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The Perfect Day Formula – With Craig Ballantyne

In this episode of the Gluten Free Warrior Podcast, Dr. Osborne and health expert, Craig Ballantyne dive into…

GF-warrior-man-rightHow to Achieve The Perfect Gluten Free Day…

Going gluten free poses so many different types of challenges. The challenge of the “learning curve”. Reading labels, grocery shopping, finding hidden and cross contaminated sources of gluten, dealing with family and friends who don’t understand the diet, social gatherings, traveling… For most people, the challenge that is greatest of all is finding time to learn and apply all of this information. That’s why this interview is so valuable. During this episode of the Gluten Free Warrior Podcast, Dr. Osborne talks with health expert, entrepreneur, and author of The Perfect Day Formula, Craig Ballantyne. In this discussion you will learn:
  • The 5 pillars of success
  • Time management strategies that will help you conquer gluten free eating without all the “chaos”
  • How creating rules and structure can give you greater freedom of time, money, and relationships
  • Where “Happiness” can be found in your life
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    1. Sorry was considering trying gluten free, But every one is telling me it is dangerous, I need to get my diabetes under control. The Question was meant for Peter Osborne, Enjoyed your interview Craig, & your philosophy.

        1. Sylvia,

          My health has improved following Dr. Osborne. I had the best Colonosopy they had seen at the one office I had it done where I live. And other health problems like no more headaches, migraines and seizures. I think people here Gluten Free and assumed it’s all the same. Gluten Free foods in the store for the most part are toxic to our health. That isn’t what Dr. Osborne is about. He is the one and only I follow. He changed my life for the better! I tell everyone about him. I follow a TRUE gluten free life style and I am healthier for it! 🙂

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