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Can Gluten Sensitivity Go Away?

How Do You Reverse Gluten Sensitivity…

The question comes up all the time. Can gluten sensitivity go away? In the video below, I break down this very important topic.  

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    1. If you watch the video on YouTube, you can not only find a transcript but can watch it at a faster speed. On YT, at the bottom right of the video, click on the Settings icon (to the right of CC). There you can set the playback speed; I usually watch health videos at 1.5 or 1.75 (sometimes even 2.0), depending on how fast the person is speaking.

      For a transcript, click the three dots at the far right under the video. In most case you’ll see an option “Open transcript,” which tracks the content in the video. Seeing the transcript helps when watching the video at a fast speed. You can simply read the transcript, then if you want to hear a particular section you can click on the video to watch at that portion. Or you can copy all the text (ctrl-A) and paste it into Word or elsewhere to read it at your convenience.

    2. Perhaps replacing usual grains with spelt which is better digested?! Not a direct question but is this best grain while usual wheat has been “proceeded” causing as we know the heavy molecule it is?

    1. My husband and I are Dr Osborne’s patients. We have never been to see him in person. We do everything Zoom, email and phone. It’s worked great for us.

  1. I was diagnosed with celiac about a year and a half ago when I was 50. Since eating mostly gluten free, my joint pain has lessened so much and Im sleeping better! Since not all gluten products bother my gut or give me extreme pain, I sometimes cave and just eat something with gluten… maybe once or twice a week. My symptoms are not that severe. Am I damaging my body more on the inside? Is it okay to eat a tiny bit once in awhile if I feel okay?

    1. I will answer as aCeliac- yes, even if you are not outwardly I’ll, you are damaging your intestines and causing other auto-immune responses in your body.

    2. Sheryl, may I make a suggestions? Check out Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s videos. His opinion is that it takes your body 6 months to recuperate from even an unintentional exposure to gluten. So there is no such thing as cheating safely.

  2. Thank you so much for your endeavor to enable us healthy. You explain things in a very understandable way. FYI…I’m from Morris,Illinois ! I’ve been thru 12 vials of blood tests and stool sample for ongoing gut inflammation and 2 bouts of diverticulitis and went on a diet that consisted of only cooked vegetables and fruits and water or 1-2 cups of organic coffee daily for one month and am free of all ailments and have continued for an additional month of the same with no intention of introducing the foods that put me into that situation. (I suspect dairy may have been my trigger but feel that gluten isn’t necessary in my life.) I will buy your book on grain/pain to give me extra determination! I will continue watching to doctors like yourself who give so willingly of your precious time and talent so that I will ensure this new found energy and desire to exercise is with for the rest of my life. I’m 68 next month and have never felt better. Be well Doctor and again, many thanks to you.

  3. North of Chicago, IL. I have Celiac.
    Question…I have ongoing chronic fatigue. I have totally eliminated gluten for over 11 years. I have eliminated rice and other grains. I eliminated soy, processed foods, processed GF foods, artificial sweeteners. I have eliminated 95% of sugar. My eyes have healed from 20/400 to 20/20. I no longer need glasses. My thyroid is healing. Nothing so far has helped my fatigue.

    1. For Kathy…. how about lectins? Even though we cannot totally eliminate them, reducing high lectins foods from your diet may help. Some lectin tyoe foods are good for us in moderation, but our food supply offers too many of these foods. Pressure cooking, soaking, sprouting, fermenting these foods can reduce the lectins, like various beans….kidney, garbanzo, chickpea, Black, lentils for example. I was unaware of lectins but since I am celiac definitely aware of the grains to avoid, also pseudo grains and I am intolerant to rice, tapioca, corn. So I am grain free…using tigernut flour coconut, blanched almond or green banana flours. But I was shocked that I am still eating a high lectin diet…lectins are similar to glutens and cause health problems.

    2. Have you tried raw organic cacao for your fatique? Also add Chia seeds for a synergistic energising. Remember to exercise as much as possible. Keeps my Chronic Fatique at bay for a couple of decades.

    3. Kathy, try vitamin B1 = thiamine. I am a pharmacist with a thyroid problem. I did a course with The Thyroid Pharmacist, Izabella Wentz, very helpful. Low thiamine is common with low thyroid – who knew, we didn’t learn that in pharmacy school. I’m sure most doctors and pharmacists don’t know. I take one tablet a day for a different thyroid related issue, diagnosed by my integrative medicine doctor, and it works. Izabella recommends thiamine for thyroid related fatigue at higher dose than I am used to, so perhaps consult an integrative medicine doctor.

