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An Electronic Tongue to Detect Gluten?

A new research study used and electronic tongue device to help detect gluten in various foods. The results were…
the system also allowed distinguishing “Gluten-free” and “Gluten-containing” foodstuffs (15 foods, including breads, flours, baby milked flours, cookies and breakfast cereals) with an overall sensitivity and specificity greater than 83%, using the signals of only 4 selected polymeric membranes (selected using a stepwise procedure). Since only one “Gluten-containing” foodstuff was misclassified as “Gluten-free”, the device could be used as a preliminary tool for quality control of foods for celiac patients.


Talanta. 2011 Jan 15;83(3):857-64. Interesting concept, but honestly, if you are eating something that you suspect might contain gluten shouldn’t you just re-evaluate whether or not that particular food choice is a bad one? Does the insanity and vacation from common sense ever end!?!? What do you think? Would you buy an electronic gluten detecting tongue? Let me know in the comment box below…

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  1. yes I would buy it, my niece and nephew are young and dont always make the best food choices,
    although they are pretty up on nutrition and can now read the labels sometimes just like with adults they do not know all the information about gluten and some words are they cannot read.
    And maybe theres a lot of us who want to know about nutrition and understand it, and then theres others who want others to tell them
    So it would help tremendously
    And you cant forget about some of those labels that are false.

  2. I think it would be good for people who just discovered they had gluten intolerance. This would be a great benefit to them as they go through the transition process of starting a gluten free diet, helping them to avoid the risk of accidentally getting glutenized.


  3. Would it work on food that you order when dining out. I live in a small town with not allot of options and since the food doesn’t come with a label, just a description, it is not always easy to tell. If it did that, I would buy one. Also, I am new to this process and I get tripped up on the stuff that is not obvious.

  4. I agree, it would be great for young celiacs if there was a simple way of reading it for them like a red for no and a green for yes, also the whole eating out dilemma where they tell you its gluten free and you think they have understood then you get sick after eating it. How awesome would it be if you just pulled out a little thermometer style device and it gave you a reading to clarify before you eat. Australia is way behind on allergy understanding in regards to buying food out, it would be wonderful to be able to eat out safely again!!

  5. I agree it could be very useful I consider myself to be very informed on what I can eat however there are products that claim to be gluten free that are not and how about cross contamination even if you order the right thing at a restaurant there is no guarantee .

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