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Welcome to Gluten Free Society’s online health care provider education program.

You are currently registered for our Tier 2 Certification Program.

The following videos need to be watched.

You can download the slide presentation by clicking here <<==

A high speed internet connection is recommended. The file is large, so please be patient.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Important: Please Read

In order to be upgraded to Tier 2 in our health care provider database, we must ensure that you are familiar with the information and capable of applying the knowledge in a clinical setting. Once you have finished viewing the videos and studying the slide presentation you must submit your essay question answers to Your answers should be emailed in a Word Doc or PDF format. Once received, your paper will be reviewed and given a grade of pass of fail. You will be notified in either case. Should you fail, you may retake the test. However; there will be a $50 dollar re-test fee charged to you to cover our administrative costs.

Test Part 1:

The essay questions are below:

  1. In detail (minimum 400 words) describe the flaws of traditional laboratory testing pertaining to the diagnosis of gluten sensitivity.
  2. Discuss the concept of intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and the ramifications that it can have on health and disease.
  3. Describe in your words how you would explain a positive gluten gene test result to your patient.

Test Part 2:

Write two 500-word articles on gluten sensitivity/celiac disease/gluten intolerance and their association or direct contribution to disease. You may choose any diseases you wish. The article should be referenced. The reference needs to be published in a peer-reviewed medical journal (no magazines or editorials allowed). The paper should also include your clinical insight and/or recommendations. An example of this format can be viewed using the link below:

>>Example <<

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