 2023. I lost approx 14kgs in that period, I was not a big heavy person approx 58kgs. At the time I considered myself very fit for my age, doing 3x8k speed walks/week, cycling once a week and on the weekend hiking with a group of friends in the bush in the area where we live. The hike could be anything from 10k to 20k.
    All of the above came to an abrupt end from Aug 2022 to Jan 2023.
    In Aug I went for a Colonoscopy and gastroscopy, from the results of the procedure I was diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis. I was treated with antibiotics, and prednisone but the treatment had no effect on the Cronic Diarrhea.
    In Jan 2023 I was introduced to a Gluten Sensitivity/Coeliac & Nutrition Counselor. She recommended that I go onto a gluten-free diet that she gave me. Over the next month, I followed the diet keeping a record of what I ate & drank each day. There was a marked improvement in the bowel movement, started slowly gaining weight and feeling stronger. I am now walking again all be it a lot slower than before but improving slowly. I still follow a gluten-free diet. Even considering all of the above the stool is still watery and I still have stomach cramps but manageable.
    I presume that although the gluten-free way of eating has made a marked improvement in my day-to-day well-being but, because there is a physical problem with Lymphocytic Colitis I cannot expect to get much better than I am now.

    I’m new to your newsletters and find them very interesting.
    Regards John

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, John.
      I think you can improve a lot more with the right changes. I would encourage you to watch my Glutenology class for a deeper dive into the diet, pitfalls, mistakes, and misconceptions commonly promoted about the gluten free diet.
      It is free. You can sign up for it here –
      All the best,
      Dr. O

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