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Gluten Free Weight Loss? Here’s what you need to know.

Gluten is one of the root causes of inflammation.

And inflammation is one of the main reasons we carry excess weight.

When you understand the connection, it becomes easy to control and reduce the inflammation.

Which in turn helps remove weight when needed.

Have you gone gluten free to control your weight? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. After counting calories and exercising without the scale budging I gave up gluten as a last ditch effort. Amazed at the results! The weight is finally coming off!

  2. I have no thyroid gluten messes with me and dairy and I am always very puffy and bloated and I’ve been struggling a long time to lose weight I have never weighed this much in my life I’ve been like this for five years I am 57 years old

  3. I am 57 years old I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago I had my thyroid out 10 years ago I am nothing but a puffy balloon and I’m also going through menopause gluten tears up my stomach and dairy I have two granddaughters and a niece that have celiac‘s disease and my mother had cancer in the duodenum so we all think it’s from gluten

  4. I lost 15 lbs when I began to do gluten free, and that wasn’t my goal, but it feels good and my clothes look better! Still having some digestion issues and heart burn, so need to work on that.

  5. While going through the stress of grief and the loss of my husband I began to focus on my health. With the recommendation of a naturopathic doctor I removed gluten from my diet. Two years later I was blessed to marry again. During our first 3 years of marriage we traveled to meet and get to know each other’s families (children/spouses, grandchildren, siblings and his dad). This involved lots of questionable food, water, environments etc. etc. I gradually gained 20 pounds and have struggled with various other health effects (i.e. candida breakout all over my back, muscle weakness, difficulty controlling my emotions, sleep issues, etc). I have tried multiple programs for Hashimoto’s, candida, detox (one was a 26 day detox). In addition to being gluten free I also don’t eat sugar, conventional dairy or meat (only organic/grass fed) or drink coffee. I eat 99% organic, cook everything from scratch, drink RO water, use non toxic household products as well as personal care products, avoid exposure to any chemicals and chlorine in drinking, shower, hot tub water. I take an NDT thyroid medication and several different organic supplements. I cannot lose the weight. I’m 73 and would like to be at least 20 pounds lighter so I can feel better and enjoy the days/years I have left in this world with my new husband. We just bought e-bikes and I want to feel strong and energetic so we can enjoy riding/exercising together.

  6. Yes, have been gluten free for over 3 or 4 years still difficult to loose weight, though I do not have much to lose.

  7. Yes I just found out three weeks ago by trial and error that I am gluten sensitive. So you talked about Night Shade plants. So with all this information I am wondering if there is anything left that a person could consume.

  8. Dear Dr. Osborne,
    I have enjoyed watching your video. However, I am unable to find the link on your website to locate the map for GF practitioners. Can you please send me the or the map.
    Thank you, Sandy

    1. Currently we have removed this feature due to doctors not following GFS protocol. We are in the process of improving our practitioner training, and implementing monitoring to ensure that any practitioner recommended by GFS will not deviate from proper testing recommendations.
      All the best,
      Dr. O

  9. Autistic child 15 years ago leads me to increase in cortisol because of stress. I’m finally feeling the health stress of it by muscle loss and weight gain. Have been gluten-free since her being 3.

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