Welcome to Gluten Free Society’s online health care provider education program.

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Part I

Part II

Important:  Please Read

In order to be placed in our health care provider database, we must ensure that you are familiar with the information and capable of applying the knowledge in a clinical setting.  Once you have finished viewing the videos and studying the slide presentation you must submit your essay question answers to support@glutenfreesociety.org  Your answers should be emailed in a Word Doc or PDF format.  Once received, your paper will be reviewed and given a grade of pass of fail.  You will be notified in either case.  Should you fail, you may retake the test.  However; there will be a $50 dollar re-test fee charged to you to cover our administrative costs.  The essay questions are below:

  1. In detail (minimum 400 words) describe the difference between the traditional gluten free diet and a TRUE gluten free diet.
  2. Describe the differences between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.

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