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Intussusception and Gluten – Is There a Connection?

Telescoping Intestines Intussusception is a condition that occurs when one part of the intestine telescopes over another part (imagine how the pieces of a sliding telescope collapse over each other).  The problem with this condition is that it can become life threatening.  Early warning signs of the condition can include: nausea Vomiting abdominal pain and […]

IBS Reversable on a Gluten Free Diet

IBS Resolves Following a Gluten Free Diet What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?  This term has been thrown around by GI doctors for many years as a catch all diagnosis for those with bowel dysfunction of unknown origin.  Typically, IBS patients don’t respond to increased fiber and respond poorly to medication.  In my experience most […]

IBS Linked to Gluten Sensitivity

The Mystery of IBS – Why Gluten Sensitivity Should Always Be Considered A recent article published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology discusses a new task force put together by the American College of Gastroenterology.  Their recommendation is that patients suffering with IBS should be screened for gluten sensitivity… Historically, it has been reported that […]

Tooth Decay and Gluten Sensitivity – Is There a Connection?

New Study Finds That Patients with Gluten Sensitivity Have Tooth Enamel Issues …antibodies against gliadin generated in patients with CD (celiac disease) can react in vitro with a major enamel protein. The involvement of anti-gliadin serum in the pathogenesis of enamel defects in children with untreated CD can be hypothesized on the basis of these […]

Leaky Gut Syndrome – Is Gluten at the Root?

Research Review Shows That Gluten Causes Leaky Gut  The primary functions of the gastrointestinal tract have traditionally been perceived to be limited to the digestion and absorption of nutrients and to electrolytes and water homeostasis. A more attentive analysis of the anatomic and functional arrangement of the gastrointestinal tract, however, suggests that another extremely important […]

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