new to the gluten free journey?

An Electronic Tongue to Detect Gluten?

A new research study used and electronic tongue device to help detect gluten in various foods. The results were…
the system also allowed distinguishing “Gluten-free” and “Gluten-containing” foodstuffs (15 foods, including breads, flours, baby milked flours, cookies and breakfast cereals) with an overall sensitivity and specificity greater than 83%, using the signals of only 4 selected polymeric membranes (selected using a stepwise procedure). Since only one “Gluten-containing” foodstuff was misclassified as “Gluten-free”, the device could be used as a preliminary tool for quality control of foods for celiac patients.


Talanta. 2011 Jan 15;83(3):857-64. Interesting concept, but honestly, if you are eating something that you suspect might contain gluten shouldn’t you just re-evaluate whether or not that particular food choice is a bad one? Does the insanity and vacation from common sense ever end!?!? What do you think? Would you buy an electronic gluten detecting tongue? Let me know in the comment box below…

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