    4. Have your bloodwork screened for anemia and make sure they look at ferretin, b12, d3, and MCV in addition to a standard CBC .

    5. Hi Kathy,

      You should try looking for other things that might be harming your body like toxic Mold, parasites, etc. Working on the diet is excellent, but there is more to it when we experience chronic fatigue. You have lots of info on this subject on the functional medicine world.

    6. Sounds like a rampant candida condition. Don’t ingest teas, beer (even the gluten free ones) or baked goods that are loaded with yeast or any sugars which feeds candida.

    7. I have auto immune and severe fatigue as well and am hoping this grain free will help. If it doesn’t, I am testing. Maybe at this point testing is your next step?

  4. I’m 22 years old been suffering with acid reflux since I was 10 years old, I also have hiatal hernia. I removed gluten from my diet and was feeling good, however I started having pain on my back and now is the abdomen, poking feeling and lots of pain, gasses. Can’t sleep on my side or bent down because I get twisting pain. Do you think it’s the hiatal hernia got big?

    1. I have suffered similarly since a teenager. Excess potato sometimes brings on the reflux, but moderate consumption is okay. Adding olive oil to the potato helps to prevent it. EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) worked wonders on my rib, sholder and knee pains. As well as lots of prayer!

  5. You haven’t mentioned dairy. I have a similar history to yours, but when I found out I was positive for celiac and eggs, I quit gluten and eggs and within three weeks noticed the bone/joint pain was better, but took a year to totally resolve. Other issues remained, went on an elimination diet, and dairy was the culprit. I don’t cheat, my pain is too severe and you know, I just don’t want to feel that way or get inflammation started. Inflammation is the root of many diseases, so why not just decide to be good to yourself and reduce inflammation and all the other stuff that gluten is responsible for. Food is medicine, let it help and heal you!!! Consider plant-based way of life!!!!

  6. I am onboard with the option of having a transcript to read!! Many times I am
    in a position to read but not listen.
    Please consider this request.

  7. A year ago i started developing raise welts the size of a small pea all over my body. The itching was unbearable. I stopped eating all wheat products I thought but the sticking continued and i itched after eating organic corn and all seafood. I had to eat mostly chicken legs to avoid too much meat which I had lost the taste for. I also had a severe reaction to flax seed muffins also to cauliflower. I had allergy testing at Cleveland clinic and was negative to both food and environmental allergies but still cannot eat a list of certain foods or go for a walk on certain streets with oak trees. I am requesting genetic testing. Any other suggestions?. I am type 2 DM and hypertensive, diverticulitis. On no prescribed medicines.

    1. Have you looked at Histamine reactions and Histamine liberating ingredients in food and medications?

  8. Blessings, friends … If we want transcripts, we need to do the work.

    Dr. Osborne has no more time or energy than we do to produce such a thing, and you’re already getting his phenomenal information for free!

    Here’s what I do:

    You can go to and download an awesome app that will RECORD and TRANSCRIBE simultaneously. The transcript will have all the same kinds of errors that occur when you use voice-to-text on your phone, but it’s still priceless … and you can edit the transcript to your heart’s content if it’s valuable enough to you.

    I do this dozens of times every month. The app is free, and the transcripts are in the cloud, so I send short snippets from videos to friends all the time. They can “follow the bouncing ball” and watch the words go by as they are spoken on the audio recording.

    Here is an example Otter recording that I made, which I titled “100% gluten free? Even young kids?”

  9. I’m in Charleston, SC I have been violently throwing up and having diarrhea every 7 to 10 days. I’ve been tested for all bacteria and parasites, everything was negative. I am now on what i think is a gluten-free diet. So far so good

  10. Hi i am from Manila Philippines. I have found your websitw when I was searching for gluten free articles. I immediately subscribed including your YT channel.

    Yes, i am having a hard time finding food that is righr for me. Whether I am.gluten sensitive or I have celiac disease.does not matter for now. What matters is I don’t eat food now that makes me sick- feeling depressed, experiencing acid reflux, headache and there was a time that I suddenly woke up at 3am and everything I saw was moving in a.circular motion but I stop when I sat on my bed. I also had urticaria before. All these I traced when I started eating anything with wheat every day. The moment I.stopped eating them I felt better. Also, my creatinine level went up I still.have to check this up now that I have stopped eating this.kindnof food. I am glad that there are doctors speaking about this.

  11. Hi am from Liverpool England, I think I am sensitive as when I eat white bread, pizza it will cause my gums to bleed that evening as well as instant pain to some joints but some brown breads don’t seem to do this for some reason? I also have low b12 which I now think is due to eating gluten.

