The gluten free diet has officially arrived. Many companies have sprouted up offering gluten free foods of convenience to the masses. The gluten free substitutes are typically extremely expensive. On top of the exorbitant cost, most of them provide little to no nutritional value. On top of the exorbitant cost, most of them actually contribute to an ever growing epidemic of inflammatory disease. The gluten free food market can too often be summarized as:

  1. Unhealthy food designed to replace unhealthy food
  2. Products with excessive use of chemicals and preservatives
  3. Products with excessive sugar
  4. Products with excessive use of genetically modified ingredients
  5. Products whose price don’t reflect their real value

Let’s take a look at a commonly sold gluten free bread product:

gluten free bread

  • The first thing to note – the product does not contain organic ingredients.
  • The second thing that stands out – there are two forms of sugar (dextrose).
  • The use of canola oil – Canola is genetically modified rapeseed. Years ago, our friends from Canada genetically altered this seed for human consumption. Prior this change, rapeseed was poisonous to humans. The oil is cheap and has been deceptively marketed as healthy.
  • The product uses multiple grains (teff, corn, and rice). Traditionally these grains are considered gluten free. However; ample research shows that the gluten proteins in these grains can be detrimental.

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