Gluten and Spring Allergies – What’s The Connection?

Every Spring we have a plethora of outdoor and environmental allergens floating around. This time of year can be very challenging for those with seasonal allergies. You may be thinking of reaching for some over the counter remedies to reduce the sneezing, watery, teary, itchy eyes and the chronic sinus congestion. Remember that common medications designed to reduce the symptoms of outdoor allergies often contain many of the ingredients we are trying to avoid to maintain our health. Sugar, corn, gluten based starches, and toxic dyes are common fillers.

If you are looking for natural allergy relief, watch the video below. Dr. Osborne breaks down the connection between gluten and seasonal allergies. He also discusses natural tips you can implement to support your immune system and overcome allergy season.

Resources discussed in this video:

Natural immune support – Hist Assist

Air Filtration – Ultra Fine HEPA Air Filtration


5 thoughts on “Can Gluten Worsen Your Spring Allergies?

    • Sydney says:

      A lot of times vit C contains, or is derived from, corn. Have you tried Dr. Osborne’s vit C? It’s grain free.

  1. Bertha says:

    I suffer from seasonal allergies.
    I will like to find a good natural remedy
    With high amount of vitamin C . zinc . Echinacea Goldeseal. Quercetin. Bromelain. dr. Osborne, do you carry
    Something ? for my allergies. Help!

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