  12. I self diagnosed myself as gluten intolerant! I had a rash on my elbows and buttocks, intense deep burning itch. I looked it up on the internet and it showed gluten intolerance. I went to a Dermatologist and she thought it was eczema. After a year of using the lotion prescribed and never went away. I went back to the doctor saw a different doctor and he did a biopsy of my rash and it showed gluten intolerance . Took awhile for the rash to go away, but it did. I would start eating gluten again for a few months before the rash came back, then start all over. This started when I was in my 60s. I had gastric bypass surgery 14 years ago, could that have made me gluten intolerant?

  13. Thank you for your videos Dr. Osborne. I had a issues with my gut for 30 years. I have find your book and great doctor few years ago and healed my gut. Now I work as a nutritional therapist helping my clients to heal leaky gut and also helping them understand how important is to avoid grains in their diet. I have great results with all of my clients, they all can feel the difference after few weeks of elimination diet.

  14. I have the HLA DQ2 gene and have been gluten free for 10 years and just recently gain free as well. To try to heal by gut more. I have 5 boys and a husband they all eat gluten all the meals i make are gluten free however and i’m as carefull as i can be not to get accidently glutened. My family will not agree to be gluten free can i still heal this way? One of my son’s has been tested because of on and off stomach pain and he also carries the gene like me but refuses to be gluten free he is 16. I have another son he’s 13 and has vitilago but he’s not been tested after listening to this i feel he should get tested as well. I wish i could just make the whole house gluten free but it’s just not possible at the very least i wish the house was gluten free but still have some gluten free grains for the rest of the family members but they won’t go for this either. I guess i’ll just have to wait till all the kids move till i’ll be safer.

    1. My whole household is gluten free. I’m the one with the autoimmune disease (ulcerative colitis). I’m grain free and dairy free, but for the rest of the family I prepare them “traditional gluten free” meals. So they get things like rice, quinoa, buckwheat. I make the kids gluten free pizza. Of course, I can’t eat any of it but at least I don’t have to worry about cross contamination. If they want anything with gluten in it, they have it out of the house. In my care, it’s been like this since the eldest kid was 2 and the middle one was 7 months. My youngest was born into it. So it was only my husband who had to make the change. And he was so supportive that it wasn’t even a question.
      Have a talk with your family and see if a compromise can be had. Perhaps they can have gluten only out of the home.

      1. – I meant “in my case” not “ in my care”
        – they also get gluten free waffles, toast, etc. (in addition to the regular stuff like chicken, fish, salads, etc)

    1. As a blood banker, my opinion is no, transfusion did not cause intolerance. The unit of blood had almost every bit of plssma removed so any antibodies would have been so diluted we are talking negligible. My guess is that you had grain issues alreafy but did not know it. In fact a grain issue may have caused your anemia. My Mom’s dairy addiction and or grain issue caused her to lose half her blood volume! Yup 14.1hemoglobin to 7.5 …. I monitored!

      1. *oops typos….

        Add-on …. thank you Dr O for your great content. I am a clinical lab scientist. I am so thankful for your info.

  15. I use erythritol to sweeten food that I use/eat. I am gluten sensitive – took you test recently. Is there a danger in using this sugar alcohol since I think it uses corn to make it.

    1. I would just use a drop of manuka raw honey. It’s healthy in small amounts. Good probiotics. And less digestive problem than with sugar alcohols.

  16. Hi from Arizona! I am GS, just recently figured it out. Feel very stupid I have had this problem since I was a child and now at age 66 I am getting tested!

  17. First of all, thank you for so much information. It is clear to me now that GS is not reversable, but can Gluten intolerance be? Thnak you from Barcelona, Spain

  18. After being diagnosed with coeliac gen later in years do you think that full recovery of lining of intestine possible thanks hopefully you can understand my question Australia

  19. I am mostly a whole food raw vegan.
    If I eat out and have gluten cross contamination . I suffer from joint pain the next day or so.

  20. May I eat sourdough bread that I long ferment at least 14 hours?
    My very sensitive gf grandaughter is eating it with no reactions what so ever.

  21. Wow. First, thank you for such valuable information.Today I Heard if we are G.S. we will need to only eat this food plan. I’m game, I just wonder if I can ever eat gluten again? I did not have any serious nerve pain in my feet and legs until I was 85, fully eating sour dough bread and corn tortillas (organic) and recovering from 1/2 a hip replacement. I was pretty clean from age 55-85 (goal-was total health–organic, grass fed, wild caught food) before this one, but didn’t know about gluten and me yet. I will miss that Gluten,but I’d rather eat right than suffer that horrible nerve pain all night long.

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